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Episode 6 of Mouse begins with Mu-Won’s death. It’s a shocking, poignant moment, and one that immediately re-introduces Jae-Hoon to the fold. He curses the Almighty, confirming that whoever this child is as an adult is clearly the one committing these murders.

At the church, Bong-Yi sneaks inside but immediately finds herself blindsided by the killer. He knocks her down, preparing to force a knife into her until police thankfully arrive and force the killer to disperse. With Bong-Yi rushed off in an ambulance, Ba-Reum lurks around outside but smells mint and quickly goes on the hunt. Little does he know, Yo-Han happens to be watching from afar.

Inside the church, Mu-Chi arrives and sees Mu-Won dead. He despairs, just as news breaks that a 3 minute video from the killer has been released. This shows Han-Kook and confirmation that he’s been picked because he won’t show envy or jealousy.

With the news abuzz with this development, Mu-Chi and Bong-Yi both find themselves in hospital recovering. The latter confirms that the killer seems to be using his left hand.

When Mu-Chi is discharged, he finds himself wallowing in self pity at home. That is, until the killer releases another video taunting Mu-Chi. He tells the detective he has 3 days to find him. If he can’t manage that in the time span given, he’s going to kill Han-Kook. This, coupled with an emotionally charged chat with an imaginary Mu-Won, are enough to spur Mu-Chi back into action.

Mu-Chi first visits the housekeeping office, learning that Bong-Yi-‘s Grandmother was actually there before. Tracing the clues, this inevitably brings him to Ji-Eun, whom he questions about the housekeeping job. As she begins acting suspiciously, Mu-Chi suddenly realizes that she’s the Head Hunter’s wife and that means his son is Yo-Han.

As he phones the station to confirm this, Mu-Chi receives word of another crime taking place. This one happens to be for Joon-Sung, Yo-Han’s friend. From this, Mu-Chi believes the killer must be Yo-Han and vows to go after them no matter what. Without a warrant, he ignores the warnings from his colleagues and sneaks in to try and find evidence. Whilst there, he finds blood on a pair of shoes stashed away.

Sneaking back out, he speaks to Detective Shin and pleads with him to get a search warrant for Yo-Han’s place.

Meanwhile, Hong-Ju arrives and hugs Yo-Han at his house. He tells her he’ll explain everything later that day but it’s too late. The search warrant apparently goes through, as Hong-Ju confirms out loud that they’ll be at Yo-Han’s in 30 minutes.

Yo-Han overhears this and senses something is up, prompting him to snatch up any incriminating evidence and take off. Only, on the way he’s stopped by a driver bumping into his car, which inevitably leads to police arriving on the scene.

At the same time, Mu-Chi learns that the blood on the shoes doesn’t match Daniel Lee’s or any of the victims meaning his proposal for a warrant is rejected. To make matters worse, the suitcase Yo-Han has doesn’t hold any evidence (despite what we’re led to believe) and actually has clothes inside. Mu-Chi watches this from afar with gritted teeth, pointing a shaking handgun at him.

Unable to find anything, Yo-Han is allowed to go free. However, Detective Shin tails the man, which leads them up to an abandoned church. There, Yo-Han begins burning up incriminating documents.

Yo-Han eventually heads home and speaks to his Mother, telling her she must have known all this time that he was a killer. Just as he reveals this, word comes back that the DNA on Yo-Han’s shoes are actually that of Bong-Yi’s grandmother.

Ba-Reum hears this too and after letting Bong-Yi stay at his place, sneaks into Yo-Han’s basement. There, he sees the pictures he has up for Ba-Reum and Bong-Yi. Ba-Reum scrambles away just in time, as police show up and begin their search.

Back at Ba-Reum’s, Bong-Yi notices the shadowy presence of the killer nearby. Only, Ba-Reum suddenly shows and takes her up to the roof. He promises to catch the killer personally and lets her run away.

On the road she runs into Mu-Chi, who shows up in a taxi while Ba-Reum and Yo-Han stand face to face. Yo-Han beats him down to the ground while Mu-Chi shoots the man. With both of them bleeding out on the rooftop, the two men are raced to the emergency center.

Ba-Reum awakens and finds Bong-Yi’s bird sitting in its cage. He takes it out and snaps the bird’s neck, throwing it out the window.

