Love In The Air – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

Not Just Wind, but a Typhoon

Episode 8 of Love In The Air goes back in time to the night when Rain dropped by at the illegal race to meet Phayu making Sky tag along with him. Since Rain is occupied by a certain storm named Phayu, Sky is left alone with the guards growing suspicious of him. Prapai comes in to save the day for Sky and claims that the latter was his boy and the guards let him go.

Prapai asks how Sky will repay him for saving him and the latter asks Prapai to take what he deems fit. The two end up spending the night at Prapai’s house and Sky leaves the morning after a steamy hookup. Sky has not revealed his identity to Prapai at this point and they go on with their lives until Rain and Phayu start dating.

Sky is adamant about forgetting Prapai because he thinks all men are assholes anyway. The day after that, Prapai is not able to take the thought of Sky out of his mind. He banters with his brother about how he is the biggest catch in town but is only single because he does not want commitment. Meanwhile, Sky is trying his best to forget Prapai. The four of them continue on with their respective lives and Rain and Phayu go through their romantic journey.

Together Rain and Sky graduate to the second year of Architecture and are ready to welcome new juniors. Sky, Rain, Sig and a few others are part of the core committee planning the fresher’s party while P’Som (Ple’s brother) joins them to guide the new seniors. Sky is left to handle the chaos caused by Sig and Som while Prapai cannot forget Sky.

He ends up cancelling his hook-up appointment because he isn’t feeling like it anymore. Because of the chaos in college, Sky has to work extra hard in order to prepare for the fresher’s celebration. Prapai tries to relieve his stress by racing but he still cannot get Sky out of his head. He chats up with Saifah and is determined about winning him over.

Sky gets a call from an unknown number that turns out to be his admirer. Unaware that it is Prapai, Sky starts spiralling his rage-fuelled clap-backs at the caller. Prapai calls him again and tells Sky that he will be pursuing Sky. The student asks who it was and Prapai claims that he is the “hot wind”.

After being annoyed by Prapai, Sky ends up blocking his number but Prapai thinks Sky’s clap-backs are endearing. The next day, Sky is met with his nosey land-lady, P’Joy who gossips with him about one of his neighbours. Throughout the day, Prapai constantly texts Sky about seeing him later which annoys him further. The fresher’s orientation starts in full swing after the end of which Sky bids the juniors a farewell.

As he leaves, he spots Prapai waiting outside and tries to hide and walk away. Rain forces Sky to stop and introduces the two unaware that they hooked up. Prapai offers to take Sky home and he unwillingly agrees to get Rain to leave him alone. Rain leaves the two be. Prapai drops Sky to this apartment complex.

Prapai follows him inside and asks Sky if they could hook up. Sky declines the offer but Prapai tries his best to convince the student claiming that it does not matter as they had already hooked up in the past. After Sky wears him out, Prapai asks to be given a fresh start and reintroduces himself but Sky is still not interested. As Sky leaves, the biker tells him that he will continue to pursue him despite his denial.

Sky is worried as he gets back to his room and promises to teach Rain a lesson for giving away his number to Prapai. Sky convinces himself that guys like Prapai are not good and forces himself to get him off his mind. The next morning, Sky punishes Rain for giving his number out to a random person without his permission.

After he returns from college, P’Joy gives Sky a bouquet of sunflowers that were from a hot businessman, aka Prapai. In his room, Sky is mad at Prapai and calls him to yell at him.  Prapai claims that just like the sunflowers face the sun, Prapai will be the sun that Sky faces to live and prosper. Sky is not fully convinced and states that he will be throwing the flowers into the trash.

The Episode Review

The show is fun so far but I am still of the opinion that showing the stories of Prapai and Sky after that of Rain and Phayu is a bad decision. Their love story seems rushed and lacks development which is a bad thing. With that being said, I love how chaotic and fun Sky and Prapai are together.

Sky has trauma and I wish Thai BL writers learn how bad it is for people to be forcefully pursued despite their constant denial. Prapai starts off being a red flag but mostly has a better approach than Phayu. We can think of the bad boy as the better of two evils basically.

I just dislike how the two boys cannot take no for an answer and this trope is being glorified by Thai BL dramas. The episode did not seem too engaging because of the repetitive Rain and Phayu track but Prapai and Sky’s first hook-up scene was pretty intense which makes up for the time we lost.

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