Love To Hate You – Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

A Passionate Goodbye

What happens at the party? How do the two couples react to the scandal?

After the news of Mi-ran being promiscuous is leaked, Na-eun arrives at the party. The group decides to end the gathering and Na-eun urges to take Mi-ran home. Kang-ho wants to be with Mi-ran because he knows she will worry. The four decide to camp out together for that night and think about ways how to handle this controversy about Mi-ran.

When they arrive at Kang-ho’s house, it is mobbed by reporters which is why the four go to Mi-ran and Na-eun’s house to crash for the night. The four get drunk and try to avoid talking about the scandal. Na-eun and Won-jun have a chat about their situation but do not come to any conclusion.

Won-jun realises things won’t materialise and gives up on trying to make things right with Na-eun. Mi-ran and Kang-ho are in her room. The couple avoids talking about the rumour and tries to sleep but it is certain that both of them are worried.

Mi-ran thinks about Kang-ho’s passion for acting. Outside, Na-eun covers Won-jun with a blanket when she thinks he is sleeping but he is awake and realizes Na-eun still likes him.

What happens with Mi-ran at work?

The next day, Mi-ran is on her way to work when Kang-ho’s fans bully her and throw eggs at her. The incident turns into a fight and the fans call Mi-ran a temporary part of Kang-ho’s life. To add on to that, Mi-ran gets yelled at by her boss for messing up and causing a controversy involving a top-star client.

They threaten to fire Mi-ran. On the side, Won-jun is working on sorting things out from Kang-ho’s side. Mi-ran and Kang-ho decide to talk about the situation. They chat over a meal Kang-ho had prepared for the couple and after the meal, they arrive at a consensus that the right thing to do is break up.

Kang-ho offers to quit acting but they know how passionate he is about the profession. Mi-ran and Kang-ho share that they have broken up. While the fans and everyone else are happy about Kang-ho’s freedom, the actor is holed up in his house and won’t meet anyone.

Do Mi-ran and Kang-ho break up?

Seeing how Kang-ho is in pain, Won-jun checks up on the actor. After Won-jun leaves Kang-ho’s room, Mi-ran springs out from under his blanket. As it turns out, the couple had faked a break-up and were hiding the fact that they were still seeing each other.

The two want to go out to eat and decide to use dust masks to hide out on a dinner date. After dinner, they go to the karaoke bar. Meanwhile, Na-eun and Won-jun meet for drinks as friends. The two are clearly in love with each other but Na-eun is hiding her feelings well. Won-jun on the other hand is miserable.

The people at the Karaoke bar take the light of Mi-ran and Kang-ho’s presence and a mob of fans gather around the place. They catch the couple leaving the place together and make a scene. Fans of Kang-ho confront Mi-ran for being promiscuous in her dating life.

Mi-ran tries to defend herself by asking how she did the wrong thing when she dated many people to find the right one. She asks them how she was in the wrong for being careful in settling down with a partner. This incident leads to an even bigger scandal which causes Mi-ran’s father to kick her mother out of the house.

Won-jun is disappointed in Kang-ho for lying to him and is heartbroken when the actor suggests he will quit acting for Mi-ran. Soo-jin and Mi-ran are out having lunch when they hear about Kang-ho’s press conference. At the conference, Kang-ho tells the reporters and his friends that he loves Mi-ran and will be marrying her.

What does Mi-ran do at the conference? How is the scandal resolved?

At the same time Mi-ran arrives at the conference and rejects the actor, breaking up their relationship for good. However, following this incident, the public has started thinking about Mi-ran in a different light. Younger people are more accepting of Mi-ran’s dating philosophy while many others still hate her due to her controversy.

After the break-up, Mi-ran is miserable and falls sick. She dearly misses Kang-ho but Na-eun tends to her, trying to get her to recover. During this time, Na-eun is shocked to see Mi-ran cry for the first time in her life. Mi-ran is having a hard time getting over the break-up and she gazes over billboards of Kang-ho on the street.

One day, Mi-ran is at work when she sees a new live interview from the same gossip channel. Mi-ran’s ex boyfriend and colleague, Jin-suh shows up to interview with the gossip channel. However, he has a video play where women talk about how Mi-ran dated all those men to teach them a lesson.

The scandal has finally been resolved and the public opinion of Mi-ran has changed already. Everyone loves Mi-ran who has become a hero for the women. However, despite this good news, Mi-ran tells Na-eun that Kang-ho hadn’t called her. The roommate asks Mi-ran to call him instead.

Do Mi-ran and Kang-ho get back together? Do Won-jun and Kang-ho make up?

Mi-ran learns that Kang-ho is over her from the conversation but the actor states that he was waiting for her outside her building. The two meet up and Kang-ho teases Mi-ran into thinking that he was over her already as revenge for rejecting his proposal. After a breakdown, Kang-ho and Mi-ran get together.

Mi-ran’s help leads to Soo-jin’s scandal being resolved with her coming out victorious against the gossip channel. Mi-ran and colleagues attend the movie premiere for Kang-ho and Se-na’s movie. At the screening, Won-jun shows up but it seems that the tension between him and Kang-ho has still not been resolved.

From his conversation with Grace, Kang-ho learns that Won-jun was making a movie but he hadn’t asked Kang-ho to be a part of. Kang-ho is hurt but Won-jun leaves to go sit beside Na-eun. During the movie, sparks fly between the two and the movie has everyone emotional.

What happens to Na-eun and Won-jun? How does Love To Hate You End?

After the screening is over, Won-jun rolls up outside the theatre in a limousine. He makes a grand gesture, to embarrass himself but and proposes to Na-eun. After some coaxing, she accepts the proposal. Kang-ho mentions how he must really love Na-eun because the CEO hated embarrassing himself.

Finally, Kang-ho and Mi-ran take a walk down a park where he asks her what her plans about getting married were. Mi-ran claims that she does not believe in marriage as a culture and states that she will never be getting married. As the walk down the park, the two bicker about having kids and marriage.

Some time later, Na-eun and Mi-ran are out late in the night when two pervert old men evetease the women. Na-eun tries to calm Mi-ran about it and luckily, they avoid conflict. Won-jun and Kang-ho appear and shush the men away.

Kang-ho looks satisfied that Mi-ran didn’t beat them up but only seconds later, to his surprise, the woman runs behind the men to beat them to a pulp. Kang-ho has to run after the speed running woman to stop her from causing chaos yet again.

The Episode Review

The show has finally come to an end and there is nothing extremely bad about it. The K-drama is going viral on the internet and there is pretty good reason why.

The show is so bingeworthy because it is hilarious and romantic, from the start to the finish. Aside from the accidental kiss between Won-jun and Kang-ho which has me wanting a BL drama with the two men, all the romantic scenes from the show gave me butterflies. I do not like the way the scandal was handled in the show and I also wish that Na-eun and Won-jun had a lot more time together because they do make one good-looking couple. All in all, the show was a pretty fun watch.

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