Melting Me Softly – Episode 10 (19&20) Recap & Review

Intensifying Feelings

Melting me softly’s latest episode brings more revelations as Professor Hwang gets his memory back while Lee Seok Du is determined to get his own way, starting with the murder of his sister-in-law.

We begin the episode after the hug, with Dong-Chan telling Mi-Ran to be strong and walk with confidence as she didn’t do anything wrong. Feeling a lot closer to each other, they go their separate ways, looking happy and content. As the rest of the team discuss the latest revelation about Mi-Ran, Dong-Chan heads back into the meeting room. One of the workers asks him if the article is true and if Mi-Ran was hired because of the cryonic experiment. He replies that she was but goes on to explain his reasons for doing so.

Professor Hwang sneaks into the lab and opens the safe to retrieve the temperature antidote, but not before being surprised by his assistant, Ki-Beom. As they talk, Hwang gives him his research journal where he suddenly has flashbacks, regaining all of his memories again.

Hyun-Ki relays to Dong-Chan that they’ve found a middle school girl who has written the article but believes that her account was hacked. At the same time, Mi-Ran writes a long public post on social media, explaining that she has lost 20 years and is now an intern as she couldn’t find a job anywhere else, asking people to give her a chance.

After reading Mi-Ran’s post, Kyung-Ja expresses her satisfaction to Young-Sun. However, a depressed Young-Sun reveals to her best friend that she’s not planning to get a divorce, but has also found out her son has a crush on Mi-Ran. Shocked that her best friend would consider it, she vehemently declines.

Meanwhile, Byeong-Sim confesses to Mi-Ran’s parents about his true identity and tells them he wants her back. This prompts her mother to kick him in the head and threatens to call the police, just as Nam-Tae interrupts to tell them about Mi-Ran’s post on the internet.

Ha-Young and Dong-Chan then find out that Lee Suok-Du’s wife died suddenly of a heart attack. Lee Seok-Du himself reads Mi-Ran’s posts on the internet and finds out from his assistant that Professor Hwang is still alive and staying in Mi-Ran’s house.

After learning that Byong-Sim is going to be one of the candidates in her new show, Mi-Ran heads out and bumps into Ji-Hoon in the hallway as it’s his first day. Dong-Chang also sees them talking together which makes him jealous. While Hyun-Ki gives Mi-Ran advices on how to act around Dong-Chan, the latter meets with his old cameraman and asks him if he still has the recordings of the experiment from 20 years ago.

During the evening news, Ha-Young explains the reasons why they kept Mi-Ran’s identity a secret; to keep her safe. They also show the car explosion and the voice recording from the woman who wanted to meet with them in a bid to find out who and where she is.

Mi-Ran suddenly starts to feel unwell and decides to lay down. When Dong-Chang realises Mi-Ran is ill, he finds her in one of the beds. Relieved to know she’s okay that she’s ok, they both admit to liking each other but Dong-Chan becomes frustrated as both their heartbeats increase as he strokes her head.

Meanwhile, Professor Hwang is kidnapped on his way home, taken to a remote place where the fake Lee Suok Du appears, threatening him at gun point. He tells him to turn off the remaining cryonic chambers or he will kill Mi-Ran and Dong-Chan. Ji-Hoon also finds out from his mum that Mi-Ran was his Dad’s first love, and she’s the reason why he wants a divorce.

The next day, Mi-Ran and Dong-Chan head out to check filming locations for their new show. However their trip is cut short when Dong-Chang gets a call from Ha-Young. She tells him that they’ve identified the voice and it’s none other then Lee Suok-Du‘s wife.

Back at the lab, Professor Hwang fires his assistant and declares that he’ll be controlling everything from now on. Just as he’s about to turn all the machines off, Dong-Chan appears in time to stop him. He begs him to help them live a normal life as they want to be together. The episode then closes with Dong-Chan returning to Mi-Ran kissing passionately. As their heartbeats increase, they decide to carry on their kiss in the shower.

Our two protagonists seem to have found a temporary solution to their dilemma with the cold shower at the end of the episode but this also shows that they’re getting desperate. The end scenes were also pretty emotional too, as Dong-Chan begs the Professor to help them live a normal life.

Lee Suok-Du is quickly the main antagonist here too and we’re left to assume he’s killed his sister-in-law, especially after threatening to kill Dong-Chan and Mi-Ran. Although the show remains a decent enough drama, it also lacks the X-factor to make it a more memorable offering. Still, there’s a few more weeks left of this one and the show looks set to build up to a dramatic conclusion here.

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