Lovestruck In The City – K-Drama Episode 17 (Finale) Recap & Review

Winter, Midnight, Seoul

Episode 17 of Lovestruck In The City begins with Jae-Won and Eun-O drinking coffee together while watching the snow fall outside. The question during this final episode is “first” or, more specifically, what comes to mind when you think of the word “first.”

While most of our characters talk about their first loves and first kisses, Seon-Gyeom is genuinely surprised that she hasn’t experienced her first love yet. Hilariously, Eun-O’s first love happens to be Kang Geon. Seon-Gyeom is not happy when she finds out but does leave a message for Kang Geon, telling him to find someone kind.

At work, Eun-O overhears Hae-Na talking to her co-star Chi-Hun, who’s incredulous over the fact Hae-Na has never been kissed. He’s pretty sleazy in truth, telling her he’ll give her a great first kiss and asking whether she’s slept with anyone. Thankfully Eun-O bursts in and breaks the uncomfortable tension with a metaphorical knife.

In fact, Hae-Na disappears before filming starts. When Eun-O gets in her car, she finds Hae-Na hiding and agrees to keep her hidden for the time being. Eun-O drives her home where she’s reunited with policeman Dong-Sik. It’s an interesting way to introduce a new couple as they set about making dinner and eating together.

That evening, Jae-Won and Eun-O eat food of their own, where Jae-Won begins acting over the top, lavishing praise on Eun-o while a couple of school kids watch on disapprovingly.

Funnily enough, the two characters are interrupted by messages from their respective friends. Kyeung-Jun messages Jae-Won asking to go for a drink while Eun-O is asked to watch a movie with Rin-I. Both of them cancel though, leaving the pair to despair inside alone. However, Kang Geon messages and asks them both to show up… which they unfortunately don’t do. Poor Kang Geon!

Elsewhere, Dong-Sik and Hae-Na play games together…but both PlayStation controllers are switched off. (I know, I know, it’s a minor detail!) The pair spend more time together. Hae-Na hints that she wants to do more but he doesn’t take the hint.

Anyway, with Dong-Sik close to turning 30 he’s completely clueless over how much Hae-Na likes him. Anyway, they celebrate his birthday and he thanks her for coming over. Dong-Sik tells her not to come over again, as Hae-Na heads into the bathroom and brushes her teeth after eating cake.

She gets all dressed up, with Dong-Sik acting like a gentleman and walking her to the pick-up spot while giving her his coat. After allowing her a minute of his time, Hae-Na leans forward and kisses him. He seems pretty shocked though but kisses her back.

With Hae-Na’s first kiss all wrapped up, she feels more at ease on-set and finds herself smiling. Dong-Sik too heads home thoughtfully. As she does, all our characters say goodbye to one another, including our newest member of the group, Dong-Sik, who waves nervously.

The Episode Review

After a pretty brutal first half, Lovestruck In The City finally hits its stride toward the end with a compelling final episode that introduces two new characters in the wake of a possible second season.

With the renewal of Lovestruck In The City still unknown at this point, this intriguing Korean drama ends with lots of promise for the future but plenty of unresolved plot points too.

Kyeung-Jun and Rin-I’s relationship woes are still unresolved, while Kang Geon continues to feel like a third wheel in the midst of all this.

Meanwhile, Jae-Won’s story has pretty much been wrapped up now but still leaves question marks over the direction his pairing with Eun-O is likely to go.

Ironically, the more interesting pairing comes from Dong-Sik and Hae-Na, who are introduced in a really organic way, building off the previous episodes to deliver a nicely written and sweet sub-plot in the midst of all this drama.

While uneven and with a stronger second half, Lovestruck In The City has certainly been a unique k-drama offering.

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2 thoughts on “Lovestruck In The City – K-Drama Episode 17 (Finale) Recap & Review”

  1. I certainly enjoyed this series and watched it twice. It took me some time to get used to the different format of this K Drama , the fast pace , and the jumping from one character to the next in their interviews ; but on second viewing everything flows very smoothly and I am gripped by the characters , their views , and development of their relationship . As a fan of Ji Chang Wook I really admire his acting and was not disappointed in his performance . His anger , sensitivity , his pain all very well expressed and convincing . He and Kim Ji -won are the only couple left at the end with the promise of a wonderful second romantic relationship which is very satisfying . The other characters still have problems to resolve so a second series should attend to them . I did not want them to say ” goodbye ” at the end , I wanted them to stay and see more of them .

  2. The second half came to slow. The first half drug on questions unnecessarily slow. when the reasons were revealed they weren’t of significant weight to support such a criminal and painful series of events as a logical alternative to just explaining the truth and becoming happy.

    The last episode was the worst. For it to have any meaning at all depends completely on their being a second season. Without it it just whimpered and died as anticlimactic death as can be imagined.

    Last, does the so called organic introduction of the 2 new characters mean the writers have given up on the silly premise of a somehow simultaneous single interview process that just happens to allow people to answer the questions other people asked in their interviews as if it was a back and forth conversation?? Because the writing was more of a std Kdrama where it concerns them.

    The subject matter and the acting was interesting but Im not sure I need anymore of that format or poor pacing.

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