Lupin – Season 3 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Chapter 6

Ben is still in prison as episode 6 of Lupin season 3 begins. He receive a phone from Assane, and Ben informs Assane that Claire knows that he’s alive. Assane tells Ben about his own mother’s kidnapper.

Assane reassures Ben that he will take care of the situation, but in a burst of anger, Assane takes his research map off the board, leaving only Keller’s photo behind.

Manon is also in prison and being interrogated by Sofia. When Sofia shows her Assane’s photo, Manon says that police might be desperate to investigate after a dead guy. Sofia then shows Guidera’s photo, which makes the other detective change her stance. Manon notices this change.

The man with the money bag in the last episode reports to Keller about the latest development. It is also revealed that the money was fake. Keller asks where Claire works and orders to kill her.

The scene cuts to 1998. Bruno and Assane are watching a match when someone knocks on the door. It is Claire. She says Bruno called her with news that Assane wants to see her, but Bruno had lied. Claire prepares to leave unless Assane apologises. He does and asks her to come in.

The scene changes to the present where Claire feels that someone is following her. Someone actually is, as it turns out, and that person is Keller’s henchman. She orders a taxi and calls Alex to bring Raoul home.

Raoul says maybe Assane sent the person. Claire asks Alex to check the house and then makes some pasta for dinner. After dinner Raoul reminds Claire about the sneakers. 

Alex and Claire have a dialogue about Assane and how he and Alex are different. Claire is also worried that they might be followed to Raoul’s game. Alex reassures her. She almost kisses him but he rejects Claire advances. 

Alex reminds Claire to lock the doors and windows and set up the alarm. Claire says she doesn’t know how it works and Alex offers to set it up for her. The code is 1864.

Guidera comes to his office and finds Sofia there. Sofia tells him that she knows Guidera worked with Assane. Guidera summarises his plan and is also dejected that Assane escaped again.

Sofia is clearly agitated. She tells Guidera that he actually admires Assane as Lupin. Guidera says she can arrest him if she wants to, and the discord between them is clearly visible. She warns him to inform the next time Assane makes any contact and leaves.

Keller asks his henchman if Claire saw him and she confirms. The henchman says that she will be on her guard. Assane’s mother tries to break free from the cable tie and succeeds. She overhears Keller telling his henchman to kill her the next day. As a result, Assane’s mother attempts to escape from the window.

Raoul is preparing for his match and looking for his bottle. He asks Claire who proceeds to check the fridge. She finds the ketchup bottle inverted and kept, just like Assane does. She connects the dots.

Raoul asks if Assane will be at the game tonight, and Claire says she is not sure. Keller sees the window open and thinks that Assane’s mother has escaped but she was infact hiding under the bed.

After Keller leave, she goes down the stairs and walks out. She fakes an emergency and steals a man’s wallet. There is small flashback from the previous episode when teenage Assane had seen his mother’s postcard from Senegal.

Assane’s mother reaches Assane’s old residence but the new tenant slams the door in her face. Claire goes out and receives a phone call from Alex. She tells him that she is allowed to move on regardless if Assane is alive or dead.

Assane (Alex) is watching Claire from afar and sees a man follow her. She informs him that she is at the mall to buy Raoul new shoes and he guides her to a quick exit from that floor. The two continue their small talk, while Assane still has his eyes on Keller’s henchman following Claire.

He asks Claire to exit the mall and go to another store. He stays on the line while she does and helps her navigate. While at the mall, Assane sneaks in a piece of clothing to the henchman’s pockets. When the henchman begins to leave, the security are alerted of a theft. 

The scene cuts to 1998 at Bruno’s house. The trio are celebrating the win when Mrs Fouchard knocks on the door for a surprise inspection. Keller arrive in time and she leaves without any problem. Keller lashes out at Bruno and leaves in anger.

Back to the present, the henchman goes to Keller with another news of a failure. Keller pushes him out the window of Mariama’s (Assane’s mother) room, thus severely injuring the henchman. Mariama find Fleur’s article and reaches The Objector office to talk to her in private.

Cut to 1998, Keller takes Assane and Bruno to plan on a robbery at a jewellery store. They did it once in the past and Keller is taking full benefit of the duo’s dependency on him.

In the present, the police investigate the henchman’s accident. He inform the detective about Keller and the fact that Keller stole the Black Pearl as well.

Fleur calls Guidera and informs him that Assane is alive. She also tells him that his mother is in Paris and has asked her to set up a meeting with her son ‘at the place where the gentleman listens to his favourite song’. She gives this tip to Guidera to follow up on.

Assane sees the message in the newspaper. Guidera figures the place while Assane prepares for his meeting with his mother. Raoul and his team are allowed to play with their coach absent, but the boys are dejected that Alex did not show up. They decide to forfeit but Raoul brings up their enthusiasm.

The game is underway. Guidera calls Sofia about the message for Assane and asks for her help, but she does not trust him and cuts the call.

Guidera heads to the location, and so does Assane. However, Assane is in a disguise as an old man. He is walking up the steps when he hears a woman singing in opera notes. He is reminded of the time he heard opera on the radio with his father. He makes the connections that his mother was referring to the opera singer in the subway.

Guidera follows Assane but he is caught by the ticket checkers. Assane spots the opera singer and his mother, but Guidera sees Assane on the other side of the platform, getting into the metro that has just arrived.

Claire sets up her house alarm and is retiring for the night as the episode comes to a close. However, Keller breaks the lock and enters the house.

The Episode Review

Well, Jean Luc Keller is growing dangerous by the minute. With Assane (and Alex) away, how will Claire manage to safeguard herself and her son? We are just one episode away from the finale and it looks like there will be a lot to take in as the season comes to a conclusion. 

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