Love In The Air – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Warm Me with your Heart

Episode 4 of Love In The Air starts with Payu having a conversation with Saifah. Saifah tells Payu that their boss had informed them that there was to be held a race in the following month, one that Payu should be prepared for since he missed the last one for Rain’s sake. Saifah asks Payu to bring Rain along if it got too cumbersome to leave the ‘naughty’ boy alone. Payu brings Rain some food and once Rain has eaten his meal, the two start conversing.

Rain asks Payu to kiss him but Payu asks the student to stop pursuing the biker. An upset Rain asks Payu not to stop him. Payu on the other hand claims that since Rain is only in the first year of his architecture degree, it will soon start to get very overwhelming for him to manage his personal and academic life. He asks Rain to not take any spur-of-the-moment decisions but Rain is adamant about sticking by Payu.

Rain arrives at college late the other day and does not talk to anyone. When Som (Ple’s older brother) tries to talk to Rain, the latter dismisses him. Ple tries to strike up a conversation with Rain too but he dismisses her even. After the siblings have left, Sky confronts Rain and consoles him. Sky offers intense advice to Rain and feels uncomfortable by the deep words he just spoke to his friend.

Rain starts getting serious about his academic work but continues to keep checking his phone to see if Payu was texting him. Sky notices how Rain often got distracted and nudges him to bring him back. Payu on the other hand is at work and also seems gloomy due to his lack of contact with Rain. He discusses his issues with his colleague who also shared similar experiences dating architecture students.

Rain is still upset about his lack of contact with Payu and Sky tells him that he should not give up on the things he wants so easily pushes him to fight for the biker. Rain is ecstatic again and is adamant about proving to Payu that he can very well balance his personal and academic life. The next day, Rain arrives at the garage where the staff refrain from allowing him to sit inside.

He asks for them to offer him a chair and sets up shop outside where he completes his homework. Payu notices that Rain is sitting outside the garage, sweating so he asks for Rain to leave. The student is perseverant and states that he will be more focused around Payu than away from him. Payu leaves him alone but Saifah allows the staff to let Rain sit inside the waiting room.

Saifah confronts Payu about his actions but the older of the two twins is sure that Rain would persevere despite the antics Payu pulls. Rain and his friends have a sleepover in order to make sure they don’t miss class the following day. After the submission, Ple asks to have lunch with Rain but he dismisses her and is found at the garage, waiting for Payu.

Payu finds Rain sleeping when he arrives from work. He inspects Rain’s assignment and helps him with a few edits as Rain sleeps. Payu writes a note for Rain and sits beside him. He compliments Rain but notices that the student is only pretending to be asleep, Payu teases him. Rain pushes Payu away initially but is excited when Payu tries to kiss him.

They are interrupted by Saifah who leaves asking them to continue. As they do just that, he purposefully interrupts the couple a second time killing the mood in the process. Rain is irritated but starts blushing as soon as Payu compliments him. The next few days pass by in a jiffy as Rain finds himself too occupied with his project.

Rain ends up finishing his model project as well as other submissions way before the due date and is happy about how much time he has left. Instead of resting, he decides to spend some time with Payu and visits him at the garage. Saifah takes Rain to the race track where Payu is busy working. Payu kicks his bother out of the track asking him to focus on work and takes Rain with him.

Rain asks Payu if he interrupted the biker when he was busy but Payu asks him to stay back and watch him work if he likes it. Payu appreciates how Rain gave up on his sleep to see him and rewards the student with a kiss as a thank you. The episode then moves to the day of the presentation where both Sky and Rain present their respective models to the professor.

Rain is initially hesitant during the presentation but recalls Payu’s words of appreciation and ends up delivering a confident presentation. He receives compliments from his professors and is excited about it. Payu is at work when he notices that his phone has run out of battery. As he is about to plug the device in, his boss asks him to visit a work site urgently.

Payu leaves with his phone turned off and makes his way out. It is late by the time Payu gets back home. Meanwhile, Rain waits outside in the rain for Payu to return. As he arrives, Payu asks why Rain was smoking in the rain and Rain tells him that he was worried about Payu’s phone being out of reach. Payu is angry with Rain and scolds him for staying outside where he could catch a cold.

Rain tells him that he was so happy that he wanted Payu to be the first person to know. Rain asks Payu if he was now good enough to stand by the biker. Payu leads him inside the room and they sit in the bathtub, making out. Payu tells him how he feels his heart stirring when it comes to Rain and sincerely apologises.

The two end up making out in bed and as things start to get more intense, Rain warns that he is still a virgin. Payu tells Rain that he will teach him how to make love. The prologue shows Rain sleeping from the night he first stayed over at Payu’s house. Back then, instead of kissing a sleeping Rain, Payu promised to wait until Rain was ready.

The Episode Review

The show keeps getting better with every episode and it is a saving grace that the chemistry between Rain and Payu is so intense and great because that is what drives the BL drama.

Despite having a rocky start, Rain is finally accepting his feelings for Payu and after learning that Payu made an appearance at the frat party to meet Rain makes the couple’s love story so much more endearing (minus the forced scene of course).

The entire plot progression what chaotic and there is no way to justify what Rain’s classmates are up to in the show except for Sky. I’d rather not see any scenes with the friends goofing around and see more of Payu and Prapai because the duo seems to be a fun set of friends.

It does also help that Prapai is extremely cute. Sky and Prapai will make an amazing couple but I hate that the makers have not introduced the two to each other yet.

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