Lupin – Season 3 Episode 7 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Chapter 6

As we saw in episode 6 of Lupin, Jean Luc Keller finds Claire and Raoul. He barges into their home in the dead of the night. Claire and Raoul hide in the cupboard as Keller looks for them. Claire makes a phone call to her landline, and pretends to inform Raoul that she is at the hospital and that his uncle detective Martin will be home shortly. Thanfully, Keller leaves.

What happened to Mariama? 

Mariama is at Assane’s place and wonders what her son is up to. Assane has finally reunited with his mother in the middle of all this, and has a lot of questions to ask her. Specifically, he asks why she did not join them.

She takes him back in time and narrates what problems she faced. She mentions that she was close to securing enough money for the ticket to France but her boss suddenly decided to cut the pay in half. She then stole the money but was arrested. She was ashamed of her deed and to face her son. She also said that she became a real thief after she got out of prison. She missed them every day.

Claire frantically calls Alex and asks him to come over immediately. She says that she knows Alex is Assane. Raoul is happy to see his father alive. Assane takes Raoul and Claire to his place, and whilst there they meet Mariama as well.

The scenes shifts to 1998 when Keller takes Bruno and Assane on the heist on the day of the football World Cup finals. Assane tries to get out of the situation but Keller threatens him again.

In the present day, Assane tricks a pier checking official and successfully steals a jet from under his nose. Assane is researching on a Minister of the Interior who can get Ben out of jail.

Claire and his mom announce that they will get Ben through proper means by hiring a lawyer. Assane’s mother objects to Assane robbing or cheating the Minister. Until then the family will be safe tucked away in a safe house. He promises to wrap up a few things and to leave in two days.

Is the robbery a success? Does Assane manage to break into the safe?

Assane’s mother asks him to promise to not do any more robberies or heists as he has a family to support now. The scene cuts to Assane in an old military man’s disguise. He pretends to Little Ali who served in the war with the Colonel (the person whom Assane is visiting in a disguise). The two indulge in some nostalgia.

Assane keeps up with his military personnel disguise and enters a gathering where he meets the Minister of the Interior. He speaks highly of his services and looks like a true patriot.

As the medal ceremony is underway, Assane finds his way to the private chambers of the house. As he is sneaking his way in, security personnel catches him. There is a scuffle in the adjacent hallway and the guard goes to check. Assane successfully sneaks into the Minister’s office but the guard finds out and issues an alert.

The scene then runs parallel to the present and 1998 as Assane tries to break into a safe, after earlier preparing to rob the jewellery store. Assane and Diop sneak into the store and talk about the match on their way. There is one security official at the desk but he is also watching the match. 

Assane succeeds in the present day, and exits without anyone detecting. However, back to 1998 the alarm goes off in the jewellery store as Assane and Bruno run away with the loot. They get into the car and Keller drives them off.

Does Assane and his mother manage to get away?

In the present, Assane and his mother are wading through the tunnels but are also being followed. The jet that Assane had stolen earlier was just for this. They escape from the underground waterway.

After they successfully exit, Asssane calls the Minister and threatens to leak information about his contacts with the illegal traders. Assane refuses the money offer and asks the Minister to get a friend out of jail.

Manon is let out of jail and Assane ambushes her as she is walking away. He asks her to rat out Keller but she refuses. She brings up the past when Assane gave information about Keller and Manon.

Assane then reveals what really happened in 1998. Assane and Bruno did not take the emeralds as Keller had expected. He loses his cool and drives off rashly than he already was. A policeman follow them on a bike. Keller asks Bruno to take the gun and shoot. Assane dissuades him but after pressure from Keller, Bruno shoots. They end up in a car accident, and Bruno is visibly shocked.

Back to the present, Assane justifies his actions to Manon. He asks her to call Keller and arrange for a meeting, which she does.

Assane and his family share a warm dinner and indulge in some good time with each other. After his family is in bed, he takes one long look at them before leaving for his meeting with Keller.

Guidera receives a message from Assane. It contains a picture and the word Grimaudan. Guidera looks to decode the message and succeeds. He calls Sofia and informs her Assane contacted him and that he knows the location of the Black Pearl.

What happens at the meeting between Keller and Assane?

Sofia does not believe Guidera. She in turn informs Guidera that she got a tip about the Black Pearl and that a person named Keller has it. He somehow convinces Sofia to follow his lead.

Keller arrives at the meeting location and Assane is waiting for him there. Assane tells her that Manon betrayed Keller. He tells Keller to hand over the Black Pearl, but Keller attempts to hit Assane. As the police cars approach, Assane tells Keller that he has tipped them off already.

The scene cuts to 1998. Assane and Bruno are in shock and very injured. As the police cars approach, Assane puts the gun in Keller’s hand and leaves with Bruno. The detective tells an injured Keller that he will face 25 years in prison.

Back to the present, Assane and Keller are arguing over that 1998 robbery. Keller holds a grudge against Assane for running away. Assane says they were just kids and yet he used them. Meanwhile, the police storm the place.

Where is the Black Pearl?

Assane asks Keller to hand over the Black Pearl and he eventually does so. As Keller leaves,  he is surrounded by the police. Keller says that Assane has the pearl now, but Guidera runs over to find Assane and sees him standing and surrendering.

Guidera asks Assane about the pearl. In a short flashback, it is revealed that Assane lied to two women that he got stood up and hands over a rose to them. Bruno intercepts the women and asks for the rose. He says he was the date but he missed him. As it turns out, the Black Pearl is in the rose!

In 1998, Assane calls Claire from a local pub. He apologises to her and asks her to come away with him. She waits for him. The scene changes to the present. Claire, Mariama, Raoul and J’Accuse are waiting for Assane. 

How does Lupin season 3 end?

Assane tells Claire through a letter that he has turned himself to the police. He hopes that she and Raoul would lead a good life without him. He expresses his regrets in the letter.

Assane turns himself in, and agrees to a confession but puts forth three conditions. One is to release Ben, second is to give him a letter and the third is something to read while in prison.

A warden hands an envelope to Assane, which happens to be from a prisoner few cells away. The envelope contains a few lines from one of Lupin’s stories. The man is one of the main victims of Assane’s past robberies.

The Episode Review

One good thing about a thriller show is that it gives you ample satisfaction of indulging in a chase and reaching a thrilling conclusion. As Season 3 of Lupin comes to a close, it tied up several loose ends but it also leaves in its wake a whole new story to explore.

The cryptic lines at the end are quite the plot twist and so was the old prisoner. It was thrilling from start to finish and it quite a delight to see Assane play his tricks one last time before turning himself in. Will there be more to come? We’ll have to wait and see!

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