MF Ghost – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Tire Management

MF Ghost Episode 4 opens with the successful completion of the trial round, securing Kanata’s qualification for the next stage. The following day, he consults with Mr. Ogata regarding necessary car improvements before heading out to meet Ren. During their conversation, Mr. Ogata fondly recalls Ren’s visits with her father when she was a child, and he expresses a hope for her to visit again someday.

Upon reuniting with Ren, she realizes Kanata remains unaware that she was the mysterious person who slapped him. Together, they continue their quest to locate the spot where his parents took a photograph. Along the way, they encounter a monumental statue, and Ren insists on capturing a photo of Kanata alongside it. Kanata, in turn, appreciates the rich history of Kamakura city.

Taking a brief respite, Kanata confides in Ren about his need to find employment in order to secure a place of his own. He expresses reluctance to impose on the kindness of others, but Ren reassures him, sharing that her mother views him as the son she never had.

Later that evening, they enjoy a leisurely stroll along the beach and are playfully identified as a couple by an elderly woman offering to take their picture together. Ren eagerly agrees, and they engage in a light-hearted sand-throwing exchange. Ren experiences a profound sense of warmth and affection for Kanata.

Meanwhile, Ogata approaches Kanata with a proposal to adjust the prize money split from 50/50 to 20/80. Kanata accepts this arrangement as fair. At a coffee dispenser, Kanata graciously allows Nozomi to go ahead of him, earning her appreciation for his chivalry.

Outside, Nozomi spots the Toyota 86 and excitedly realizes that the qualified driver is present. She introduces herself to Kanata, expressing her eagerness to meet again. As Kakeru and Nozomi depart in their respective cars, Kanata observes their departure, noting that they are fellow participants.

The event kicks off with a dynamic performance by the angels and enthusiastic commentary to energize the audience. Participants align their cars and begin the race with a controlled 40km/h start before launching into full speed upon the signal from the drones. The race unfolds with exhilarating intensity as racers fiercely vie for position, with commentators offering technical insights.

Ogata is taken aback by Kanata’s strategic slide, but Kanata assures him it’s a calculated move. Kanata elucidates his tactic of holding back from immediate battles, hinting at a deeper strategy at play at the end of MF Ghost Episode 4.

The Episode Review

Shifting gears from the previous high-stakes race, MF Ghost Episode 4 treats us to a delightful blend of rom-com moments and technical preparations for the upcoming race. The show skillfully maintains a harmonious balance between exhilarating races, unwavering friendship bonds, and a budding romance blossoming between Kanata and Ren. Additionally, it serves as a pivotal character-building episode for Kanata.

However, one minor hiccup lies in the fact that Kanata seems almost too perfect at this point, leaving little room for personal challenges or flaws. Nevertheless, the series deftly lays the groundwork for an impending high-octane race set to kick off at the episode’s conclusion. The race promises to be a riveting showdown, as the top 15 drivers go head-to-head, pushing their machines to the limit in a fierce battle to claim victory at the finish line.

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