Love & Anarchy – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review


Another day, another big issue at the office. Episode 3 of Love & Anarchy begins with the gang gathering together as they prepare for the release of Gertrud Hausberg’s historical epic, ‘The Train’.

With tickets for the gala premiere secured and film rights to StreamUs (the biggest streaming platform in the world) they prepare for this big event to take place. Freidrich signs off on a picture lock following Caroline giving it a glowing review. Confident they’ve made the right, Friedrich looks forward to the future.

Ronny rings Sofie though and tells her the publishing house is up for sale. He doesn’t divulge many more details but as she waits in the lift, Max shows up too. Their games continue, with Sofie making him act like a CEO for the day. Watching from afar, he settles in nicely to Ronny’s office.

Elsewhere, Friedrich brings Caroline into the office and learns what happened in the film. She goes over all the plot details, just as Friedrich’s jaw drops. He’s shocked that the ending has been changed, falsifying history.

Midway through the heated exchange, Max shows up and tells him to stop shouting in the workplace. It’s actually a really funny moment and arguably the best of the series so far. It’s quickly followed by more panic as Friedrich realizes the contract has been signed already.

Friedrich makes a last ditch effort to try and change the ending of the movie by meeting StreamUs in person. It’s no good, he’s already signed the contract and there’s no going back now.

Back at the office, Max calls Sofie into his office (well, Ronny’s) and asks her to fill out the employee questionnaire. This is inevitably a flirting ploy to bring Max closer to Sofie, where he looks like he’s about to kiss her. She hurries out quickly though and back into her office, breathing heavily.

In the midst of all this, a blonde lady shows up at the office with her manuscript. Because of the hectic nature of what’s happening around them, no one pays much attention to her.

Back home, Sofie waits for Johan to show up. She’s wearing sexy lingerie and intends to have a romantic evening with him. Later that evening, while Johan is asleep, Max sends a message to Sofie. He tells her to dress like Cyndi Lauper at work the next day (the last artist she listened to on Spotify).

She does just that and heads into the office ready for the meeting about Gertrud’s book. Only, she receives a message not long after as her Father happens to be out protesting. She sits with him and encourages the old man to head back to her apartment for coffee.

That coffee eventually turns to sponge cake and reading. With the premiere upcoming and time slipping away, Sofie shows up alone while her Father decides to stay back home and sleep.

At the event, Sofie learns that Gertrud still doesn’t know the truth about how the ending to the film is going to turn out. As the film begins, Friedrich sits anxiously waiting but needs to head out for some air; a ploy to prevent Gertrud from seeing the ending.

Back at the office, Sofie shows up with the rest of the group as they learn the people buying Lund are none other than StreamUs. They all sign the forms as Sofie prepares for what’s to come next.

The Episode Review

With another episode teasing the prospect of romance, Love & Anarchy doubles down on its drama alongside this as Freidrich comes under the fire surrounding the changed ending. This brings up an interesting commentary around film adaptations and how they can make or break a book.

Alongside that though, the series does well to start building up its various characters with Friedrich given much more screen-time this episode too.

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