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With the finale just around the corner, Missing: The Other Side is starting to wrapping up its story. We are starting to see who is behind the murders and it could either be the managers from Choiseung or perhaps a final twist in the tale. The last couple of episodes promise to give us some emotional goodbyes and more dramatic moments.

Episode 10 of Missing: The Other Side starts with Jun-Ho and Wook arriving in the chairwoman’s office. She gives them Soo-Yeon’s diary as she doesn’t want anyone else to suffer and would like everything to be corrected. Jun-Ho takes the journal and both men part ways.

Later on in the station, Jun-Ho interrogates Hwang again. He demands to know where he saw Yeo-Na. The con artist explains again about the Duon village and the missing dead people. Jun-Ho doesn’t believe him though and almost punches him.

In the village, Yeo-Na feels very down as today was meant to be her wedding day. She goes into work and asks Thomas if he knew about Wook. Thomas explains that he doesn’t know why some people can see them. However, he explains all the good things Wook has done since arriving in the village, including bringing Jun-Ho there on memory day.

Yeo-Na heads outside for a walk and finds a very sad Jun-Ho at the edge of the village. She sits next to him but the latter doesn’t see her. He remembers some happy memory they had then takes out their wedding invitation.

Jun-Ho talks out loud to Yeo-Na without realizing that she is actually next to him. He tells her he is sorry he wasn’t there to protect her. She tries talking to him but in vain. Jun-Ho then completely falls apart and begs to have her back. After calming down, he promises to find her no matter what.

Meanwhile, Hyun-Mi and Wook finally talk about their situation. Hyun-Mi is happy Wook is alive and asks about his life. He asks her how she ended up there but she doesn’t remember it.

In the evening, Park, Wook and Pan Seok meet to discuss what happened in the past. They know that the death of Seo-Yoon, Park and Hyun-Mi are connected. Park explains that Soo-Yeon was against some of her mother’s projects and used to protest with the residents. They then discuss the potential suspects and wonder who the grandchild could be.

Jun-Ho heads into the pawn shop to relay to Jong-A and Pan Seok that Soo-Yeon received a visit from someone in Choiseung. Wook then asks if the three suspects, Han Sang-Gil, Yu Seong-Ho and Lee Dong-Min, still work at the company. Jun-Ho mentions that it can’t be Seong-Ho as he has resigned.

After giving Jang-Mi a beautiful bike to ride on, Thomas and Hyun-Mi reveal that the police are looking for her as someone reported her missing. Jang-Mi is not happy as she doesn’t want to leave. Hyun-Mi explains that it will start becoming difficult once she sees other people leave and doesn’t want her to get sad.

Meanwhile, the police have arrested Jang-Mi’s murderer and head to the place he buried her. In the village, Jang-Mi is distributing roses to the residents and after saying goodbye, slowly fades away as the police finds her body.

The next day, Wook relays his plan to be the bait for Pan Seok, Jun-Ho and Jong-A. The chairwoman arrives and he tells her that he will pretend to be her grandson which should bring the culprit forward.

Later in the day, Wook and Jong-A follow Pan-Seok at the amusement park his daughter went missing. They show him the new flyers they have printed with an updated picture of Hyun-Ji. They then spend the day helping him and giving out the flyers.

In the village, Wook has a heart to heart with Yeo-Na then meets with Jun-Ho. The two head to the pawn shop to join Jong-A and Pan Seok. They then watch the security footage from Choiseung which shows Dong-Min confronting Sang-Gil about pushing Yu to retire. Both men then meet with the chairwoman who tells them she has found her grandson and will announce it tomorrow.

Back at the station, Il Doo gets the results from one of the DNA tests he sent. He is happy as it shows that Myung-Jin is also the killer of an old lady.

Sang-Gil calls Dong-Min in the evening as he is not happy with what the chairwoman has done. The two decide to meet in the hotel but – unbeknownst to them – Jun-Ho and Wook are following them. The two later split up to follow both suspects when they part ways.

The episode ends with Pan Seok singing a lullaby his daughter used to sing. In the prison, Myung-Jin has a flashback of what seems to be the day Hyun-Ji disappeared.

The Episode Review

With this week’s cliffhanger, it looks like Hyun-Ji’s abductor was Myung-Jin. If this is the case, where is her body and if it hasn’t been found, why isn’t she in the village?

Let’s hope we get all these answers in the finale and that Pan-Seok can finally get some peace and closure about his daughter.

Once the culprit is caught, there is a possibility that Hyun-Mi and Park’s bodies will be found. This will be quite sad as she is a big part of the village. Also, Wook will have to say his proper goodbyes to his mum.

Talking about goodbyes, I really wish Jun-Ho could see Yeo-Na. His scene in the episode was heart-wrenching and very well played by Heo Jun-Ho.

Quite a few questions remain though and I am looking forward to receiving those answers when this mystery drama closes next week!

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