Love Life Season 2 Episode 5 “Becca Evans” Recap & Review

Becca Evans

Episode 5 of Love Life Season 2 begins with Marcus jumping across to a new lover, Becca Evans. Recently divorced for a second time, Becca wants exactly what he does – no strings attached sex.

At work, Marcus is promoted to executive editor. He doesn’t have a pay rise top his name though, but is given a runner’s up prize – two tickets to go and see a poet. Now, Marcus’s father just so happens to be a big fan of this lady and inevitably, he and Marcus go together. It’s a brief respite from the romance to be fair, but it also allows the pair to patch up some of the animosity and issues between them.

Not long after this evening, Marcus is invited over to see Becca who has actually brought a friend to join them for the night, GiGi. After a pretty eventful threesome, Becca heads over to see Marcus the following evening to break some big news. She’s pregnant.

Becca is going to keep the baby too, causing Marcus to spin out completely. He low-blows the situation, bringing his race into the conversation and claiming her child is just going to be a “fashion accessory.”

Despite Becca being pretty fair with him, giving Marcus the choice over whether he’s involved in this child’s life or not, Marcus lashes out. He refuses to be tied down, leading to Becca leaving with nothing resolved.

The Episode Review

Wow, there was no need for Marcus to stoop to that level. As the episodes tick by, our protagonist is becoming more and more unlikable. At the end of the day, it’s his fault for not using protection during the night’s events, and he’s only got himself to blame.

Furthermore, it’s Becca’s body and at the end of the day she’s been kind enough to actually tell Marcus and give him the choice whether he’s going to present for their child or not. Stereotypes aside, who cares what other people think? For Marcus, I appreciate he doesn’t want to be tied down but again, he should have used protection if he was really that worried.

However, the ending leaves the door wide open for where this one may go next, and given the title of the next episode, it seems we’re wasting no time getting right to the crux of the issue.

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