Manifest Season 4 Review – Another top contender for worst TV show ending of all time

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Episode 20 – | Review Score – 1/5


Netflix have a notorious reputation for cancelling shows before they get an ending. There are so many series in their growing catalogue of originals that don’t have a conclusion, standing as a growing graveyard of unfinished stories. But similarly, the streaming giants also have a tendency to do the unexpected. Sense8 got a movie to wrap up the storyline, while the studio have also saved a few different shows from cancellation hell, including Manifest.

NBC’s sci-fi mystery started off as a Lost wannabe and across the three seasons while airing on cable TV, managed to grow its mystery in interesting and unique directions. As a result, it accumulated a big cult following, desperate to see how this one would end. And then NBC cancelled it. Netflix though, threw a proverbial lifeboat its way, and saved the show for one final season, with 20 episodes that effectively work to wrap up the entire story and give fans a conclusion. But based on what’s here, they probably shouldn’t have bothered.

The story picks up 2 years after the events of season 3 and then begins to cycle through a variety of different episodic Callings, all whilst the Stone family and those closest to them scramble to try and stop the Death Date from becoming a reality. Stopping them in this endeavour though are threats that come from two fronts. On the one side, we have Director Zimmer and other shady government officials, dead-set on finding and stopping the 828ers, believing them to be dangerous and intent on experimenting on them to find what’s really happening.

The other threat stems from rogue passengers onboard the flight, namely that of Eagan and Angelina. As the season progresses, it becomes increasingly clear that Angelina in particular thinks of herself as some sort of messenger from God and believes that her purpose is to make sure the Death Date still goes ahead – regardless of consequence.

As the episodes tick by, the midway point ends on a big cliffhanger… before jumping forward 8 months. This little trick is something the entire show has been hampered with, and in fact every episode follows the same methodically slow and trickled mystery box format until the final 3 chapters.

It’s almost like the writers were sitting in an exam, slowly pondering over various questions, realizing they have 10 minutes and then scrambling to fill in the blanks. That tonal and pacing whiplash is absolutely insane, but so too is the way this show wraps up.

I’m being careful not to spoil anything here but this is definitely up there with one of the worst endings of any TV show in history. In fact, one could argue this is worse, given the length of time people have put into this show. As someone who was intrigued but never a huge fan of this show (as evidenced by my various recaps and reviews over the years), I can’t even begin to imagine the shock and horror diehard fans are going through right now.

On the one hand, some of the characters do get satisfying arcs and there are a lot of fan-service moments in this season. Almost every single mystery or big question is touched on… but only some are actually resolved in a way that makes sense. All those random symbols, like the peacock and the various tarot cards, do make more sense here, but there’s also a myriad of questions raised about things like the lifeboat, the Divine Consciousness and others that don’t really get a good explanation.

The show struggles to really wrap everything up and it’s clear from the way this is handled that the writers had no idea what they wanted to do to wrap this up. This is what happens when you write a show for ratings and hooking an audience, rather than telling a consistent and engaging story. This is essentially “Lost-lite” and similar to that show, Manifest’s ending is something that’s going to be discussed for a long time to come – and not in a positive way.

Ironically, the biggest losers here, next to us, the audience, are Netflix. Having won over Manifest fans by reviving the show, those good vibes are quickly squashed by what we actually get in this series. This meandering, underwhelming show comes to a disappointing close and ultimately puts all of Netflix’s efforts to revive this one count for nothing. Manifest fails to manifest anything other than a sour taste in your mouth. Skip this one, for your own sake.

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  • Verdict - 2/10

36 thoughts on “Manifest Season 4 Review – Another top contender for worst TV show ending of all time”

  1. I was hooked on Manifest till Season 3. I thought that after Netflix took over that we’d get a proper send off too. But you know what, I think it made it worse. All the characters seemed to have lost all their brain cells in logic. It’s just cheesy. I think the British still make better dramas than the Americans can.

  2. So I’m still watching it I’m on episode 5? I believe. I’m trying my best watch thru but my gosh I don’t know why they kept with the Jared Michaela thing even tho she’s married to Zeke. And he’s hooking up with Drea. Like people want her to be with Jared but I don’t because no matter how much he says he understands the calling, he only ever cares about himself, But that’s not what irks me. After the “Adrian Cult” , i do feel like Adrian is indeed trying to protect them but I don’t get why Eagan is the center of it all and how everyone just listens to him. Believe in him. I feel like they just didn’t know what to do with all the religious stuff so they just threw in a bunch of things. Like Angelina’s villain arc was so unnecessary in the first place they just kept to it. Season 3 ended so quickly with 13 dragging episodes so they just made a 20 episode finale to make things work and just shove everything in there. And I will never understand the Danny situation and how everyone loves Grace but I never liked her choices on the first seasons lol I just think she’s selfish. And Lourdes how Jared didn’t even try, lol. I mean I already know the ending from reddit. But yeah those 5 years happened still.

