Lords of the Fallen (2023) Guide: “Defiled Sepulchre” Walkthrough

Lords of the Fallen (2023) Guide: Defiled Sepulchre

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Defiled Sepulchre


Welcome to Lords of the Fallen! The latest Souls-like game is here, and hot off the heels of Lies of P, it’s time to dive into another of those unforgiving games and get killed again and again and again.

There are numerous bosses and foes in Lords of the Fallen and this walkthrough will help guide you through the tricky areas the game throws at us. Before that though, create your character, choose your class and appearance, and then let’s dive into the game. 


Defiled Sepulchre

When you gain control of your character, follow the pathway up and circle around. There will be numerous prompts on-screen, including how to do quick attacks, heavy attacks and the basic parts of combat and movement.

Destroy the crates and attack the slow-moving zombie. It’s a good idea to practice as many different types of attacks and the general flow of combat here in this prologue area before moving onto tougher areas.

When you reach a doorway on the right, turn left instead. At the end of the pool, collect 1x Enervated Vigor Skull.

Now we can proceed through the doorway. In doing so, there will be two more enemies to fight. Take both of these guys out and at the end of the corridor (near the natural light shining down) turn right and then left up the stairwell.

At the top, slash the prickly vines out the way and pay heed of the tutorial. While sprinting, we can jump forward, which will be very useful in the chapters ahead.

For now, allow yourself to fall down the large chasm, and collect 1x Forsworn. Head back out into the familiar corridor, up the stairs, and this time jump over the gap.

Turn left and proceed to the very end of the corridor. This spear-wielding foe will chuck projectiles your way so it’s a good idea to dash roll either side to get avoid getting hit.

When you reach the end, kill the enemy and proceed up the next stairwell. At the top, collect 1x Throwing Rock.

With this rock, throw it at the enemy from afar, thanks to a handy tutorial.

Follow it up with a quick sword strike and then turn back whence you came. Strafe to the left and head for the large door.

You won’t be able to enter this right now so instead, head along the path until you reach the iron bars. Use your Umbral lamp by selecting down and raise it with your left trigger. Pointing at the bars, you’ll find the path will be open to traverse.

Continue along the linear path, and follow the tutorial for Umbral Rifting.

To make life easier, if you select the lamp, raise it with your left trigger and then hold Square (X on Steam/XBox) it will show off a new, white version o the map (entering Umbral) that will make it easier to see where these rifts are.

When you do, proceed over the hand to the other side. Collect 3x Wither Ward from the ground and get rid of the Soulflay by using your Umbral Lamp (L2 and then R2 on the target)

Now, we can also use this against enemies too when their soul is exposed, and it can apply wither damage.

This will essentially cause the “soul” of an enemy to fly out of their physical form and attacking that, will do big damage to enemies.

Proceed up the bridge to the left of this enemy and Soulflay the vines to pass through.

Here, we’ll get another tutorial about siphoning enemies to recharge your Soulfly, which is super useful.

However, be careful as overusing Umbral can cause your health to decrease. Attacking enemies does recover this but you’ll also lose all of it should you be hit. Even worse, Dread will build up the longer you spend in Umbral.

Higher levels of Dread means more dangerous foes and enemies will show up to attack, so be careful and use this sparingly!

Continue on the path forward, attacking the enemies that show up. Soon, you’l come to a glowing orange shrine on the wall.

Take out the two enemies below and then use your Soulflay to drop an item; 1x Saintly Quintessence.

Keep moving forward to the end of the path, where you’ll find strange skeletal statues on the wall. Drop down, and try to do some Plunge damage on the goons waiting down there.

With them both dead, circle back and up the spine stairwell. Be careful as getting too close to the edge and falling will do serious damage!

Proceed along the linear path and climb up the ladder. Approach the ominous light and head through to the other side.

When you do, walk up the path to the right (pictured below) and into the next chamber.

Turn to the left and use your Soulflay on the enemy against a stick. This will now unlock the earlier door we couldn’t enter, way back in the opening chamber when we first used the Umbral lamp.

Head out the chamber and instead of circling all the way back whence we came, approach the strange effigy and interact with it to unblock the path and transition from Umbral to Axiom.

Head down the stairs but be careful as the enemies here are a little tougher than the previous goons we’ve been used to.

Dispatch the zombie on the stairs, drop down and press X to open the door.


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