Lost Romance (2020) – Episode 20 (The Finale/Ending) Recap & Review

Chapter 20

Episode 20 of Lost Romance – our final chapter – picks up at the bridge with Xiao’En informing Tianxing that she’s married. He’s undeterred once he hears her husband is out of the picture but she remains unbending. He tells her she’s underestimating him and that he’ll make her forget the past. She notes that he’s the one person who can’t.

At Tianxing’s house, he and Mingli strategize about Uncle He. By purchasing art (notoriously tough to value) Uncle He’s cleverly managed to hide the money he’s extracted from Tianliang Group. They take a gamble to catch him out.

Mingli meets with Uncle He who encourages her to push Tianxing off the board of directors. As they chat, Mingli catches on to how easily he can move money around. Since the gallery doesn’t seem to know Uncle He by sight, Qiaozhi is able to make the exchange.

He brings what he’s given directly to Tianxing who opens the pouch to find a handful of diamonds. They’ve figured it out. When Uncle He discovers his package has not been collected by the right person, he races off.

And the team is waiting for him. It’s an empty one-room but Tianxing finds a mattress stuffed with diamonds. Uncle He confidently says they won’t find anything illegal and takes the opportunity to elucidate his reasons, blaming their father. Confident he’ll be caught, Tianxing lets Uncle He go. The police pull him over moments later.

Accompanied by their mother and Qiaozhi, Tianjian and Mingli turn themselves in to the police. As a send-off, Mrs He finally acknowledges Mingli. Before they go, Mingli thanks Qiaozhi and asks him to take care of her Mom.

Tianxing returns to Chair Tianliang, publicly apologizing for past fluctuations and announcing new projects. Chuchu waits for him to offer congratulations. She reminds him of their date but he declines, saying he’s not got a girlfriend…yet. But he seems pretty confident. She offers blessings gracefully.

Xiao’En and Chuntian read the news of Tianxing taking over Tianliang Group. They wax on about how reliable their overbearing CEO is and Chuntian remarks that Xiao’En is taking things rather well. Xiao’En says she’s moved on just as a drone buzzes in.

Tianxing calls to make sure her coffee has arrived, just as a delivery person shows up. Chuntian notes that Xiao’En may have moved on but Tianxing hasn’t agreed while Xiao’En is stunned.

Hereafter, wherever she goes, the drone appears bearing gifts and watching over her. Even Editor Yao takes notice of the incessant drone, referring to it as ‘her visitor.’ It even follows her home with a sticky-noted ‘have a good night.’

Editor Yao complains about the cover photos submitted for Tianxing’s biography. He gives Xiao’En a three-day deadline to fix it. As she complains to Chuntian in their hideout, the drone appears with a new pack of handsome cover shots.

‘All business’, she texts Tianxing when the book is ready for the printer. He’s disappointed when she notes the supervisor will bring him a hot copy. Defeated for the moment, he opens the last romance novel in the pile, CEO, You’re So Naughty.

He chuckles over the showering cheetah then spots Xiao’En’s name in the text. And then his own. He reads of Xiao’En asking Aoran if he’s Tianxing. Then it all starts flashing back to him, every chapter and kiss. And finally, their wedding and that first moment where he grabbed her arm from his hospital bed. He faints.

Xiao’En reads a news report that Tianxing’s been rushed to hospital. She heads there first, then his house, but can’t find him. She reaches her apartment to find Tianxing waiting outside. He presents her a takeaway of popcorn chicken, her favourite as per CEO, You’re So Naughty.

The penny drops as she realizes he must have read the novel. She accuses him of trying to take Aoran’s role. But he defends that it all came back to him once he started reading. He claims he’s back and recalls a memory that wasn’t in the book, to which she responds that he’s a pervert. As realization sinks in, they kiss and have their reunion.

She asks how he became Situ Aoran and he talks about his past, specifically how his old self was like Aoran. But he had to hide that old self and abandon it to move forward. They wonder how that persona appeared in the novel, and he talks of how desperate and exhausted he felt falling from the building, wishing to never wake up.

He’s amazed that she fell in love with the Tianxing that even he didn’t like. He credits her with saving him and providing him the opportunity to rest when he needed it.

Soon after they register their marriage without fanfare. Xiao’En is happy to skip the whole wedding thing. And next thing you know, they’re hitch-hiking – none too successfully!

Going camping for their honeymoon, they compete to see who can attract a ride. Of course, Tianxing is successful. At their destination, they set up a massive tent and cook over a fire. Tianxing busts out some English here and there to amuse us.

Back at the office, Editor Yao looks over sales figures, ecstatic that Tianxing’s biography is doing so well. Chuntian pushes for a raise but he reminds her that profits are going toward financing Cheng Qing’s Love Across the Atlantic. Moments later Chuntian gets a call confirming that Love Across the Atlantic hit the top fiction bestsellers list. He agrees to a raise and a bonus.

Back at the campsite, the couple cuddles in front of the fire. That night they both dream of Qingfeng finding his happy ending – with what looks like Puff Kuo playing his long-lost love, Liu Mushuang.

Xiao’En wakes calling Qingfeng’s name, disconcerting Tianxing on their first full day of marriage. They realise they had the same dream and believe Qingfeng wanted to say farewell. Tianxing decides characters don’t disappear at the end of a story but live on in the hearts of readers.

He tries to give Xiao’En a romance-novel-style morning kiss but she resists, saying you can’t trust what you read in romance novels. She bans him from reading any more. They wrap the series sweetly with words of thanks for saving each other.

The Episode Review

So, that was a different ending. Everything tied up nicely, even for Qingfing (thank you), solving the mystery of the novel, the siblings and Tianliang Group.

The book sales… I guess they were trying to say that Tianxing was ready to embrace a new, less structured, happier way of life. And also that Xiao’En got him there. It lands an idea the girls has previously discussed – that you don’t need to end a romance story with a wedding.

But it seemed a bit anticlimactic, no? I’m not saying we needed another wedding but something celebratory. They have friends… shouldn’t one celebrate happy things with friends? And then go on your honeymoon, no matter how hare-brained a trip. Or am I missing the charm? It was an awfully big tent…

The piece with both having the same dream about Qingfeng was a nice touch, both solidifying their relationship and their experience in the novel world. Top Taiwanese actress Puff Kuo’s cameo as Liu Mushuang was a treat. Good on you, Qingfeng – be first lead in your own story.

Mingli turning a leaf was satisfying too, particularly when she thanked her overworked old faithful Qiaozhi. In the last two episodes, he’s finally showing a bit of personality, even if a bit awkwardly. It was kinda cute and nicely human.

All in all, Lost Romance wrapped up every loose end and gave us all the feels. The only thing that could have closed it better is some fire – the flaming kind. Anyone else obsessed with the visual? Something about that so-tangible concept is compelling. Maybe as a closeout to their thank-yous? But still, that camping trip – so counter to romance novel endings. Perhaps that was the point? Just say no to romance clichés. You can’t trust them.


Thanks so much for watching with me. Did you love the ending or were you expecting something else? Did it change your view of the series? Awaiting your thoughts below😊.

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