Mayfair Witches – Season 1 Episode 4 “Curiouser and Curiouser” Recap & Review

Curiouser and Curiouser

Episode 4 of Mayfair Witches season 1 starts with a flashback to Donnelaith, Scotland 1681. Following Aoife death, Suzanne is inconsolable as the priest says the final prayers for Aoife. An elderly woman approaches her and tells her that she will come for her later that night. Night rolls by, and the old lady takes Suzanne to a secret funeral ritual.

At present time, Rowan has a steamy dream about Ciprien and wakes up startled when his face changes to Lasher. She walks out of the room to see Ciprien making breakfast. She feels like she overshared the night before and wants to know more about Ciprien.

Ciprien lets her know that Odette dropped by and brought a dress to wear to Deirdre’s funeral. She asks Ciprien to escort her and he gladly agrees. She is anxious that it will be a strange way to meet her family

Elsewhere, at the Mayfair’s house, Carlotta finds Delphine’s body Deirdre’s necklace is nowhere to be found. She and the other aunt fear that it means that Lasher is coming for Rowan. At Cortland’s house, the family is getting ready for the funeral. Josephine, Cortland’s daughter wants to get there before Carlotta to help Rowan.  Cortland is not in a hurry to bury Deirdre and wants justice to prevail. Josephine tells him not to worry the killer will be punished.

The scene cuts to a man who seems unhinged walking on the street asking for help. He is in great pain and tries to kill himself but two men stop him. It turns out they work for Talamasca.

At the funeral, Cortland sneakily cuts a few of Deirdre’s hair strands. He also checks if she has her necklace on her body. Rowan is welcomed by Carlotta and Cortland thinks she is up to something. Before the ceremony starts, the church door bursts open and a gush of wind brings a shower of red petals. Carlotta tries taking them off Deirdre’s body but Rowan is fascinated by the beautiful sight.

At the funeral site, Ciprien gets a call from his boss that they might have got Deirdre’s killer. He apologizes to Rowan and leaves. He worries about leaving her alone but she assures him that she will be fine.

Rowan is surprised to see her name on the crypt and remarks to Carlotta that this is probably the reason why people have been staring at her. She asks Carlotta why someone lied she was dead. Carlotta dodges the question and instead invites her to the house for an intimate reception. Rowan is hesitant and promises to think about it. Unbeknownst to the funeral guests, the morgue attendant is taking photos of them from afar.

After thinking about it, Rowan visits the house and is welcomed by Carlotta. She shows Rowan some photos of Elena when she was young. Carlotta offers her condolences and notes that Rowan is mourning two mothers. She tells Rowan that she swore Elena to secrecy and tells her the history of the women in the family.

She is not remorseful about lying that Rowan was dead. She lies that it was the same thing that Deirdre wanted. She admits that Rowan will need the knowledge to be able to protect herself from Lasher and some of her family members. She tells Rowan that there is a way to reject Lasher, there is a choice. They are interrupted by Cortland who wants to celebrate Deirdre’s life much to Carlotta’s annoyance.

At Talamasca offices, Ciprien tries to interview the killer but he is in great pain. He places his hands on him and sees that the man was hired to kill Deirdre. Before they can help the man, Lasher kills him. Ciprein tells his boss that they are missing something in the case. He believes someone supernatural was behind the killing of Deirdre. His boss asks him to concentrate on keeping Rowan safe, he will handle the case.

Ciprein decides to stay in the office and do more research on how to protect Rowan. He is hoping to get a clue by going through the old Mayfair archives.

At the intimate family services, Rowan is bombarded by curious family members and learns from one of her cousins, Tessa that she is the family designee. Rowan is curious about what that means and asks Josephine who happily fills her in.

She shows Rowan portraits of the women in the family. She also tells Rowan that she owns the house and it is a custom for the past 300 years. Rowan is surprised that Carlotta is not the house owner. Josephine asks her to talk to Cortland about her inheritance as he is the Trust administrator. Rowan notices the women in the portrait are all wearing the same necklace. She asks to see the necklace.

Meanwhile, Cortland is going through Deirdre’s things trying to find the necklace but fails to find it. He later has a talk with Rowan and asks her to take time to decide whether she wants the inheritance or not. The topic of Lasher is brought up and he tells Rowan that Lasher is meant to serve her . Rowan fails to understand what he means and Cortland asks her to talk to Lasher herself.

Carlotta interrupts them and tries to give Rowan a rosary which belonged to Deirdre. Cortland asks her to stop scaring Rowan and they get into a fight. Cortland accuses Carlotta of keeping Deirdre under her thumb as a hostage. Carlotta argues that she was the only one taking care of Deirdre.

Cortland ends the party and gives Rowan his card, asking her to contact him when she is ready.  Josephine is against leaving Rowan alone with Carlotta but Cortland reminds her that Lasher is around.

Rowan remains behind to see the house and Lasher makes a move on her. He leads her to the necklace and she puts it on . Carlotta is shocked to see that Rowan took off the rosary and is wearing the necklace. She calmly notifies her that dinner is almost ready. She goes downstairs and summons her staff to let them know she is changing dinner plans.

At the same time, Rowan sends Ciprien a photo of the necklace saying it was in her dreams. Ciprien realizes it is the same necklace he has been reading about in the archives. He texts back asking where she is and rushes to her.

Carlotta and Rowan have dinner alone while Rowan asks questions about her mom, Deirdre. She wants to know Deirdre’s diagnosis and read her medical file.  As soon as the staff leave, Carlotta confesses that Deirdre was the bane of her existence. She gets up and starts praying for the souls of the women in the family.  She starts a fire after ending her prayer.

Ciprein arrives at the house and texts Rowan but she is not replying. He jumps over the fence and the house is on fire. Carlotta locked themselves in. He breaks the door and Carlotta stabs him. Rowan grabs Ciprien and tries to escape the fire.

Unfortunately, Lasher appears and tells Carlotta that Rowan is already his. He locks the doors keeping them from escaping.

The Episode Review

It was quite an intense episode as Rowan seeks questions and people lie to her to benefit themselves.  I think it is a safe bet for her to trust Ciprein but she might have endangered his life.

Carlotta thought she could end it all in the fire but unfortunately, Lasher was a step ahead of her. The minute Rowan put on the necklace, she bound herself to him without knowing.

It will be fun to see why Cortland is on team Lasher. They seem to have an allegiance to each other and Cortland is afraid of him.

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