Mouse: The Predator – Part 2 Recap & Review

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The Diary

In episode 2 of this two-part special, Mouse: The Predator starts to fill in the blanks surrounding Jae-Hoon and his psychopathic tendencies. We cut through time, across various days, as Jae-Hoon records his thoughts. This journal continues through time, as Jae-Hoon decides to put on a mask and be good from now on. That mask comes in the form of Ba-Reum.

After killing for the first time, Ba-Reum comments how good this makes him feel. He likens himself to a higher being and decides to do God’s work for him. Each of the different murders see Ba-Reum leave a diary entry for himself, referencing back to the fairytales and the Seven Deadly Sins.

There’s a fair amount of repetition here though, which I won’t bother typing out if you’ve been reading these recaps over time! However, this is slightly helpful for a more consistent and solid timeline.

All these killings link across to Han-Kook, whom Ba-Reum decides to judge after his TV appearance. He tries in vain to convince Han-Kook to show hatred but the boy refuses to do so. These killings are also part of Ba-Reum’s diary too, which could be a vital clue going into the last set of episodes. The big takeaway here is that the Head Hunter knew about Ba-Reum from the very beginning.

Ba-Reum toys with Moo-Chi during the investigation, intentionally leading him astray with Chi-Kook. He also tests his investigative work too, struggling to hold back a maniacal grin the entire time. This entire series of events include Moo-Chi heading up to the rooftop and finding the bloodied uniform.

One thing Moo-Chi did get wrong though is the hand movements. It turns out Ba-Reum is ambidextrous (able to use both hands.)

The rest of the scenes play out like normal until we come to Ba-Reum’s surgery. There’s still no clear clue how Seo-Joon actually got into the hospital and started this whole event though, but we do see him working. The bird incident when Ba-Reum awakens after, seems like a brief side effect before Yo-Han’s part of his brain kicked in.

We then jump forward a year to the moments before Ba-Reum jumped to his doom. He repents for his actions and eventually helps Moo-Chi and the others with the investigation. It’s not enough and Ba-Reum continues to despair, unsure how to make up for the pain he’s caused.

The Episode Review

Part 2 of Mouse: The Predator fills in a few blanks but aside from the Head Hunter’s knowing glance and a couple of straightened timeline additions, there really isn’t a whole lot else here. This stop-gap between episodes does confirm Jae-Hoon is Ba-Reum but doesn’t really explain his family set-up that well

Unless I’m missing something of course, what happened to Jae-Hoon’s family? What about his Mother? His siblings?

It also doesn’t help that this special 2-parter has also brought more niggling plot issues to the fold. If Bong-Yi did slash at Ba-Reum’s arm, where is his blood? Was it wiped off the knife? Did any of his blood splash across the floor? And why didn’t Moo-Won shout out Ba-Reum’s identity on TV? It initially seemed like a masked man killed Moo-Chi’s brother but this two-parter has confirmed that he never had a mask on.

Still, Mouse is one of those shows that keeps you gripped until the end but there are undeniably a lot of plot holes cropping up that are difficult to look past.

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6 thoughts on “Mouse: The Predator – Part 2 Recap & Review”

  1. I agree there are a lot of plot holes.

    The scene where Ba Reum was burning the photo right after stabbing Bong Yi’s grandmother:
    It was shown that Sung Yo Han saw Ba Reum at this time. We could see that Ba Reum had blood all over his face and hands at this time but while Ba Reum was chasing Sung Yo Han, his hand and face seemed pretty clean. I wonder how did he get time to clean up😂

  2. Han Kook was covered by bombs and Moo Woon was threatened not to shout out Ba Reum’s identity, if he did, Han Kook would die

  3. Love this show has everything i love in a tv show ,definitely shocked that bareum was the serial killer things are getting good love it

  4. I felt this was like a hush rush thing almost every scene were flashbacks and nothing developed. The only scene that was new was when LSG was on the ledge.
    I was thinking maybe the lead characters were sick or something so it was like the story ended like abruptly with so many loopholes

  5. I agree, the only new thing we learned from these 2 episodes is that Jaehoon is Bareum. Re Bareum’s blood from the fight with Bongyi, he wore a jacket that night so maybe it wasn’t a deep cut? Bongyi also forgot to mention about the cut to the cops and Bareum hid it from them. It is weird though if the cops found Bongyi’s knife and didn’t examine it… I also wonder about Bareum’s mum, she seemed to recognise him when they met but he didn’t? Did Jaehoon have an accident that caused amnesia after he killed his stepdad and burned his house?

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