Love & Anarchy – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review


Episode 6 of Love & Anarchy begins with StreamUs not happy with Lund’s blunder at the Book Fair. With three weeks to prepare, the company give them an ultimatum. Fix the issues – potentially with a new book release – or the acquisition of Lund will be withdrawn.

As everything starts to come unraveled, Denise is dumped by Tove-Lee. Ronny does his best to calm the nerves around the workplace but it’s clear tensions are high across the office.

To make matters worse, Stefan is unhappy that the publishers have “sold out” and believes he should try and find another publisher. In order to save face, Ronny sets out to create an even bigger scandal to take the heat off Lund’s current situation. That scandal involves stirring up Stefan’s ex-wife whom his book is actually about. Basically he’s going to throw one of their authors under the bus.

Sofie works from home, unable to face her co-workers despite Max showing up at her house. She invites him in though and tells him they can’t continue with what they’re doing. Only, she gives in to temptation and the duo start kissing.

When Johan arrives home, he spies Max in the kitchen looking guilty. Sofie tries to hide this by pretending he’s a plumber fixing the dishwasher. Overhearing Johan talking about the kids, Max leaves and heads straight to the gym in order to get his frustration out. He even has 7 missed calls from Sofie too, right on the eve of Isabell’s birthday.

At the birthday party, all the girls happen to be watching Hilda’s streams while eating. Eventually the party hits fever pitch and all the kids start dancing about… until Lars bursts in and ruins the entire gig.

He shouts about capitalism again, prompting a furious Johan to start shouting at him. Sofie is just as irate too, telling her Father to go home after ruining Isabell’s birthday party.

The next day, Sofie tries to talk to Max at work. After apologizing, he starts kissing her right in the middle of the kitchen. She doesn’t pull away though until they’re nearly spotted by Caroline.

On the back of this, Sofie instead leans into the affair she’s having and heads to Max’s pad. There, Alex introduces himself and wonders just how old Sofie actually is.

Back at work, Denise finds Friedrich in the office reading while wallowing in self-pity. Lending a helping hand, Denise offers up some solutions to his problems, including therapy.

As the episode closes out, Sofie receives a call confirming that Lars has been involuntarily committed to the psychiatric ward.

The Episode Review

After a bit of hesitation, Sofie decides to go ahead and embrace cheating on her husband with Max. With numerous missed calls on Isabell’s birthday (at least, the editing seems to assume as much) it really doesn’t do Sofie any favours in terms of her character.

Having said that, the cut-throat nature of business and not being able to trust anyone is perfectly exemplified here through Ronny’s decision. This subtle commentary about the work place is arguably the best part about this series which has otherwise failed to inspire beyond mediocrity.

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