Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – K-Drama Episode 12 Recap & Review

The Spicy Chicken Saga

Episode 12 of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) begins with Yu-Shin showing off the gift he’s got for A-Mi. She cheekily runs through a number of different intriguing items until the truth is revealed. It’s painkillers. He drops her off back home and the two hold hands briefly before Yu-Shin takes off.

A-Mi rings though and tells Yu-Shin to come back. She has something to tell him and wants to say it face to face. This causes him to suddenly turn around and head back to her apartment. He messages Pi-Young and tells her that he’s going to be late and picks up A-Mi. She tells him that she’s decided to head back to the States as she’s lost confidence. A-Mi admits that she likes him and even tells Yu-Shin that she’s happy to overlook his current situation.

Well, Yu-Shin has a lot to think about and eventually leaves her at home, crying, while he heads back home. Just before he does though, he sends a text and promises to keep the ship anchored. Back home he talks to Pi-Young, encouraging her to have another child.

A-Mi eventually leaves for the States while Yu-Shin heads up to see her off before she goes through the gate. Only, he misses her and eventually heads home, defeated.

In the morning, Pi-Young dishes up Dong-Mi’s spicy chicken and admits that she has a special ingredient that she couldn’t add. However, Pi-Young has figured out that she’s using artificial flavouring.

Back home Pi-Young stuffs the chicken dish in the fridge as Dong-Mi rings to quiz her over the food. She acts prickly with Pi-Young telling her to ask permission before taking food next time and forcing her to call her Mother at the end of their conversation. This isn’t the first instance of this as we cut back and see Pi-Young questioning Dong-Mi over making Ki-Rim wear a wig. While she contemplates this in the bath, Ki-Rim comes stumbling in and uses the toilet…without washing his hands. I’m not saying he deserves to be killed for that but it is pretty disgusting.

Anyway, Dong-Mi sorts out an artificial wig for Ki-Rim as their driver comments that he looks like he’s in his mid-fifties now. Eventually they head in for dinner with Yu-Shin and the family where both Ki-Rim and Dong-Mi continue to pedal the idea of raising another child. Well, Pi-Young is clever and claims that a fortune teller has requested she raise Ji-A as an only child.

Midway through dinner, Yu-Shin suddenly receives a text and races off. He claims it’s from a patient but we don’t really get to see this. Instead, Yu-Shin heads back home and speaks to Pi-Young, asking if she can eat an apple without making a sound. When she can’t, it just brings back more memories of A-Mi.

At the same time, both Ga-Bin and Song Won message their future-cheaters. Sa-Hyun happily sits and eats with Song Won, who comments on his muscle definition. On the back of this, Sa-Hyun decides to do another gym session in the afternoon and even invites Song Won out for dinner. He’s pretty forward but she suggests he bring his wife along. Sa-Hyun however, refuses to do so and claims that she’ll be too busy.

Anyway, Song Won and Sa-Hyun head out for dinner together where they get talking. He admits that Hye-Ryeong doesn’t really want children but tells her  that he wants one in the future. Sa-Hyun admits that drumming is what made him fall in love with her. The attention turns to Song Won next, who admits she was married for 5 years but was unable to have children in that time.

The two polish off the bottle of wine and move on to sake, where they begin talking about what to name each other. They eventually settle on Xiexian and Song Yuan. As they walk together outside, Sa-Hyun uses this opportunity to talk about Hye-Ryeong and how she isn’t very feminine. He’s distracted though and decides to buy her some gloves. In exchange, she buys him a scarf and drunkenly wraps it around his neck. Sa-Hyun hugs her and kisses the girl on the forehead. In exchange, Song Won passes out.

The Episode Review

These recent episodes of Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) should probably be renamed Cheating (ft. boredom and no drama.) There’s just nothing that exciting going on here and worse, the show is somehow romanticizing the idea of these men cheating on their partners. The fact that romantic score that plays underneath these moments together reinforce this when it should be more of an uneasy, minor key chord to demonstrate how wrong this is.

All three of these men are difficult to warm to as well, while Song-Won is quite clearly the only one of these three that’s trying to keep Sa-Hyun at bay. For her, she’s definitely not interested in him in this way, but Sa-Hyun is practically throwing himself at her.

Alongside shows like Sky Castle, Desperate Housewives or even The Penthouse, Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) just does not compare. Even worse, it’s eye-wateringly boring at times. Let’s hope things pick up in the coming episodes.

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7 thoughts on “Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) – K-Drama Episode 12 Recap & Review”

  1. This Series is TOP NOTCH Entertainment
    The Actor’s, The Writer’s, The Set’s, and The Wardrobe/Makeup. They have Encapsulated Issues of Life, and deftly examine them with love, wisdom, care, and thoughtfulness. With the exception of showing there are some victorious marital relationships. DO NOT kill Dong Mi, nor Seo Bin, we need these relationships to survive, them all forgiven, and resolving life’s challenges together. Come back with Season’s 4, 5, and 6! GREAT SHOW.

  2. Wrong, wrong, wrong. When you say “boring” maybe you’re looking for some action packed thriller. First this show has very good acting. Second, what you call “boring” is real life situations. The drama of each of the 3 marriages happens in marriages all over the world. I find it fascinating how the Korean culture handles these situations differently (as, say, compared to U.S., e.g., how Pan Sa-hyeon’s parents intervened in his marriage/affair and made him go back to his wife, and how his parents “mothered” Song Won during her pregnancy.)
    My favorite scene in the series was between Lee Si-eun and her daughter. They were sitting in the living room and her daughter practically had smoke coming out of her head she was so mad at her father. The speech Lee Si-eun gave her was absolutely fantastic and if anyone wants to witness a lesson on how to raise a daughter I implore them to watch that scene. Classic.
    Great acting, good story line, I can’t get enough of this show.

  3. I was already so disappointed in the last 2 episodes with the flashback. It’s justifications for the guys and I am a bit offended as a woman that the 3 ladies did not have self restrainted. I know these happen but now I have no respect for the ladies. Without the flash back I was still trying to be fair. The guys, forget it, flashback is just justifications for them. Now the newest episodes still deal with the same thing. Let’s just admit this is a mess and show us how they want to deal with the mess. It could be one or the other, happy ending or not. We will take it. That’s life, but enough of flashback. No need to know how it happened, it was wrong anyway

  4. I am not watching few esp due- not going watch these men- cheat with the three adulteress-back stabbing females. Unless this brings justices for the wives- I am out.

  5. I started watching this bec of sung hoon. Now im totally regretting it. One of the most boring kdramas ive seen… totally wasted my nights on this one😥😴😥😴

  6. Hey Jemmie, thanks for commenting! Yeah I’m super confused by what they’re trying to do with this one. There really is nothing romantic with these men cheating on their partners. These past few episodes have kinda shifted across to the mistresses and spending more time with them rather than the interesting three ladies we began with. Shi-Eun is barely even in this now!

    There are so many other Korean dramas out there that are far better than this one. I’m glad I was able to save you some time! Thank you again for commenting!

    -Greg W

  7. Thank you for the recap. I am wondering what reaction the writers are looking for from the viewers. If it is nauseated, then they got it from me. Especially for Yu Shin…what is going on with this man? He doesn’t seem like someone who can be easily swayed, but it seems it takes just one apple. I can get a good grasp of Sa Hyun and Park Hae-ryun’s marital problems, but Yu Shin is a mystery in every way. Is it because Dong Mi raised him? I’m not saying that as a joke — something seems off about this man. Anyway, I’ve decided not to waste 1 hour on episode 12. Thank you again for saving my time. I’ll watch the drama again when they move on from these flashbacks.

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