Lovestruck In The City – K-Drama Episode 16 Recap & Review

What’s Your Ideal Type Of Relationship?

Episode 16 of Lovestruck In The City begins with another big question – what’s your ideal type of relationship? All of our different characters chime in with their thoughts, including Geom who decides he still wants to date Seon-Yeong. He clearly still has feelings for her and decides to wait for her. She, on the other hand, is silent upon hearing Geom say these words.

Meanwhile, Jae-Won and Kyeong-Jun prepare for their meeting with Eun-O. They’re running late though and while she waits in the hallway, Eun-O psyches herself up, telling herself that she’s not stupid.

The meeting goes ahead and Eun-O seems taken aback by Jae-Won’s positivity. He likes the project and while he heads out to put the plan in action, Kyeong-Jun speaks to Eun-O casually, mentioning how she kept looking at him the entire time. Well, while Jae-Won is busy at work with clients, Eun-O heads out for pizza with her friends.

Eun-O is distracted though, especially given the necklace Jae-Won gave her, as she deliberates over whether this was an accident or a purposeful move on his part. Eun-O decides to phone Jae-Won to find out… who hangs up on her and refuses to answer.

At work the next day, Rin-I and Kyeong-Jun run into problems when Kyeong-Jun introduces Rin-I to his Uncle. He’s told him that Rin-I is preparing for grad school, lying about her part time jobs.

Rin-I struggles to keep those feelings in check while Jae-Won’s big speech to the investors prompts Eun-O to remember memories from their time together surfing. Fate has a funny way of bringing people together though, and in this instance it results in Jae-Won being drawn to the roof where Eun-O happens to be. At the same time, Rin-I and Kyeong-Jun drive Geom home but there’s so much tension in their car you could cut it with a knife.

After dropping him off, the two finally talk. Kyeong-Jun admits that he’s embarrassed about Rin-i’s occupation and struggles to admit the truth about her when people ask. He doesn’t like Rin-I’s lifestyle and believes she should go to grad school.

This cuts Rin-I deeply, who emotionally tells him he knows nothing about her. After all, she likes this minimalist lifestyle and doesn’t need lots of money to be happy. Kyeong-Jun is unhappy that people look down on Rin-I and admits that she can’t keep living this way.

Rin-I agrees with him… and makes a bold decision to break up. Lying to his Uncle is the final straw for her and she hurriedly leaves the car. Kyeong-Jun is understandably shocked and heartbroken, hanging his head in disbelief

Meanwhile, Jae-Won finds Eun-O up on the roof with the necklace in her hand. She admits she doesn’t know who she is and claims to still be a bit of mess. Despite all of this though, she asks if he’s still okay with them dating. Well, Jae-Won decides to do his best to explore who the real Eun-O is with her, standing by Eun-O’s side through thick and thin.

Gently taking the necklace out of her hand, Jae-Won puts it round her neck and the two kiss gently on the rooftop. However, they both admit that this feels like their first kiss, and I guess in a way it is! This seems to lift a weight from our characters, as they decide to become a couple for real this time.

As the episode closes though, the two kiss in the street while snow falls.

The Episode Review

With Jae-Won and Eun-O predictably get together again, the episode fragments itself between these two having their happy ending and both Kyeong-Jun and Rin-I breaking up. This does quite well to juxtapose the two storylines, especially during the final part involving Kyeong-Jun drunk and phoning Rin-I. This is quite reminiscent of Jae-Won’s moments in the past, especially when a man picks up Rin-I’s phone.

Their break-up has been coming for a while though to be honest, with Kyeong-Jun trying to ignore all of Rin-i’s little quirks and traits. These niggling issues have eventually built to intolerable levels that have torn this relationship apart.

It’s been a turbulent ride though but Lovestruck finally delivers some compelling drama matching some of the quirkiness it was graced with early on. The ending certainly leaves the door open for the finale next week!

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