MF Ghost – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

The Genius Awakens

MF Ghost Episode 11 begins with a pit stop while Kanata explains the improvements he needs to make, while Ogata struggles to cope with the G-forces acting on his body. Kanata resumes his practice rounds and is followed by Kouki.

Kanata thoroughly enjoys the overall feel of the car and commends Okuyama’s work. Just as he relishes the drive, Kouki unexpectedly overtakes him. Pumped to race Kanata, Kouki recalls his training days.

The scene shifts to Kanata and Ogata having lunch when the race schedules are released. Kanata’s race is scheduled for the 6th day. At home, Ren realizes she is scheduled to work on days three and four.

On the first day, Oishi attempts his lap and delivers a stunning performance. Meanwhile, Kanata works his day job, attracting many female customers to the restaurant. Following Oishi, Kazuhiro makes his attempt with a brand-new Honda NSX.

Kazuhiro manages to surpass Oishi and claims the top spot on the leaderboard. Nozomi then attempts her round but is constantly yelled at by Kakeru. Aiba comes face-to-face with Kouki, and they end up discussing women. However, Aiba acknowledges Kouki’s talent and driving skills.

Shortly after, Kouki attempts his run on the track. Meanwhile, Ogata and Okuyama work on improving the car. Kouki delivers a stunning performance and finishes quickly. Following that, Aiba makes his attempt at the end of MF Ghost Episode 11.

The Episode Review

MF Ghost Episode 11 gears us up for the next round of the MFG. Currently, we have the round that determines the drivers’ positions during the race, and we also get a glimpse of the first few racers, filling us in on the changes happening in this round. The episode ends slightly before Kanata’s race, so it’s something to look forward to in the next episode.

We witness numerous changes compared to the first race, distinguishing this one. Presently, the return of Kouki, the upgrades on the Toyota 86 car, and Oshi’s brand-new Honda NSX stand out. The episode also hints that something has or will change with Kouski. Up until now, Michael hasn’t faced a lot of challenges sitting at the top, but the new developments make it seem like the most heat will be at the top of the leaderboard.   

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