MF Ghost – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review


Episode 5 of MF Ghost begins with Kanata in the last position. Aiba immediately goes on the attack right at the start of the race. Daigo drives extremely aggressively, expressing a wish for flatter tires and cursing the grip-weight ratio.

Ren approaches the live leaderboard and notices that it is analog, not digital. The commentators discuss the implications of the grip-weight ratio for racers, highlighting Kanata’s Toyota 86 as a great choice despite its disadvantages. Aiba initiates a battle against Sakamoto. All the racers make their way into Sector 2. Kanata is still lagging behind, but quickly catching up.

Kanata questions Mr. Ogata about the position of the car in front of him and comes up with a plan. Kakeru uses his formation to disrupt Kazuhiro behind him, allowing Nozomi to overtake him. Moments later, Kanata overtakes him to secure the 14th position.

Ren asks Kyoko about the use of analog scoreboards. Kyoko tells her it is to put on a show for the fans. Ren soon realizes she has to do the same. Before entering the uphill zone, Kakeru decides to create a gap between him and Kanata.

Ishigami and Michael engage in an intense battle. Aiba engages in a battle against Sakamoto but is unable to overtake. Another battle erupts between the Lamborghini and Ferrari drivers, Daigo and Akaba.

The commentators update the positions of the drivers as they enter Sector 3. Kazuhiro watches Kanata increase the distance between them, awestruck and wondering how he is able to do it. He tries to analyze it and realizes it’s at the corners that Kanata builds most of the distance.

Natsume’s BMW slows down due to an incident. Nozomi sees Kanata approaching in the rearview mirror and alerts Kakeru. They decide to come up with a plan to prevent him from overtaking. The drivers now enter the foggy area of the track, causing limited visibility.

The commentators seize the opportunity to announce Kanata’s incredible career achievements, leaving Mr. Ogata and the crowd astonished at the end of MF Ghost episode 5.

The Episode Review

MF Ghost episode 5 brings us the highly anticipated MFG competition race. The event showcases the top 15 drivers from the qualifying round competing for the coveted number one spot. Familiar racers from previous episodes are prominently featured.

The episode intensifies the action by presenting multiple racing battles on the track. These battles carry significant emotional weight beyond just the race itself. For example, the Ferrari versus Lamborghini showdown, as well as the showdown between the siblings and Kazuhiro. The episode also highlights Kanata’s impressive skills as he competes against other contenders in the competition.

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