Mayfair Witches – Season 1 Episode 3 “Second Line” Recap & Review

Second Line

Episode 3 of Mayfair Witches season 1 starts with a flashback to Donnelaith, Scotland 1681. Suzanne is visited by men who are carrying a woman, Aoife bleeding and crying in pain. They bring her inside and the men proceed to tell Suzanne that the woman was attacked by a boar. Aoife asks Suzanne to help her die a good death but Suzanne is hesitant as she fears death. Aoife convinces her and she agrees.

At present time, Rowan gives her statement to the police. She is in shock and can barely answer the questions. Carlotta approaches her and introduces herself. She confirms that Deirdre was her mother.  A staff tells Rowan that Cortland is on his way to speak to Rowan but Carlotta refuses and warns her that Cortland would eat her alive. She asks Rowan to leave with her but she refuses and rushes out of the hotel to meet Ciprien who is waiting.

He takes her to his place where he believes she will be safe. He tells Rowan he has been following her to gather information on her so as to protect her.  He also tells her about The Talamasca, which is supposed to investigate, document the unexplained and protect the people at risk.  Rowan is more curious about the house and the people in the picture. In particular, Lasher who appears mysteriously at the edge of the picture.

Ciprien tells her about the existence of Lasher, a being who is connected to her family and was close to her mother. Rowan wonders what exactly he means by a being but Ciprien doesn’t have all the answers. Their conversation is interrupted by Ciprien’s coworker who has come to check up on them and brought reinforcement. They perform some magic to secure the building and keep Rowan safe.

Elsewhere, Carlotta mourns the loss of Deirdre, worried that she failed the family and God. She is shaken that Lasher is rattling the trees looking for Deirdre. She tells the second aunt that Rowan is made of sterner stuff and they will need to protect her. The second aunt suggests that they hold a wake for Deirdre to lure Rowan to their house. She argues it is better for Rowan to come to them . Carlotta agrees that is a good idea and shows her Deirdre’s necklace. She is planning to bind Deirdre to someone and thinks Delphine is perfect for the job.

She later the necklace to Delphine and locks her in the basement. She is punishing her for letting Deirdre escape. Delphine starts banging her head subconsciously on the wall as if in a trance. In the end, Lasher kills Delphine to unbind himself from her.

Meanwhile, Rowan cleans up at Ciprien’s house as he explains  his powers to her. He tells her she is the strongest power he has ever felt. Rowan asks if all Mayfairs have powers and he tells her that Deirdre has powers. He also answers her questions about Cortland and tells her that the Mayfairs are a poweful family but very private.

He also explains how Elena got in touch with The Talamasca to seek their help after an incident while Rowan was in school. Rowan is shocked by the extent of Elena’s lies. Ciprien offers his help and says he understands how she feels. Rowan tells him that he doesn’t know her. He leaves for the hotel, to find out what happened to Deirdre and asks her not to leave the house. Rowan promises to stay put.

While at the house, Ciprien’s pregnant sister, Odette visits and mistakes Rowan to be the current girl Ciprien is seeing. A fire alarm goes off and they get out of the building. Rowan asks for directions to her aunt’s place and leaves.

She sees a funeral progression and a middle-aged woman approaches her and makes small talk about how the dead are always with them. She buys Rowan a drink and as soon as she drinks she gets under Lasher’s influence.

Back at the hotel, Deirdre’s body is taken to the morgue and a shaken Cortland is visited by Lasher. Lasher is angry but Cortland reminds him that his time has come, the 13th witch. Lasher tells him that Rowan is different from the others and Cortland tells him that he is sure Lasher can find a way in.  He later goes through Rowan’s stuff at the hotel and a hotel staff tells him the  security system has been operating well but there is a gap in the surveillance footage.

Ciprien arrives at the hotel and lies that he is from the insurance company to evaluate the elevator. He takes his gloves off and tries to get a feel of the place but he learns nothing. It seems that he is too late, someone cleaned the elevator.

He visits the morgue and touches Deirdre’s body. He lucks out this time and sees what happened when she gave birth to Rowan. He is moved to tears as he senses her sadness.  He also sees the man who got into the elevator with Deirdre and sends his sketch to The Talamasca. He goes back home and senses that Lasher started the fire to lure Rowan outside.

On the other hand, Rowan is under the influence of Lasher at the funeral progression.  Lasher tries to lure Rowan by impersonating Deirdre but she doesn’t fall for his trick. She wakes up from the influence of Lasher and finds herself on the streets. She heads back to Rowan’s house and he hurriedly takes her inside.

He warns Rowan that Lasher can take different forms. He tells her about the elevator being wiped of any memories. He also tells her about her birth and how she was taken away from Deirdre as a child.  Rowan worries that Lasher can get into her head but Ciprien doesn’t know Lasher’s methods. He offers to help Rowan master the full extent of her powers to protect herself from Lasher. He takes off his gloves and allows her to touch him. They both start crying but Rowan is smiling too.

The Episode Review

Whoever wiped the memories from the elevator must know about The Talamasca. He has managed to keep himself well hidden, will they get to him?

It is interesting to see how Lasher is grieving Deirdre and doing his best to lure Rowan. Rowan was smart to catch on to him but will she be able to escape him the next time he comes? I wonder what Rowan and Ciprein saw when they held hands. Hopefully, it is something that will help them fight Lasher but for now we’ll have to wait and see!

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