Love & Anarchy – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Book Fair

Episode 5 of Love & Anarchy begins with Sofie and Max both arriving at the book fair and staying in separate rooms. Rooms that just so happen to be adjacent to one another. She leaves a note for him with his next task – do something to draw the attention of everyone in attendance.

The book fair gets underway and the pair cast knowing glances at one another throughout the day. The guys all mingle while leaving it up to Friedrich to do a presentation about StreamUs’ acquisition of the company.

All the lights suddenly shut off in the main atrium which, of course, is Max’s doing. Sofie suspects as much and smirks knowingly to herself.

Later that evening, Max has another task for Sofie. She has to pretend to be an author and introduce herself to the top publisher in Sweden. Taking a deep breath, she does just that and claims to have emailed a manuscript across for her. Sofie pitches this idea nicely and manages to keep the woman’s attention.

Afterward, Sofie and Max share a drink, with the latter congratulating her on a job well done. The reason she could effortlessly pitch this story is partly because of her past dreams of being a writer. The story she pitched is really her outline for Love and Anarchy. As they talk, the pair continue to dance around their feelings for one another.

The next day, Ronny stands up and reminds everyone at the lunch that there’s an upcoming press event. That is, of course, fronted by Friedrich who continues to down alcohol (Dutch courage and all that).

Hilma shows up too and she’s now a big YouTuber, spending her time talking about bullying and fashion. Sofie tells Max to liven up the luncheon as she passes, sending Max out to the kitchen where he puts marijuana in the desserts.

He tells Sofie to skip eating it when he passes, prompting Friedrich to double up and eat hers. When Sofie learns what Max  has done, she prepares for the worst. Both Denise and Friedrich start rambling on stage, leading to the latter going off on a tangent and declaring that books are doomed.

On the back of this, Sofie and Max take Friedrich back to his room where he passes out on the bed. Sofie tells Max that his antics have caused a serious issue; so much so that Friedrich is trending on Twitter.

That evening, Johan rings Sofie  asking for details about Isabell’s party. She loses her patience – and temper – prompting her to hang up on her husband, telling him to deal with it himself.

There’s obviously friction between the two and it’s enough for Sofie and Max to hook up together that night. As they embrace in bed, the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

It’s been coming for a while but finally Love and Anarchy continues the questionable trend in media as of late, depicting women cheating on their spouses.

While I understand that Sofie and Johan are going through a tough time, it discredits her character to see her sleeping with Max behind Johan’s back. If she’s not happy with him, why not file for a divorce and break up?

Of course, passion can sometimes make you do stupid things but this has been bubbling up for a while now.

Despite that though, the episode does well to spice things up, namely the incident involving the dessert at lunch which caused big problems for Friedrich on stage. Quite what the ramifications of that act will be in the future, remains to be seen.

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  1. Thanks for calling the show out for repeating this trend of women cheating on their spouses with no repercussions to their lives whatsoever. A lot of Netflix originals seem to have the same theme. And one show involved a married woman falling in love with, and having sex with, her own (explicitly stated) underage school student, while also engaging in a quid pro quo sexual relationship with said student’s father.

    Where’s the condemnation for being a paedophile? Seriously. In this day and age?

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