Love With Flaws – Episodes 17 & 18 Recap & Review

The Love Triangle

Love With Flaws has had quite the bumpy ride so far and at the halfway point of the show, I’m still not 100% sure what the end-game is here. With snippets of a love triangle on the horizon and no real clue over what Jang-Mi is really doing, especially given she’s starting to impersonate Seo-Yeon, Love With Flaws is still enjoyable but is unlikely to be one you’ll return to in a hurry when you’re done.

We begin the episodes with Kang’s kiss, which causes Seo-Yeon to keep her eyes wide open. As he heads back to the hotel, Min-Hyeok happens to be in his room and he confronts Kang, questioning whether he should keep his connections to Shinwa Food a secret. Meanwhile at the airport, Mi-Kyung learns of Hyun-Soo’s connection to HS Entertainment and tries to hide her admiration, watching as he struggles with her case and offers her a ride home.

Min-Hyeok visits Seo-Yeon at her room and she invites him in. Only, he decides against it and after grabbing her arm, quickly stops as he realizes what he’s doing. Outside, Kang Woo and Min-Hyeok both find themselves trying to win Seo-Yeon’s affection, who’s saved by Mi-Kyung who arrives and levels things out. During dinner tensions flare up as Hyun Soo watches jealously from the window while Kang and Seo-Yeon head outside to discuss what’s going on. After dancing around the kiss they shared, they head back inside and to their separate rooms, where Mi-Kyung guesses that Kang and her kissed, leading to a big dilemma on our leading lady’s hands.

Kang-Woo heads to HS Entertainment with Mi-Kyung the next day where she helps out getting the team up to scratch. As fate would have it, both the HS Entertainment group and the school kids are forced to share a coach home; Kang Woo and Min-Hyeok drawing the short straws and forced to sit together.

Seo-Joon and Joo-Hee end up talking too after he hilariously gets her attention, before they stop the bus momentarily for a stop. There, Seo-Yeon stops Kang from kissing her, only he never intended to and instead plucks a twig from her hair. As he walks away, we see his feelings and confidence for her begin to grow, while Seo-Yeon isn’t so sure on hers.

Back at school, Seo-Yeon and Kang finally talk together properly, where Seo-Yeon discusses what happened in the past regarding the accident and how much of an impact it’s having on her life right now. Soon after, Kang-Woo heads off and speaks to Dr Kim about his situation while Mi-Kyung heads to Seo-Yeon’s and sees Jang-Mi dressed just like her friend. Despite hr suspicions, she finds herself obsessed with eating the girl’s food and thinks little of it.

Back home, the real Seo-Yeon admires Min-Hyeok being able to pat the vicious cat outside where he hands her a special gift. He goes on to ask if anyone’s home and when she says yes, tells her he’ll get too excited if he heads in with her and declines the invitation. Questioning whether he’s a real man or not, he drives away while Seo-Yeon eats the food herself alone.

As the episode closes out, Seo-Yeon’s brothers find themselves caught up in romantic situations while Kang-Woo starts sketching again. Seo-Yeon meanwhile admits that she feels nothing for Kang-Woo to Mi-Kyung while Min-Hyeok arrives at Kang’s and tells him he likes Seo-Yeon. This inevitably starts up their rivalry as they fight for Seo-Yeon’s affection where we leave the episode.

Given that Seo-Yeon felt nothing for Kang-Woo after kissing him I really hope Min-Hyeok and Seo-Yeon wind up together as they make a really cute couple. His shyness compliments Seo-Yeon nicely and if I’m honest, there’s just no chemistry between Kang-Woo and Seo-Yeon. Having said that though, the show is finally settling into a decent comedic groove and there were a few genuinely funny moments that had me laughing out loud. Thankfully the early toilet humour is nowhere in sight but despite this, the show feels pretty cliched and revels in all the usual Korean drama tropes you’d expect. Well, it looks like we’ve got a love triangle on our hands now!


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