Love With Flaws – Episodes 15 & 16 Recap & Review

The Love Triangle

Love With Flaws has had quite the rocky run so far. This time around though, the show doubles down on its drama and starts to weave deeper ties of romance into the story. It’s a pretty important occurrence too, especially given all the misunderstandings that dominated the early parts of this show.

After apologizing, the episodes open with Seo Yeon slapping Kang and running away, prompting Kang to run after her. However she’s too fast so he heads home and rehearses what to say to her when they meet again, prompting Hyun Soo to comment that he’s too clingy.

The next day Seo Yeon avoids Kang-Woo and, sensing something’s up, Min-Kyeong suggests spending some time together, leading her to email over the scheduled report for Kang and stay with the school doctor instead.

Kang and Seo-Yeon avoiding one another doesn’t last long, as Kang makes his way to her house and tells her he just wanted to see her. On his way out the door, he runs into Seo-Joon and calls him handsome. Eventually, Kang and Seo Yeon do sit down together and talk properly, getting everything out in the open and leaving no stone unturned. All the misunderstandings are resolved but she tells him she can’t date him because he’s handsome.

Kang Woo shouts over the loudspeaker at school the next day for Seo-Joon to come to his office, where he tells him he’s going to make his life pure torment. After visiting her other two brothers, Kang heads home and wallows in pity with Mr Potato.

Meanwhile, Joo-Hee gets her report card through and the tutoring has worked – the grades are up and better than before. However, she holds off telling Seo Yeon about Soo-Joon’s outburst in the dark.

Kang and Min-Hyeok then head off and have a family dinner, where Kang encourages him to speak to their grandma about how he really feels. After a drunken phone call to Kang, Seo-Yeon causes havoc at the bar but as she doesn’t remember anything the next day, she acts normally.

It’s here she finds out from Min-Kyeong that he’s Kang’s cousin. Only, she already knew. It turns out she found out the day of the date. He smiles and thanks her for not acting any differently upon hearing the news.

Things finally seem to be on the up with Kang too, as Seo Yeon meets him and the two go on out for food together in the evening. After discussing the past and having a laugh together, Seo Yeon heads home only to find Jang-Mi waiting on her doorstep. Seo Yeon invites her in and lets her stay.

At school the next day, Kang tags along to the school trip and arranges alternative accommodation after feeling the first place was a little too run-down. Later that day, Seo Yeon heads down to the beach and splashes in the water. Kang rushes in after and wraps his jacket around her, going on to tell her not to change. As he rests his head on her shoulder, she stands motionlessly as Min-Hyeok watches from afar. Heartbroken, he heads back to the hotel and makes a phone call, telling them he’ll take the job offer.

As the episode closes out, Seo Yeon confronts Kang over him caring about her so instead he approaches her, covers her eyes and kisses her tenderly.

With far more direction this time around and a more consistent approach to the romance during these two episodes, Love With Flaws finally appears to be moving into love triangle territory. While the opening few episodes may have put some people off with its abundance of toilet humour, the show feels a lot more consistent with its comedy now.

I love the quirky sound effects and the opening scene involving Seo-Yeon running away after the slap was pretty humorous and certainly sets the scene for the rest of the episode to follow. The ending leaves things hanging in the balance too and quite what direction this romantic comedy will go next remains to be seen.

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