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With just a few episodes to go, Missing: The Other Side picks the pace up and finally starts giving us some answers. The next couple of weeks promise to be quite emotional for our characters too as we can expect some sad goodbyes as they move on.

Episode 9 of Missing: The Other Side starts with Kim Wook remembering seeing Soo Yeon lying in a pool of blood. He ran to hide under the covers and was found by his mother.

In the present, Jun-Ho heads to the meeting point set by Hwang. The latter calls him but cancels as he notices that he didn’t come alone. Jun-Ho then rushes over to help Jong-A who tells him that Manager Wang has Kim Wook.

In the factory, Wang cuts Kim Wook down and orders his men to kill him. Wook doesn’t give up though and reveals that the police knows he was hired to commit the murders. He also knows that he was supposed to kill the grandchild of the chairwoman but none of the ones he killed were them.

Thankfully, Jun-Ho, the police and Pan Seok arrive very quickly and save him.

The next day, Jun-Ho and Il-Doo interrogate Wang. He refuses to say anything but asks for a phone call and tries calling his boss. Unfortunately, he doesn’t answer and the police are not able to trace the call.

In hospital, Jun-Ho visits Wook and asks if he meant what he said about Yeo-Na being dead. Wook replies that he did and that he saw her in the same place he saw Ha-Neul. Before they can discuss this further, Jun-Ho gets a call from Hwang again and he leaves the room.

Jun-Ho heads to the new meeting place and follows Hwang’s instructions. The latter gives him the address of Duon village and leaves with the money. Thankfully, the police follow and arrest him.

At the station, Jun-Ho orders him to reveal where Yeo-Na is as no one lives at the address he gave. Hwang insists though, as he explains that he was locked up there and it was Yeo-Na who freed him.

At the edge of the village, Il Doo visits Pan Seok with an idea. He wants to test Hyun-Ji’s backpack for DNA to see if it could give them any clues surrounding her disappearance.

Later that day, Wook meets with the chairwoman and reveals that he was in the house the day her daughter died. He recalls the day and describes a man in a suit standing over her. The chairwoman is shocked by the revelation and wonders who it could be.

In the village, a newcomer arrives but is very freaked out by where he has ended up. Pan-Seok calls Thomas though, which instantly calms the new person as soon as he sees the new face.

Wook decides to meet with Jun-Ho near the village. The latter wants to know how he is connected with all the cases and also what he knows about Yeo-Na. Wook repeats that she is dead and that he saw her. This sends Jun-Ho into despair as he cries in anguish

After Jun-Ho calms down a little, Wook explains what the village is about and that he is able to see the dead. Jun-Ho calls him crazy just as Yeo-Na arrives next to them. She realizes that Jun-Ho can see Wook and tries in vain to get her fiancé’s attention. It doesn’t work though and he walks away in disgust.

Afterwards, Yeo-Na confronts Wook as she realizes that he is alive and can see her. She wants to know how and why he didn’t tell her before. At the same time, Hyun-Mi overhears them and is shocked by this revelation.

In the pawn office, Jong-A starts to realize that the people Wook has been mentioning have all gone missing. She heads to see Pan-Seok who eventually tells her the truth about the village.

She believes it straight away and deduces that they are looking for the bodies of the missing people. She then asks him to give her the list of the villagers as she wants to help them.

In the evening, Pan Seok discusses Wook and Hyun-Mi with Thomas and Park. He then explains that he didn’t have the heart to hand in Jang-Mi’s evidence to the police as the woman doesn’t want to leave the villager. Both men tell him that everyone will eventually pass on and it will be even harder for her then.

The next day, Pan Soek brings Jang-Mi’s flash-drive to Il-Doo. He then views the content which will enable them to make an arrest in Jang-Mi’s case.

The episode ends with the chairwoman reading her daughter’s journal. Seo-Yoon mentions the baby growing inside her and calls him sunshine – which is what the name Wook means as well.

The Episode Review

The evidence definitely points towards Kim Wook being the grandchild of the chairwoman. Especially now that we know Seo-Yoon used to call her baby sunshine. Was she already in danger when she was pregnant? And could this be the reason why she had Hyun-Mi raise him as her own?

If this is the case, what a tragic life for Seo-Yoon. Talking about tragic stories, I would love for Jun-Ho to see Yeo-Na and say goodbye.

The actors are portraying their determination and frustration so well and give such a believable performance with it too.

It looks like the murderer and the one behind everything is someone very close to the chairwoman – possibly someone who works for her.

It will be all uncovered soon I am sure and I do wonder if there will be a final twist in the tale to come.

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