Manifest – Season 4 Episode 18 “Lift/Drag” Recap & Review


Episode 18 of Manifest season 4 begins on May 31st 2024. Another time jump forward and we’re now two days before the fated Death Date. Saanvi is working with the Secretary of Defence and won the infrared scanners, they can see that the predicted model for the volcano is spreading and will appear soon. They’ve managed to contain the public hysteria and kept things hidden from them over what’s happening, but that won’t last for long.

Saanvi’s associate, Troy, deduces that they could use an electromagnetic pulse to block the God frequency. The snobby superior in charge here begrudgingly believes it’s worth a shot, unknowing that it’ll also wipe out all the research they’ve done thus far.

Saanvi is worried and she believes they need to try and get out of here but that’s easier said than done. The only solution is to knock out the entire block worth of power with an EMP charge. Troy is not sure but Saanvi is all for it.

Meanwhile, Cal has another Calling, this time of a litany of different images, including smashed glass, a track and field arena and several other seemingly random scenes. Cal has been trying to juggle multiple different Callings at once, deciphering them all and splitting the passengers into different teams as they head out into the world. I mean, I know the building is surrounded but surely they’d be spotted, right? Well, clearly not and it seems they’ve been doing this for a while now, as Ben gives instructions on how to avoid suspicions from people.

Michaela has her assignment, which appears to be linked to Zeke’s word about every life worth saving, while Ben gets a buzzing noise and an area code – 1121. This seems to be linked to postal zones in Brooklyn, of which there are only 10. But that also means there’s 80 blocks to cycle through. The buzzing noise narrows it down to somewhere with lots of solar panels that are generating tons of power. This seems to be their location.

It’s a black site right in the middle of Brooklyn, hidden in plain sight. With Vance leading the charge, he’s joined by Ben and Cal who break in to this facility. In doing so, they realize that the place is under strict protocols but no alarms go off. In fact, all the power shuts down from an EMP charge that goes off. This is precisely where Saanvi is being kept!

Anyway, as the pair attempt to leave, and they’re reunited with Ben, Cal and Vance. Troy sacrifices himself to buy them some time while the others head back to the detention center.

No one seems to have seen Astrid in the middle of all this, given we saw last episode that she’s switched sides and is with the Detention center crew. However, when Jared and Drea find her, it seems she’s overdosed on anxiety pills. Thankfully, she regains consciousness but it’s clear that the pills have actually been spiked with rat poison, something that links back to Angelina, who believes this is God’s judgment and did this on purpose.

Elsewhere, Michaela heads off to the hospital but lo and behold, the worker there recognizes her and decides to phone through to get her arrested. The woman is stopped by none other than Carlos, who suddenly shows up and helps out. It’s certainly a blast from the past and he points out that Zeke always called her his star. It seems Zeke is reaching out to her through space and time; she needs to start forgiving herself for what happened to Evie.

The remaining “chosen one” troupe now follow Angelina without question, including Autumn who originally had her doubts but is now suddenly a devout follower. Eagan is there too and tries to question their intentions but in the end succumbs to his instincts and decides to commit fully to the cause. In fact, he actually proposes to Angelina!

Back at the Center, Saanvi realizes this ULF theory might actually have some traction, while Cal decides to try and go back to his Callings, sitting in each of the seats. Only, it doesn’t seem to work and there’s no Callings coming through. He blasts back to the center again without any luck.

When Ben finds out, he gives a rousing speech and tells them all that they need to be ready, given tomorrow is the Death Date and they need to be ready to face that. But in order to do that, they need to be with their loved ones first and make the most of their time left.

Saanvi attempts to channel an EMP blast at the patients on life support but it doesn’t seem to have an effect. Saanvi despairs and believes that there’s no answer, and thinks this is the end. And of course, Ben and Saanvi make the most of it together by getting together in the bedroom..

At the same time, Henry shows up to see Cal and hands over a small dragon trinket. He believes this is a sign and encourages Cal to keep looking for meaning. Only, that comes sooner rather than later, as Marko suddenly wakes up and begins speaking Bulgarian.

As for Angelina and Eagan, there’s no “repopulation” for them just yet, but there is Adrian, who shows up at the door and tells him they need to talk.

The Episode Review

We’re getting close to the end-game now and it’s clear that Manifest is working as fast as possible to wrap up all the loose ends and close out this story. The sheer pacing difference here is absolute whiplash-inducing, as the show is now so fast paced compared to what we’ve had for 3/4 of this season.

It’s almost like the writers had 6 episode scripts done and then realized they actually needed to wrap things up, so they’ve rewritten everything and are now rushing to the end. If only we got this sense of urgency 10/12 episodes ago, perhaps this season may have been a little better than the methodical slog we’ve been given. Anyway, onwards and upwards dear readers, there are 2 more chapters left!

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