Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – Season 2 Episode 8 Recap & Review

The Doctor Will See You Now

Episode 8 of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) Season 2 begins with Hye-Ryung berating Song Won and Sa-Hyun for what they’ve done. She demands Song Won explain everything, including the gym and exact moments they started talking.

Even worse, she spies the ring which Sa-Hyun claims was a partying gift for Song Won. Sa-Hyun goes on to admit that this is hard on everyone and nonchalantly tells his wife they should end it.

Hye-Ryung slaps her husband in the face multiple times until Song Won finally speaks up. Only, her words are all a big vision. The show pulls another Twilight on us, especially after Song Won reveals her true, despicable feelings. The gist of this is that Hye-Ryung brought this upon herself for not being completely infatuated and loving with Sa-Hyun. Sorry Song Won, I guess some women actually want to have a career and be strong, aspirational leaders.

Anyway, in reality Song Won apologizes and admits she’s only met Sa-Hyun’s parents three or four times. As if that’s any better. She’s sorry for causing this mess and hangs her head in shame. As she leaves, Sa-Hyun’s parents do too, comforting the woman who’s broken up this marriage.

Cowardly Sa-Hyun walks off too and finds himself conflicted over what to do. He can’t speak to his wife and eventually sits in silence, deciding he has to sort out files on his computer. Moon-ho does message Hye-Ryung though, letting her know she needs to eat in order to fight back. This sees both Hye-Ryung and Sa-Hyun sitting together and sharing a meal.

Meanwhile, Dong-Mi cooks up poison for Pi-Young, just like she did with her husband. However, Yu-Shin rings and distracts Pi-Young from drinking the poisoned liquid. She hurries off and picks him up, where they arrive at Gangnam Hotel for a romantic evening.

In the morning, Yu-Shin does his rounds at hospital. Only, among those in attendance is A-Mi who was obviously brought in last episode. Yu-Shin has her moved to a vacant single room. Thanks to this, he ends up late again at work and bails on dinner.

Meanwhile, Seo-Hyang collapses prompting Pi-Young to hurry into hospital to make sure she’s okay. Of course, the same hospital that Yu-Shin is already at and caring for A-Mi.

Pi-Young wanders the hallways and notices Yu-Shin and A-Mi together, hugging in one of the VIP rooms. As she collapses to the ground, Yu-Shin notices his wife and hurries to help her. She passes out, prompting Yu-Shin to rush Pi-Young into a room next to her Mother. When she awakens, she immediately questions Yu-Shin over A-Mi.

The Episode Review

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) returns with another tepid chapter, this time with some contrived drama thrown in to try and spice things up. The uncomfortable way Hye-Ryung is made out to be the big villain, along with the atrocious editing for the fake-out scene with Song Won, is a serious disappointment.

This whole affair didn’t have the fireworks we were expecting, beyond Sa-Hyun receiving five slaps. Personally I think he should have received fifty but there we go. It’s really uncomfortable seeing Moon-Ho and Ye-Jun standing by Song Won’s side though and okay sure, she’s giving them a grandson but there’s no remorse or ill-will toward her.

Meanwhile, Pi-Young looks close to uncovering the truth about A-Mi but I’d imagine Yu-Shin will weasel out of this again.

Then you have Ki-Rim making his scheduled useless appearance while Dong-Mi continues to poison to try and win over Yu-Shin.

In the end though, the show has too many characters and not enough panache in the writer’s room. There are a litany of other shows that manage to portray affairs and complicated relationships in a far more dramatic and engaging way than whatever the heck this show is trying to be. And that’s before mentioning the atrocious editing.

The fact it’s now taken essentially 24 hours (if you include the first season) to reach this point for a lousy pay-off is testament to the poor writing and pacing.

Let’s hope next week is an improvement but hey, don’t hold your breath given what we’ve seen thus far.

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5 thoughts on “Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – Season 2 Episode 8 Recap & Review”

  1. to be fair Sa hyun wasn’t being treated well by Hye Ryung its understandable she wanted to focus on her career and not be a housewife but when your married you still have other responsibilities and duties as a wife wouldn’t hurt her to care for her husband she also said yes into marrying him wouldn’t kill her to cook breakfast at-least now and then and if she hadn’t body shamed Sa hyun in the first place making him go to the gym when he already has a good build for a man he wouldn’t have had the affair in the first place. Im not defending Sa hyun yes he’s a jerk for cheating on her but if your un happy with the way your wife treats you what are you supposed just take it like men don’t have feelings . He confided in Song won all she did at first was help him stay in his marriage he apologised to Hye Ryung brought her flowers treated her with respect and what did she do yell at him hit him make him feel like he was a bad husband like she made him sleep on the couch when he got sick and made him feel bad for telling his mom he’s feeling unwell not to mention everytime she was busy and had commitments to her in laws shed make him lie to his own parents on not visiting them. i dont believe cheating on her was an excuse for all this but she is partly to blame on him having an affair all Song won is guilty of is sleeping with a married man other than that she is a good person.

  2. I was shocked with Song Won’s words stating the facts why lawyer fell for her. I mean seriously!! It’s the justification why he cheated!! Wasn’t he the one Who fell for Hye-rang and asked her to marry him & promised they will have romantic love in their old age. Wasn’t he aware of Hey-rang’s strong personality From the beginning!! He is expecting more affection & care from Hye-rang but he is not sharing his expectations with her rather he shared all these with the 3rd party Song-won!!

    And his parents are also supporting Song-won bcz of the baby & her soft attitude. One’s soft personality just doesn’t justify their infedility. Nobody is watching this situation From Hey-rang’s point of view. I know this girl isn’t easy to handle but she can be made to understand with much more love & affection. Rather than making things work together & solving Their own problems, the husband chose to share things with an outsider!!

    He could divorce her in the first place & date other person later. I mean he is married to Hey-rang & if he isn’t happy with her then it should be his decision to make if he want to continue or end the relationship. It’s not Song-won’s place to tell him to get divorce or not. In the imaginary scene Song-won said, I should have let him to divorce. Seriously!! You have no right to make someone do things.
    I am just pissed, this drama is soo much focused in mistresses stories that it’s showing very little about wives vulnerabilities and all.
    I don’t want to see justified cheatings 😑

  3. I actually like this show. I hope there’s a season 3.

    If you’re not getting what you want now, the writer has something up their sleeve to unravel everything. Just wait, good things take time.

    Always on the edge!!!! Genius writers!

  4. Yes, infidelity at its best , those three girl friends have the same fate if that’s what you call it. All of them are homewreckers, we can say birds of the same feather flock together, they can even laugh while telling their story and be happy of their ellicit affairs with married men. Do they not have any moral values at all.? I hope this series will end with vindication for the three women who became victims of their own husbands. I pity the children who are in the midst of marital conflict like this. Hope this series will have a nice ending.

  5. Infidelity is supported in this drama series. From season 1 till this episode.
    They are trying to show mistress as a good woman particularly song won, if this series doesn’t not show infedility in a wrong way and mistresses to be punished then this drama will be a unworthy one

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