Lovers Of The Red Sky – K-Drama Episode 14 Recap & Review

A Shocking Death

Episode 14 of Lovers of the Red Sky returns to the Sealing Ceremony with Yangmyung making a big decision. He grabs the knife and stabs Ha-Ram in the back.

With everyone watching on, brilliant white light protrudes from the demon and blasts Yangmyung back. Now, the divine sword that’s wedged in Ha-Ram’s back has done enough to reseal the demon back inside Ha-Ram, subsequently healing the fatal wound and stopping him from causing havoc across the palace.

Prince Juhyang is absolutely livid and looks set to strike. Only, assassins suddenly race in and grab Ha-Ram helping to get him out in one piece before the Prince can strike. Juhyang does manage to knock off an arrow but instead of hitting Ha-Ram it looks set to strike Cheon-Ki. Only…Tiger Spirit jumps in and stops the arrow, saving the pair.

Needing to go into hiding, Cheon-Ki and Ha-Ram shack up with Mae-Hyang. At the same time, Juhyang stews in his anger and the betrayal thrust upon him, deciding they need another royal portrait – and Cheon-Ki is the one who can draw it for them. Now, there’s obviously something missing from the ceremony being complete and Wol Seon seems to know this too. Unfortunately, she’s lost her shaman powers thanks to a blow from the demon and finds herself pretty useless for what’s to follow.

However, Juhyang blames Yangmyung for what happened and decides to send him into exile. He’ll let him live but this is a fate worse than death. The Prince is obviously not of sane mind and he follows that up by shutting down the Painter’s Society and arresting them all. With 10 yang of silver as a reward, Ha-Ram and Cheon-Ki and also made public enemies number 1.

While in hiding, Ha-Ram and Cheon-Ki butt heads over the best way forward. Cheon-Ki refuses to give up hope of getting rid of the demon and tries to convince Ha-Ram to allow her to draw the King’s portrait again and try to put an end to this. However, Prince Juhyang tries to edge Cheon-Ki out of hiding by having Cheon-Ki’s father out, arrested but via the marketplace.

Mae-Hyang gets there first though and tells Cheon-Ki before Ha-Ram can warn her that this is a trap. Cheon-Ki hurries off alone to the marketplace to find her father.

Cheon-Ki inevitably walks right into Juhyang’s trap, who brings her in to the palace and demands that she draw the King’s portrait for him again. “Do not drive a nail in your coffin” He rasps, as Juhyang uses Cheon-Ki’s father as collateral damage to incentivize her. And if that wasn’t enough, Mi-So shows and reminds her that the Red Moon is coming in a few days and she needs to be done by then. Mi-Soo is curious about her eyes, realizing that she has the Demon’s, setting to work in trying to use this to her advantage.

That evening, Ha-Ram and his associates try to break in and escape with Cheon-Ki and her father. Unfortunately Juhyang was prepared for this and stops them in the courtyard.

Fighting inevitably breaks out between the two sides, with Juhyang even jumping in to get involved. With an arrow drawn, he strikes Cheon-Ki’s father straight in the back. Although Cheon-Ki and her father manage to get away, Mooyeong stays behind and sacrifices himself to buy them some time.

Sadly, Cheon-Ki’s father passes away. His final, dying breath; “Don’t paint the King’s portrait, you’ve suffered enough. You must survive, even when I’m not around,” He says, before passing away.

In the morning, Juhyang has all the Painter’s Society lined up on their knees. Publicly, he intends to execute them all. But for what crime? Well, following Yangmyung and Cheon-Ki. In fact, Juhyang claims that Yangmyung has been creating counterfeit portraits all this time because he wanted to be a Crown Prince. The other officials aren’t sure but they agree to go along with him all the same.

When Cheon-Ki finds out what’s about to happen, she’s distraught and is adamant that she needs to save the painters. If anything happens them she’ll blame herself and believes it’s her noble duty. Ha-Ram though knows this is all a play to bring Cheon-Ki out. After telling her to stay put, Ha-Ram heads out following a letter to meet the King in secret. He’s alive!

The Episode Review

With Juhyang irate over the failed Sealing Ceremony, it seems he will do anything to make sure he retrieves the demon inside him. It’s a big power play that obviously ties into Juhyang’s desire to be the king. With Seongjo presumed to be out of commission it gives him the perfect opportunity to exert his power. But yet, the King is still alive and now that he’s awake, it would appear as if Juhyang’s claim to power is over.

With the painters captured and Cheon-Ki’s father killed, our protagonist has certainly been through a helacious ordeal this episode. As the chapter comes to a close, it seems to hint that Cheon-Ki has actually gone off and faced Juhyang herself but we’ll have to wait and see what next week brings us.

However, most of the episode focuses on everything built up for the final two chapters of the show, with plenty to play for and the fate of Ha-Ram, the demon and our other characters still on the line. Roll on next week for the finale!

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  1. Wow, what is so shocking is how the 2nd brother is so hungry for power that he is willing to and want the demon to live in him. I’m like you are already a demon of your own and adding the evil of the powerful demon that lives in Scholar Ha is testament of a man that will definitely destroy the kingdom and himself in the end.

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