More Than Blue Season 1 Finale: Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Other Side of the Shore

Episode 10 of More Than Blue begins this finale in the past, with K and Cream attending A-Lin’s mini-concert. With a single candle on each table, A-Lin’s words serenade the different couples who remain fixated on her singing. K reaches out, intending to touch Cream’s hand but she moves at the last second without realizing.

Cut forward to the hospital and K looks over their wedding photos. It’s a painful trip down memory lane and he struggles to keep tears from flowing. His mum even shows up too, apologizing for what happened in the past. If you’ll remember, she left when K needed her the most so it’s a nice moment of redemption for her. Holding out a hand, he tells her that as long as she’s doing okay, nothing else matters. Apparently Dr Chen told her where he was, which immediately brings up memories of the past.

Cut forward to Po-Han, who finds Yi-Chi sitting by the pool looking over old drawings. He refuses to let her quit on him, but with her son gone, she’s struggling. He admits that he gave Po-Han the task of making sure she’s okay, revealing that he’s in a different world now but not gone, continuing to watch over them both.

Of course, one of K’s big wishes is that A-Lin sing his song and serenade audiences with his lyrics. It’s been one of the defining moments of his past, and after seeing him looking out at the waves and talking to Cream, we cut forward to see Po-Han and Yi-Chi together on the beach, presumably the same one. Now, in the previous episode we heard Yi-Chi admit that her pain is not unlike Cream’s, having lost the most important person in her life. Now the lyrics hit a lot harder, with the added context in place. As she sits with earphones in, listening to the words, Po-Han sits forward and kisses her, long and passionately.

This singular moment paves way for Yi-Chi returning from the brink of depression and continuing to press on with Po-Han to get the album gone. Of course, A-Lin is still onboard too and Cindy redeems herself, making a beautiful album cover, which she shows James Yang.

In the midst of this, we come crashing back to reality during another flashback. K celebrates Cream’s birthday, where the latter admits she’s wished to see him sooner in their next life. Given his leukemia diagnosis and what’s to befall them both, it’s a really touching moment and it paves way for the pair’s song, The Saddest Thing, to be released in the present.

Is the song a success?

K and Cream both gain the plaudits as their song hits the charts. While it plays in the background, we flash back to the key moments across the 11 years that Cream and K were in love. This song being released is, of course\,the final point of Cream’s path to fulfill K’s final promise. As she looks out at the beach, she promises to find him in their next life.

Following the release of The Saddest Thing, Cream disappears off the map. Everyone is convinced that they’re together again now, living happily in whatever comes next after this plane of existence. Their song has become an ever-lasting melody, with Po-Han and Yi-Chi paying their respects while hoping for a happy ending of their own.

How does More Than Blue end?

While Po-Han and Yi-Chi leave the graveyard, the camera pans across to the distance where they find a woman wearing white, looking out at the ocean. The camera zooms in, showing a familiar bracelet as we’re led to believe that this is Cream. We don’t see her face but it’s a beautiful way to close out the episode.

The Episode Review

A beautiful series bows out with a beautifully poignant finale, one that sees everything conclude in the best way possible. The Saddest Thing finally releases and our three main couples get their closure at the end.

Seeing Yang and Cindy on the same page again and their story rounded out is a nice touch, although to be fair their journey has arguably been the least interesting of the three on display.

More interesting than that though is the parallel between Cream and Yi-Chi. Both have been through a lot and come out the other side of depression in a much more positive way. It’s obviously still a tough blow for them both to lose their loved ones but it’s also indicative of how far they’ve come since those moments.

By that same token, there’s some similarities between Po-Han and K too, with both serving as the rock to try and steady the turbulent wave of emotions. However, this show has done a great job capturing the raw emotion of death and how to move past the passing of a loved one. It’s a beautiful way to round things out, with water synonymous with emotion and the gentle lapping of waves as the credits roll showing the peace that our characters have achieved after such a turbulent ride.

Although More Than Blue is perhaps a tad too long and could have benefited from some tighter editing, this ending serves as a great way to round things out, leaving plenty for drama enthusiasts to like.


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