The Episode Review

Episode 6 throws the investigation wide open as we’re left with lots to chew over for the week. It seems like Ba-Reum is definitely one of the psychopaths, especially with the way he snapped the bird’s neck.

Given this links up with Jae-Hoon’s scenes in episode 1 – specifically the mouse and snake – it seems like Ba-Reum may well be Jae-Hoon. If that’s the case, then it appears like he’s the seven deadly sins killer.

Yo-Han meanwhile, has all the traits and shady characteristics to make him a killer too but to be honest, his actions lead me to believe he may be innocent. He may well have just been investigating Ba-Reum, sensing that he’s the killer and following him ever since.

Even so, it doesn’t explain Daniel Lee’s murder – and given he was just unceremoniously dumped in the sea it doesn’t match the elaborate way the seven deadly sins killer is operating. What do you guys think? Is there more than one killer out there?

These killings are certainly very similar to the way Se7en handled this, but there’s enough to differentiate the show and help it stand out. Right now though, it’s very hard to point fingers at anyone definitively and the show has done an excellent job keeping us guessing until the end. Quite what will happen next remains to be seen but this is definitely one of the best k-dramas currently airing right now!

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6 thoughts on “Mouse – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review”

  1. “Yo-Han meanwhile, has all the traits and shady characteristics to make him a killer too but to be honest, his actions lead me to believe he may be innocent. He may well have just been investigating Ba-Reum, sensing that he’s the killer and following him ever since”.I totally agree with this.This is what i thought too when sung yo han. Hugged choi and said he was scared,also the emotions when he was dying.Maybe or maybe not .

  2. Mouse has become one of my favourite movies.watching this movie at first was a best move…each and every episode makes my head to explode and l like that coz l would want to see more of it… having a curiosity to know what is going to happen next t.. l salute the producer n the direct l really enjoyed your movie a lot…

    This movie deserves 10stars coz it’s the best…l can even want to watch it many times…

    If you want to watch this movie you are making the right choice..

  3. Maybe they are just teasing us like last time. Maybe he was under the sedative influence, or just had this intention and imagine it in his head. It may be that the head injury might have triggered something or this might transform to a fantasy series where they switch bodies.

    But I’m very sure there must be one good person between the two children with the psychopath gene. Or else the whole show would be plea on how our life is a predestination based on genes. At the beginning Dr.Daniel said that he could not tell if the child would be a psychopath or a genius.

    I think it would be a twist that the son of the psychopath will be Ba Reum, I think the wife had switched the child after she talked with the other woman. Especially because the other woman is not alive anymore. She did not seem happy to raise the child of that psychopath.

  4. I think that it’s weird… the murderer is left handed, but bong yi said he ia right handed, right?
    I think it’s different person. Seunggi—i mean bareum, maybe he told us that the murderer is left handed to accuse Yohan. The murderer always manipulate everything, he just not that stupid to leaving a clue that he is left handed, you know—their superior genes.
    About moochi’s brother, i think that’s why bongyi said the murderer not left hand, IT IS DIRECT EVIDENCE, not inderect—if you don’t understand what i mean, all of the ‘clue’ always prepared by the murderer.


    Wait wait, then, who is Yohan?! Her step brother?!


  5. Dr Lee said that if someone with the psycho gene has something happen to them that effects them greatly it could trigger the start of the person killing. Therefore, being beaten about the head could have caused the bird killing and possibly future killings. I thought that the granddaughter was a serial killer…js

  6. I love Mouse!! Episode 5 had me bawling my eyes out, but the ending of episode 6! Nooo, Ba Reum! You can’t marry Bong Yi if you’re a psychopathic killer 🙁 🙁

    To be honest, I’ve been playing around with the theory that he was the mysterious “second child with Seo Joon’s blood.” But I had the same theory for the Parachute police. Dong Koo. So, I guess I suspected all males that were in their late 20s lol lol. Anyway, episode 4 confirmed Ba Reum. Then episode 5 cancelled the confirmation. And now episode 6 confirms it, and in the worst possible way?! (Even if he’s Seo Joon’s son, he could’ve been normal!) This show is playing with my emotions. But I do think Ba Reum killed the gym instructor, because I couldn’t figure out how Yo Han met the gym instructor in the first place. And I also think he has split personalities, and that he doesn’t know he’s a killer. And maybe, when the personality switches, he becomes left-handed. I am looking forward to the rest of this drama. It is definitely one of the best dramas airing now (Sisyphus is also good!)

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