Love & Anarchy – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

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Episode 2 of Love & Anarchy begins with Sofie heading into work in the morning but trying to hide herself from Max’s line of sight. Unfortunately things don’t go to plan and she’s left with a full view of Max.

There’s bigger problems to deal with at work though, as Sofie learns the company have given two million to a publisher, Lena Endre. 300 pages later, they’re not so sure this was a worthy investment.

With this situation stewing, Max makes his demands known to Sofie via a white envelope – he wants her to shout at someone else at the office other than him. Wandering around, she struggles to exert her authority.

This situation follows her back home too as she becomes distracted and doesn’t listen to Johan as he talks about their daughter. Even worse, she begins looking over pictures of Max on his social media.

The next day Lund bring Lena in and pussyfoot around the real crux of the issue. After Friedrich tells her the text is generic, Sofie stands up and tells the publisher she needs to deliver sooner rather than later.

On the back of this, Sofie heads out and starts shouting at the workers there, prompting Max to hand back the lipstick. In a cruel sense of irony, Sofie later finds out that Lena’s agent was one of the people she shouted at outside. Because of this (and an apparent injury to his child who was sitting in the back) Lund are forced to publish the book unedited.

While Max starts going to the gym, eyeing up a girl and getting intimate with her, Sofie and her husband head out that evening for a work do. There, we learn Sofie had big dreams in the past of becoming a writer but those plans never materialized thanks to Johan encouraging her to go to business school. The name of her book? Love and Anarchy of course.

That evening Sofie messages Max and tells him to create some anarchy at the office the next day. And that’s exactly what he does.

While the team are having a meeting, the workers from across the road show up asking for coffee. There’s a whole swarm of construction workers too, helping themselves to the office food and coffee on the side. Sofie can’t help but smirk, knowing this is all Max’s doing as this pair continue to one-up each other.

The Episode Review

As the character relations deepen, the snippets of Sofie’s back-story start to come through now. It appears she used to have dreams of becoming a writer but obviously that hasn’t fared too well for her future career prospects.

The aptly titled book “Love and anarchy” seems to be echoed across in the publishing house right now as her anarchy games with Max look set to blossom into love sooner rather than later. It seems obvious that Sofie and Max’s relationship is about to take a turn toward the romantic but quite when, remains to be seen.

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