Love Life Season 2 Episode 6 “Becca Evans Part II” Recap & Review

Becca Evans Part II

Episode 6 of Love Life Season 2 begins with Marcus still reeling over Becca’s pregnancy. It’s been two months since Becca broke the news to him and Marcus has decided to focus on work instead. However, everywhere he turns, he struggles to find evidence of him actually being in control of his life.

As we brought up the subject of a condom last episode, Marcus’s friends broach the exact same subject with him. Ida and Yogi both tell him to take responsibility for his actions, eventually getting through to him.

Off the back of this, Marcus rings Becca. He makes an effort to be there for her, accompanying the worried woman to the doctors. A litany of questions about Marcus’s family history eventually result in him lying and claiming there’s no history of complications. So why is he lying? Well, it turns out Marcus hasn’t actually bothered to tell his mum and dad about the baby, so he winds up lying about it.

After the meeting at Becca’s, Marcus heads outside and meets with Mia. The pair wind up talking about the future, and as the rain starts pouring down, Marcus buys Mia a new pair of shoes. When they eventually stop and talk (with the rain subsiding too), Marcus breaks the news that he’s expecting a baby. Mia is proud of him for taking responsibility for his actions, which is pretty ironic given what we saw earlier in the episode.

The pair get along really well, spending the whole day together. As day turns to night, Marcus admits that he really likes Mia. She reciprocates, and the pair wind up kissing.

This burst of happiness soon paves way for Becca ringing about their trip to the doctors. Unfortunately it’s not good news. The pregnancy has come with complications and it means they’re going to lose the baby. It’s heartbreaking to see Becca crack and struggle to stay strong, telling Marcus she doesn’t want him yo go with her. She’s going to face this alone.

Off the back of this, Marcus messages Mia and breaks the news to her too. She heads over to spend time with him, eventually leading to the pair sharing the couch as Marcus processes this news. “So now what do we do?”

The Episode Review

Poor Becca, I can only imagine the absolute heartache and grief she must be experiencing off the back of this reveal. For Marcus though, it’s a way out for him and I’d imagine in a way (based on what we’ve seen of his character) he sees this as a bit of a lucky escape. Of course, there will be a part of him that’s disappointed too, but nowhere near as much as Becca I’d imagine.

This chapter also turns the attention back to Mia as the very-obviously-foreshadowed relationship between the pair starts to get underway. Undoubtedly this will develop over the next set of episodes.

While Love Life hasn’t quite been as good as the first season, it’s been an enjoyable watch all the same, leaving the door wide open for where this one may go next.

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