MF Ghost – Season 1 Episode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Inherited perception

MF Ghost Episode 12 begins with Aiba’s run along the racetrack. He tries to beat Kuoki but ends up making a bunch of errors. Kyoko probes about who Ren likes, but Ren does not share any details. Ren’s mother sees Kanata writing his name without hesitation and realizes he inherited it from his mother, recalling memories.

Do Yousuke and Kakeru participate in Round 2 of MFG?

Yousuke does his run, followed by Kakeru. Ren’s mother tells him more about his mother and her art, inviting him to visit her class someday. Kakeru makes several mistakes and falls behind Nozomi by 2 seconds, who seizes the opportunity to taunt him.

Why does Kanata’s race get postponed?

Rain cancels the runs for the next day. On the way home, Kanata walks in the rain without an umbrella and meets Ren. Ren’s mother scolds him for getting wet.

The next day, Hannine starts with his run, followed by Sakamoto. However, Koki’s record remains untouched. Kanata watches Akaba’s run in his Ferrari. Ogata is surprised to see Kanata so calm a day before his run.

Does Jackson participate in round 2 of the MFG?

Jackson also has his run on the same day and gives an astounding performance.

How does Kanata appear a day before his race?

At home, Kanata appears calm, baffling Ren’s father. In his room, Kanata visualizes the demo run and practices mentally. He prepares for his run the next day, and Aiba comes to support him. He enters Kanata’s booth along with Ogata to check Kanata’s vitals and uncover his secret.

Ren sits with her father to watch the run and notices Mami violating the rules by blowing Kanata a kiss. She gets jealous and decides to complain. Kanata starts his run well, cruising through the track. Aiba can’t believe Kanata’s car is performing so well without any engine modifications at the end of MF Ghost Episode 12.

The Episode Review

This season has been incredible, delving into racing motorsports with a decent storyline. However, the finale lacks a focal point or a clear goal. Instead, it feels like an attempt to hastily tie up loose ends that don’t merit the spotlight, setting the stage for Kanata’s run in the next season.

Despite the season’s overall brilliance, it’s disappointing that it didn’t culminate in a fitting ending. Nevertheless, MF Ghost Episode 12 marks the commencement of Kanata’s storyline. Considering the recent changes, it will be intriguing to see how things progress from this point onward.

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