  3. The author is 100% off in calling Manifest one of the worst finales ever. If you want a bad finale, look at Lost, Dexter, Whispering Pines, and Castle are among the worst ever.

    I will say that the way the passengers got back to the proper time had been done before (The Langoliers), but it was still very well done in merging the timelines. And it gives those that survived the glow and Flight 828 a second chance to make some things that are falling apart in their lives better.

    Perhaps it was a touch on the sappy side, and yeah, there are some disconnects (Cal not seeming to have any memories), but all in all, it was a great way to end the series.

  4. This is my first time commenting on a review, but I strongly disagree with it. Yes, there were a couple things I wish turned out differently, but overall I really thought the writers did a terrific job wrapping things up. I really enjoyed the finale.

  5. I was fascinated on the story and characters from the start, however S4 felt disjointed. Angelina was beyond evil and what she made Eden do was so creepy. What happens to the child Eden when the flight returned? Did Drea give birth? A lot made sense and a lot didn’t, but I thought it was a satisfying enough conclusion. For a change, a joyful conclusion. (It’s nice to know Mick and Jared are a real-life couple.) S4 was messy much like the HBO series “The Leftovers,” yet I couldn’t stop watching it.

  6. I loved manifest; ending was super confusing and I still have a lot of questions but it’s fine. I’m glad it was revived. The only thing I’m really bummed about are Ben and Saanvi not getting together but at least there were a couple fan servicey moments sprinkled in this season and why they didn’t I guess made sense.

    I don’t have an issue with the religious stuff. I don’t think it was overbearing and I’m an atheist lol. With a show with this plot it’s either religion or I guess aliens and they focused a lot on mythology overall instead of just being like solely monotheistic/Christian focused.

    But overall, not perfect but absolutely worth a watch and I’m so glad Netflix brought it back! I’d probably give it a 7/10 for the finale but the show as a whole I’d give a 9/10. Loved it!

  7. I was hooked, yes the series went on many tangents, but overall I found the ending sublime and I feel it was threaded to a great completion. For me the series touched on themes that are deep, and that for an series is commendable. Not sure it’s it’s for everyone and for me I love it.

  8. Disliked the ending with Michaela and Jared. ☹️☹️☹️ not what I was waiting for. 🙄🙄🙄

  9. I agree with TGR, I was disappointed in the ending. Throughout the series I’m wondering about the heart of the mystery. Later when the “divine consciousness” starts being referred to more frequently, I’m wondering if there is going to be a religious ending, and not sure how I feel about that. God is referred to as “she” so between the referrals to the divine consciousness, which I equate more to Jung, and God as “she” as a departure from traditional religion, I’m still lets see where this goes. The good guys under the leadership of Ben are the humanitarians and see themselves and others as all one. The “bad guys” under the leadership of Angelina are old testament, fire and brimstone, and the apocalypse. Yes, they are also murderers but if you read the bible, there are a lot of needless, thoughtless murders. But the ending, in which the good guys win, was all old testament, striking down the “sinner’s” turning them to dust. Even, resurrecting out of the ashes of Angelina, a smoky huge angel of death striking down those who have failed judgement day. Afterwards we have a few moments in the “glow” showing us nothing and then we land. In the end we were fed a four season religious tract which I would not have wasted my time on. Shame on you.

  10. I was eagerly waiting to know what is happening with the Callings every season and why is the show getting dragged so much..but i quite liked how it ended. Loved when Mick met Zeke. Beautiful ending to a long dragged series.

  11. Disliked the ending with Michaela and Jared. I didn’t care for all the homosexuality agenda either.

  12. I totally loved the ending! It was more than I could have asked for! Before I was finished watching the second half of season 4, I saw a few reviews saying how bad the finale was, but I wanted to see for myself. When I watched as everyone walked into the airport after the plane landed, I was cheering at how brilliant the writers were with this one. Especially when I saw Michaela get in the cab that Zeke was driving. It was the perfect ending to this type of show. Very happy with this one.

