Minx – Season 1 Episode 7 “God Save the Queen of D” Recap & Review

God Save the Queen of D

Episode 7 of Minx begins with Minx doing the rounds and causing a massive stir at the university campus. Doug continues to stir the pot though, sending out copies in the post. With the second issue now released, Doug is incredibly happy with the reaction the magazine is having.

For Joyce though, she worries that the publication is gaining too many criticisms and turning away the very people they’re trying to encourage to read the magazine.

Terence Carpenter for the “Associated Press” shows up at the officer later on, covering for Beauler whom Joyce was looking forward to talking with. Unfortunately her conversation about female oppression and wanting this sort of magazine when she was “coming of age”, is misinterpreted by the journo as wanting 13 year olds to read the magazine. Typical journalists eh!

With Joyce bemoaning how hard this gig is and how difficult everything has been, a present from Glenn at least puts a smile on her face. For Doug though, he’s over the moon at how quickly this magazine is selling out. Cleveland, Vegas, New York; Minx is selling like hotcakes.

With this success though comes bags of hate mail. While Doug can just brush this off, Joyce cannot. Even seeing Doug’s “love letter wall” full of hate mail is not enough to sway her.

Joyce sleeps with Glenn that night and he encourages her to keep her chin up. He tries to encourage her to switch over and choose a different publisher, riffing on Doug and claiming he knows nothing about distributing a magazine. So Glenn pitches an alternate idea to invest in her. Joyce is clever though and sees through this façade, realizing it’s a ruse to take Minx away from her. Joyce gets dressed and vehemently declines to follow through with this.

While Richie and Bambi head off to a party, Joyce finds herself eventually deciding to go on the radio. She more than holds her own too, hitting out at her two hosts. Unfortunately she also indirectly reveals the truth about Shelly’s sex life, which certainly doesn’t go down well.

As the episode closes out, Joyce finally embraces her position as she starts to understand what this role means.

The Episode Review

Minx has been one of the smarter written comedies this year and this episode is no exception. With the efforts stepped up with the protests against Joyce and Minx, the attention instead sees this controversy cause a whirlwind of interest in the magazine.

The little montage showing it selling out all over the country is a nice touch, while there’s some great moments with Joyce that allow her to shine. Specifically the radio interview is a real stand-out moment, with Joyce holding her own against the two hosts – even if it does come at the expense of outing Shelly’s bedroom antics.

With another episode released today, we thankfully don’t have to wait long to find out what happens next!

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