Melting Me Softly – Episode 11 (21&22) Recap & Review

Another Twist

Melting Me Softly carries on with its dramatic premise here as our two protagonists struggle to live a normal live with the multiple threats surrounding them. While the first half of the episode feels quite slow and doesn’t do much to move the story forward, the second half does well to bring some new developments into the fold, adding a sense of urgency to the drama.

After their shower, Mi-ran asks Dong-Chan if they’ll ever be able to live a normal life. It’s here he tells her that Professor Hwang is being blackmailed before remembering his conversation with the Professor from earlier, who tells him that his abductor had the same voice as the person who called to meet 20 years ago before his accident.

The next day, Dong-Chan meets with Ha-Young to relay his findings about who Lee Suok Du is. She then meets with Hong-Seok who recevies a call from chairman Suok Du, asking to see him. In a bar, the chairman speaks to Hong-Seok about his late wife and tells him he knows she was the informant. After their meeting, Hong-Seok rings Ha-Young to tell her that the reports regarding the informant’s voice should be ignored.

As Dong-Chan and Mi-Ran meet to discuss their plan for the evening, they overhear Hyun-Ki on the phone looking for another position in a different network and promising to bring three of his new shows with him if he gets the job. Dong-Sik visits Dong-Chan at the broadcasting station and reveals what happened. Both brothers decide to confront her while Dong-Ju tells them she has been feeling unloved all her life and plans on marrying her new boyfriend.

Mi-Ran meets with Byong-Sim to discuss the upcoming show and how he should act soon after. It’s here she reveals that his son is working there as an intern and as he leaves the room, he comes face to face with his son who confirms Mi-Ran was his first love. However, Mi-Ran instead organizes a date and heads to the ice-rink with Dong-Chan.

After, Dong-Chan returns home to find a drunk Dong-Ju sitting at the table. After a heartfelt conversation together, Dong-Sik invites his brother to participate in his upcoming show. The next day, they all board the coach ready to head to the filming location. We then see a montage of all the participants from their twenties. After a successful day and evening, Mi-Ran and Dong-Chan meet as they’re unable to sleep. Together, they share a humorous conversation about how they’ll look when they actually turn 44 and 52.

Meanwhile, Ha-Young meets with the chairman and reveals that she knows his true identity as she’s been investigating the cryonic experiments. She knows he was chosen to pretend to be his brother after his accident, and goes on to reveal he tried to have Professor Hwang killed.

Speaking of which, Professor Hwang is surprised by the chairman who arrives at the lab with his men, ready to get rid of his brother once and for all. As he looks through all the capsules, he’s unable to find him which prompts him to threaten the Professor at gunpoint, forcing him to reveal the location of Suok Du. As it happens, Suok Du himself is currently being defrosted and finds himself hooked up to machines.

Dong-Chan then meets with his old cameraman to view the footage from the experiment. He later calls Mi-Ran but suddenly hears a sharp noise and starts stumbling around, clutching his heart and collapsing on the floor. Ki-Beom notices a problem and scrambles to call the Professor, relaying his findings. However, the Professor reassures him while a gun remains at his head.

Just when we thought things were complicated enough for our two protagonists, things are looking to get even more dramatic as Ki-Beom discovers a further problem with their condition. It’s set to be a race against time for both of them too, as we reach the final few weeks of this Korean drama. To be honest, Melting Me Softly has been quite inconsistently paced and this later twist in the tale feels like padding and an intentional ploy to hit that 16 episode quota.


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