Minx – Season 1 Episode 8 “Oh, You’re the Sun Now? Giver of Life?” Recap & Review

Oh, You’re the Sun Now? Giver of Life?

Episode 8 of Minx begins in Manhattan 1972 with Joyce preparing for her radio interview. Maggie is there to greet her, as Joyce practices her lines and prepares for the biggest night of her career. She’s about to be on-air with Dick Cavett.

While she prepares, Doug ends up attending a meeting with an ex-football player called Billy whom he manages to convince come and be part of Minx magazine’s next issue.

Joyce eventually does make it on-air, where she’s interviewed about the magazine and its success. The interview goes okay, while Doug happens to be backstage watching on, arriving fashionably late after his meeting. He’s not the only one watching though, as Richie and Bambi both probe Tina about who she’s dating in between questions levelled at Joyce.

The first half of this interview may have gone through without a hitch but the second is a different kettle of fish. After a short recess, Dick brings out his next guest – Victoria Hartnett. This author happens to be one of Joyce’s inspirations, but she’s not happy with the magazine and questions Joyce’s real sense of control and the message she’s putting out there.

Joyce wavers, starting to stutter and losing her composure. She calls out the editorial power she wields (or doesn’t, as she insinuates) while a further twist sees Doug thrown onto stage too.

He hogs the limelight, bringing up a big bombshell reveal for the potential future issue of Minx. Doug proudly proclaims that Billy Brunson is the next cover star. Dick closes out the show claiming that “the best truths are naked ones” as Joyce is left silent.

The Episode Review

A big bit of conflict sees this week’s double-bill come to a close as Joyce’s illusion of control is brought forward for all to see. It’s particularly damning to witness as all of this takes place live on-air with a big crowd and audience listening in.

Echoing back to moments from 1968 sprinkled through this chapter, Joyce has always struggled to have her voice heard, and calls out Doug for ruining what was supposed to be her big moment.

With things looking grim for Minx’s future, the ending leaves things hanging on a precarious knife edge for next week’s follow-up.

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