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Chapter 19

Episode 19 of Lost Romance – our penultimate chapter – returns to the restaurant where Mingli and Tianxing are collaborating to simultaneously dig for information via Uncle He, and keep him away from his office while Shanna and Jason search it. Tianxing asks if this is how they’d pushed him out of board directorship.

From the restroom, Uncle He gets a call and races back to the office. Mingli and Tianxing don’t realize he’s ducking out. Luckily, Qiaozhi manages to distract him so Shanna and Jason can slip out of his office unnoticed.

Afterwards, they confirm that they weren’t able to find a secret account book in Uncle He’s office. So far, Shanna and Jason haven’t come up with anything illegal – but they do find some suspicious receipts. Tianxing decides they need someone outside the company to help investigate.

At the interview appointment, it’s Editor Yao who shows up. Tianxing questions him over why Xiao’En has again shirked her responsibility.

Xiao’En and Chuntian leave the funeral service of Xiao’En’s orphanage director. She’d been the closest person to a parent for Xiao’En, who hopes the director will continue to look out for her from above.

As they chat, Chuntian is called away to sort an issue at the printer. Worried about her, Tianxing visits Xiao’En’s apartment but she’s not home. Chuntian isn’t sure where she’s gone so he heads to the funeral to seek her.

Not finding her, he recalls a conversation about the orphanage where she grew up and reaches Xiao’En there. They chat in the moonlight, she talking about her past and he adding his. He encourages her just as she did for Aoran, using similar phrases.

He’s pleased to have cheered her up but she suddenly wants to leave, asking him not to be nice to her. Surprised, he doesn’t understand the switch. She begs him not too confuse her and make her fall in love with him. But he turns it on her – she confused him when they first met.

He’s even more perplexed after everything that’s happened. But tells her if she doesn’t want to love him, he’ll love her instead. He confesses that she changed everything for him as she saw through his pretense, then kisses her.

When he takes her home, she pulls away. He tells her to call him when she’s upset and not to disappear on him. She makes an awkward escape saying she’s tired.

At Tianxing’s place, Jason notices that Xiao’En left the prize cufflinks behind. Shanna tries to report on the Uncle He investigation but, gutted, Tianxing can’t take it in.

Jason tucks in a fairly close-to-natural product placement commentary while avoiding telling Shanna about Tianxing and Xiao’En. But she’s not falling for it.

Outside he tries to avoid telling her any details but she threatens him with their friendship. He fesses that Tianxing is interested in Xiao’En, upsetting Shanna. She’d admired Tianxing since college and berates herself for not confessing sooner. Jason announces his love for Shanna but she just hits him – multiple times.

At home, Xiao’En re-reads CEO, You’re So Naughty, remembering Aoran. While at his house, Tianxing thinks of her.

The next day, Shanna points out Uncle He’s flower shop receipts and they find multiple deliveries to an art gallery. Jason suggests Uncle He may have set up the gallery for a (first or second – ha!) mistress.

Chuntian asks Xiao’En about Tianxing and guesses the problem. Xiao’En says it’s not suitable to start a new relationship now. Chuntian reminds her that Aoran isn’t real but Xiao’En counters that the feelings were. Her relationship with the two of them is like a loop and she needs to get out and move forward.

Xiao’En arrives at Tianxing’s office for the final interview. Pleased to see her, he gives a warm welcome but she keeps it business-like. She closes by explaining the next steps and prepares to skedaddle. He asks if she’s free later to help him.

In the car, Tianxing sets her up with an earpiece and sends her into the gallery for a little recon on Uncle He. Xiao’En’s not able to gain any useful information. Before she departs, Tianxing asks if she forgot something at his house – the cufflinks. But she says she has no use for them.

He tries to give her a ride home and she makes excuses. Still flummoxed, he asks her to keep in touch but she utters what sounds like a final goodbye, calling him ‘Mr He.’

That evening, Mingli questions her mother about Tianjian but she claims she hasn’t heard from him. She later sneaks out to meet him but Mingli catches them. She tells Tianjian to be responsible for his actions and confronts her mother over her lack of proper support. Walking the talk, Mingli confirms she’ll stand beside Tianjian when he speaks to the police.

When Tianxing tries to reach Xiao’En, he can’t get through. He flicks over another of her romance novels but can’t focus, thinking of how she’d walked away. He tries her again.

At the office, Xiao’En sends calls to her voicemail. Chuntian spots a text from Tianxing but Xiao’En’s not sharing. Chuntian quips if the genders were flipped, Xiao’En would be the douchebag. Xiao’En’s busy claiming CEO’s have tons of women at their fingertips as Editor Yao shouts out the door for her to answer Tianxing’s call.

She picks up the call to realise Tianxing is watching her with a drone, turning the tables. He claims his drone is so much better that he can see her pores. She tries to make an excuse before he gets to her office but Editor Yao won’t let her leave.

They walk together and Tianxing confronts Xiao’En. She confirms she’s married but admits her husband’s gone and not coming back. Tianxing doesn’t see the problem if they’re already separated but she says she’s not ready to love someone. He claims he can make her forget the past.

The Episode Review

Who here admits to enjoying seeing the overbearing CEO on the backfoot? A little bit? However, while the douchebag comment was amusing, the ghosting does seem offside.

Oh, Xiao’En, what are you doing? – That’s what you’re thinking too, isn’t it? Only last episode we’d hoped she’d make choices for herself. Stopping the cycle is a choice. But this whole thing started with her interest in the very real Tianxing. What would you advise your BFF?

So close to the end and all the key characters seem to be evolving – even Shanna and Jason. Mingli’s turnaround is pretty impressive too, considering where she started. Maybe she had some good therapy during her stay at the sanatorium.

Meanwhile, Jason, learn to read the room, buddy! Timing is all the rage.

Speaking of timing, if Qingfeng were going to appear, it would have been this episode, wouldn’t it? Perhaps that piece was closed out with Xiao’En helping him find his happy ending through publishing his original story. At least that’s what we’re led to believe. To be fair, Tianxing has enough competition as it is.

On that note, I’m still finding the cuckolding idea chuckle-worthy but it’s conjured a thought – in this half of the story, Marcus Chang plays his own second lead. Leave it to Lost Romance to continually turn things on its head!


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