Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – Season 3 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Ghost Song-Won?!

Episode 7 of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) starts with Si-Eun visiting Hae-Ryun and dropping off more food. She’s not happy about him stopping by their apartment and upsetting U-Ram, given his condition. With the place a mess, Si-Eun offers to clean up but he rejects her offer.

When Si-Eun heads home, she talks up Hae-Ryun to her kids and claims he’s doing better now. However, she also broaches the idea of marriage too. U-Ra is not too happy, but Hyang-Ki tries to talk him around, bringing up Si-Eun’s happiness as a deciding factor in this. Hyang-Ki believes they make a great couple but for U-Ram, he can’t help but feel bad for Hae-Ryun.

Hyang-Ki points out that their father has made his bed and now needs to sleep in it, given it’s his fault their family has fallen apart completely.

Hae-Ryun just can’t take no for an answer and after recovering from his palsy, heads to the department store and decides to buy an outfit “for his wife.” Funnily enough, Seo-Ban and Si-Eun happen to be in the same store, unaware of what he’s doing.

Meanwhile, Pi-Young is still hung up over her kiss with creepy Dong-Ma. Apparently she’s actually quite taken with him, and she takes this feeling with her when she meets her producer later on in the day.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t have good news for her. He wants her to take a break as he needs to freshen things up on-air and believes ditching her is the best way of doing that. Han Gyeong-A is the woman due to take over as Pi-Young is urged to take a year off.

When Pi-Young catches up with the girls, they both reflect on the unfairness of it all. However, Hye-Ryung and Si-Eun both discuss how handsome Dong-Ma is, leaving Pi-Yung unusually (and understandably) quiet.

Pi-Young then heads home and speaks to Ji-A. She admits she doesn’t feel any love for Yu-Shin anymore and there’s no chance they will get together again. After kissing Dong-Ma it seems to have awoken something that’s lay dormant inside her for so long. Kissing and hugging Yu-Shin hasn’t actually brought this same feeling back. She hopes that Ji-A will maturely accept this.

Meanwhile, Moon-ho opens up to Hye-Ryung and suggests she get back with Sa-Hyun and become a happy couple again. She’s not exactly thrilled with the idea and points out that she has no feelings for him anymore. She does, however, have feelings for their baby and how he’s raised. For now, she drops off a present and heads home.

On the way out the building, she passes Sa-Hyun who completely blanks her. Hye-Ryung scoffs, reassuring herself that there’s no way she’d get back with him.

Up until this point, Yu-Shin has done a good job shielding Ji-A from discovering he’s dating A-Mi. However, that all changes at the bookstore. Ji-A notices the pair together and eventually confronts A-Mi herself when she’s alone.

As they sit together, A-Mi admits who she is and her ties to Yu-Shin. She even suggest they could be sisters but that only riles up Ji-A further. Eventually A-Mi admits that she’s in love with Yu-Shin. It’s here she realizes that her father has betrayed the family, so Ji-A tells her to pass the message on to Yu-Shin that she hopes he has a nice life. As she says the words, Ji-A stands up and leaves.

It’s two days off from Christmas day and Moon-Ho decides to get the place all set up and prepped for the festive holiday. However in the wake of all this, Hae-Ryun stops by with his gift for Si-Eun, sitting the family down and deciding that he wants everything to go back to how it was before.

Hae-Ryun begs for forgiveness from his kids and Si-Eun, promising to do whatever he can to gain her forgiveness. It’s incredibly selfish and unfair to the kids too, who sit in stunned silence. When Si-Eun heads out with Hae-Ryun for coffee, she breaks the news that she’s getting married to Seo-Ban.

Hye-Ryung heads over to Sa-Hyun’s place with a gift for the baby. She drops it off and but in doing so, the baby is fussing so Hye-Ryung heads in to tend to him. In doing so, she notices the ghost of Song-Won by the end of the bed. Wait, have we got ANOTHER ghost now?!

The Episode Review

So Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) blasts back on our screens again with another indifferent slice of drama, throwing up the subject of Hae-Ryun trying to win Si-Eun back. Thankfully she’s kicked him to the curb and it serves him right. In fact, it serves all the cheaters right.

With no Dong-Ma this time, it seems we’re actually leaning into the bizarre idea that Pi-Young is taken with him and enjoyed being stalked by him at the fairground. Well, each to their own I guess.

The writing on this show has been bad most of the way through to be fair and the ending here seems to hint that we’re going to get another classic ghost story, with Ga-Bin returning from the dead to haunt the family.

Beyond that, there’s really not a whole lot else to sink your teeth into, leaving a somewhat forgettable episode that really doesn’t add very much substance to this one.

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  1. Moon Sung Ho…Seo Ban and Jeon Soo Kyung Lee Shi Eun. Those two are great together. Perfect Match! I hope the writer’s won’t rude to the characters!

    And these two Bu Bae and Park Joo Mi are great too!

  2. Hey guys, 100% messed up the names there, I’m so sorry! I’ve just gone in and corrected that now so it should read properly now. Thanks for the correction, really appreciate the heads up!

    -Greg W

  3. I think you mixed up their names. FYI the baby’s mother is Song Won. So the “ghost” you are referring to is Song Won not Ga Bin.

  4. Correction : Ga bin is not dead; she is Dong Ma’s ex girlfriend and the ex girlfriend of u ram ‘s dad. Song won is the ghost now 🤣
    I do like this episode: we get to see everyone and yes pi young finally told her daughter about her divorce but I am confused with the age of the baby. Was the baby born during the summer ? It is December now and he is only 2 months old .

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