  13. I thought it was a brilliant ending. A lesson in morality and ethics to us all. The passengers and those they interacted with represent the best and worst in people. Having them land back in 2013 was the only viable option. Some of the whiners on here would have been the types to get zapped on the plane. Lol.

  14. I thought it was a very good ending. Comparing it to Lost is blasphemy. Lost goes down as worst ever. Manifest is closer to the top. M*A*S*H is the greatest Series Finale

  15. I completely disagree with this being a disappointing ending. If anything this ending redeemed Netflix’s bad endings of House of Cards and Ozark. It was a better ending than the other plane centric show (Lost). Overall it was about redemption, forgiveness and second chances. When looking into that spiritual and faith driven plot, it is a definite 9/10 in my book. I would have just wanted more of a battle with Angelina and Ben. However, I am fine with how Ben had to save her. I would watch it all over again.

  16. I just binged the whole part 2 and I actually really liked the ending, yes maybe a little rushed but i was expecting them to all die or rewind time. Im glad time went back though. Im glad angelina got what she deserved 😌

  17. waste of time. i wish netfix would bring back santa clarita diet. need to find out how joel turned out.

  18. I really liked if actually! It’s such a complicated story that no one ending was going to please everyone but it was really good! Game of Thrones show runners, take note 😀

  19. I never really hate watched a show before but seeing as every show that was in this genre of ‘group of people brought back from the dead or displaced in time’ never gets an ending. I wanted to see wtf happens and if it made any sense.

    But nah Manifest is pure utter shit. They lay hard into religion then contradict and cherry pick it. They literally have their main villain going half demon and people still follow her. Then for no reason a generic asset Grim Reaper shows up. If you feel this was an amazing show I’m sorry you’ve been living under a rock or you’re just trolling.

  20. This ending was one of the best endings of a show… I don’t agree with this article at all.

  21. Hey everyone, thanks so much for your comments and feedback. One of the best parts of this job is seeing differing reactions and thoughts to TV shows like this one and seeing lots of your commenting is always great to see, even if everyone is disagreeing with this review! There’s a lot more detail and spoiler-filled discussions going on over in the finale recap if any of you wanted to take a look and comment big spoilers, but otherwise thank you all so much for commenting and reading our review! We’ll see you over on the next mystery-box show we’ll become attached to for 4+ seasons!

    -Greg W

  22. So, the comments section didn’t go as you planned…

    Well it was rushed since it’s supposed to be 6 seasons long. The finale was perfect for someone, bad for someone, but good enough for me. I made a call about the ending when it was still in season 3 and I was right.

  23. Just watched the finale and was perfect!
    Maybe you went to sleep and missed the whole thing because this is what a finale should be!
    I loved it.

  24. Well, mr. Greg Wheeler, since you critic this show, you might as well write your own take of how this show should end. It seems you have “full of ideas and creative juices” in your thick head”. Show the world the “best” ending you think should it be. And we, the audience will compare the show’s endings with yours. Go now, we’ll wait for that super charged ending of yours.

  25. Sure, there is some questions to be asked. However, an ending is far better than being left on an unfinished storyline.

  26. I thought the ending was good I watched fromthe begin on 11 and thought the Netflix writers carried it well

  27. It was one of the best endings …
    Thoroughly enjoyed …
    Specially the plane resurrecting itself for the final ✈️

  28. Like others I watched to finish the series and disappointed I was. The only thing I got out of the ending was “If I knew then what I know now” feeling. And changing your decisions to get your happy ending (except for the 11 missing bodies). It was what happened to the cross universe of those left behind: Olive, Eden and their grandpa! Don’t get me started on TJ seeing the young Olive and remembering his love for her in the “future”. I was as disappointed as I was with the ending of “Lost”.

  29. The ending made complete sense! While the timeline was rushed, the conclusion was well done. The religious aspect was always there, so it had to go that way. But it wasn’t as important as the social interactions and personal growth. Yeah, the chese was dripping, but that’s ok after a long day in reality!

  30. Actually it was one of the All time best endings. Every subplot was addressed and there were no loose ends. It is evident the writers wanted to make sure every character’s situation was finalized. Bravo for a job well done.

  31. Watching out of curiosity. I can tell no one was sure of what they were writing, and Angelina should have stayed dead, but I figure if I’m invested enough to watch the first three seasons I should at least see how it ends. Makes more sense than La Brea.

  32. I watched the last season just to complete it, but lost interest once they started the whole religious junk. When they deplaned, I swear I was looking for Hurley from Lost to appear. And did no one from the plane care that the 828 lady that gave birth basically lost her baby and baby daddy?

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