Lupin – Season 3 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Chapter 4

The bald woman (whom we saw earlier talking to Assane’s mother) takes the Manet painting and heads to her apartment as episode 4 of Lupin season 3 begins. However, she finds it suspicious when the lights don’t work. 

She is ambushed by Assane Diop who asks her to call her boss. The woman calls Assane’s mother instead, who gives him a new mission. The ones who told him to get the Manet painting ask to steal a bracelet.

The bracelet’s highlight is the clasp but not its jewels and Ben says it is very complex. Assane asks Ben to make a replica but he’s reluctant to do so. Assane plays an emotional card and Ben eventually agrees.

The next scene shows Assane disguised as Alex and meeting Claire. She asks him if he can share with her whatever Raoul tells him. They agree to be friends.

Back at the hospital, the staff begin searching for Dr Vernes, the guy who identified Diop’s body. The police had asked for a record of people with access to Diop’s body and Dr Vernes is nowhere to be found in the data.

Back in Ben’s workshop, Ben is working on the fake bracelet while Diop runs down the security measures that would be in place. He does find a way in as one of the employees tending to the estate.

Diop crosses paths with two other workers at the estate and takes them for a ride with his made up stories. He takes up on being a coatroom assistant and goes on to narrate his plan for the heist.

The scene goes back to 1998 at Keller’s boxing club. Assane flirts with Manon but Bruno is jealous of Assane. In the present, Fleur calls Claire back and asks Fleur why she was questioned about Assane’s death.

Fleur asks Claire to meet for an interview but Claire declines. Alex (Assane) overhears the conversation but feigns ignorance. He also says that if Claire won’t move on then neither will Raoul. Claire is annoyed and she leaves with Raoul.

Claire find’s Raoul’s research on Lupin and Assane’s disappearance, while the scene cuts back to 1998 where we see Keller calling Bruno and telling him to pay 5,000 since Assane has kept the bar high. Bruno is visibly jealous and agitated about Keller favouring Assane. Keller announces a fight in the ring between Bruno and Assane.

Back in the present, Ben and Assane are still practising to steal the bracelet. He sets up a remote transmitter in the house of the person responsible for taking coats from the gala attendees.

Claire visits the same library that Raoul did and engages in small talk with the librarian. She finds The Objector there with the latest Assane aka Lupin story. Interestingly, Fleur and Guidera chat over the same story. She invites him for dinner and Sofia immediately makes the connection that Guidera is the one who revealed the latest information to Fleur.

Claire dons a disguise at the library and starts her search in the Lupin section for the Edith Swanneck book. Two girls pick the book and Claire decides to steal it from them.

Ben is successful in making the replica of the bracelet and Assane begins his practise. Ben and Assane go over the plan again.

The preparations for the gala are underway. The person whose house Assane rigged is in a problem. He finds the envelope Assane handed over to be filled with cash.

The gala begins but Assane is unable to retrieve the bracelet. One of the staff members asks who Ben and Assane are and where is Gerard (the person with the rigged house).

Assane, disguised as Cornelius, hands over Gerard’s resignation to the staff member. It is revealed that Assane got Gerard’s sign as a copy when he got Gerard to sign the delivery papers.

Assane once again weaves the magic of his confident words and the staff member leaves.

In the present, the bald black woman from earlier makes a comeback. At the coat checkout, Assane manages to take the bracelet but it drops down and makes a sound. Ben picks it up but everyone turns around to see. He runs away quickly, just as the scene cuts to one week ago when Assane’s mother is reading him the next mission. She reveals that the people who ordered the robbery want the thief to be caught. But he won’t be the thief in this case, Ben will be. 

Just then Sofia and Guidera receive a tip about the burglary. The tip also mentions who will be stealing. It is Ben. Assane’s orders were that he should betray Ben and make an escape. 

The scene cuts to 1998 when Assane’s limits and his loyalty towards his friend are tested with Bruno just like they are currently being tested with Ben. But Assane has a plan for Ben’s escape already. The two would escape together after Ben crosses the hedge maze.

The one who ordered the robbery says that he wants to hurt Assane. The robberies are just secondary. When Assane joined as the land’s caretaker, he got the hedge maze changed to his liking. He blocks Ben’s escape, and police arrest him.

The bald woman gets the fake bracelet Ben attached to the drone, while in 1998, Assane defeats Bruno. Alex (Assane) calls Claire and tells her that he lied to her. And also apologised to Claire.

Assane is heartbroken after betraying Ben. Claire receives a call from Catherine from the hospital. Catherine tells her that there was no Dr Vernes. Claire connects the dots finally, just as the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

Well, losing a friend always hurts and it hurts even more when you have to betray them. Assane, despite all his flaws, was between a rock and a hard place. He chose the hard place and betrayed Ben just to keep his mother safe.

It is funny how life events repeats in one’s life sometimes. It feels like life is just testing us to see if we learnt anything from those past lessons, don’t you think? We are just three episodes away from the finale and it does not look like the adrenaline is stopping anytime soon!

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  1. Why does Ben have no mustache in the mansion at the start of the party, but then has it after the theft as he’s running through the maze?

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