Lords of the Fallen (2023) Guide: “Abandoned Redcopse” Walkthrough

Lords of the Fallen (2023) Guide: Abandoned Redcopse

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Abandoned Redcopse

Holy Bulwark Otto (Boss Fight)

Exploring Redcopse

Pieta (Boss Fight)


Abandoned Redcopse

Welcome to the first large area in Lords of the Fallen. After opening the doors, proceed toward the fallen knight holding a lantern. These are Vestiges, and they essentially serve as checkpoints. You can warp between them, upgrade your equipment and recover your HP before continuing on.

Activate the Vestige of Ranik and then follow the path to the left, down the stairs. Grab 1x Tacitus’ Journal and 1x Map of Mournstead from the side and continue to the bottom of the stairs.

Once you reach this area, a boss will be waiting for us.

Holy Bulwark Otto

Boss Fight – Holy Bulwark Otto

Holy Bulwark is the first of many tough foes throughout Lords of the Fallen but in all honesty, he’s not too difficult by comparison to others. He favours strong, heavy attacks, with a few that are easy to orchestrate and avoid. He also has a few moments of recovery between attacks that will allow you to get some strikes in.

Bulwark will favour a heavy overhand strike where he’ll club the ground with his two-handed weapon. He’ll also swing the sword around in a two-hit combo, along with a slight variation with a three-hit combo.

Be sure to dodge these attacks and be mindful of the running lunge. Here, Bulwark will rush forward and if he catches you, he’ll string you up by the throat and use his mace to slam into your chest, dealing very heavy damage.

Get used to the methodical feel of these fights, and bide your time to hit out and strike. Back up again and watch the melee strikes. Parry if you can but otherwise dodge through the attacks. Eventually Bulwark will go down.

A big cutscene and another tough fight    

A short cutscene will ensue and another boss fight will start with someone called The Lightreaper. Although this boss can be defeated this early on, it’s also designed specifically to be an unbeatable fight. You need to wait until Lightreaper is off his mount and then attack, but even then, this is a very hard fight and you’re unlikely to come away victorious.

Once you die you’ll revive back at the Vestige. Descend back down and recover your vigor.

Back in the arena, progress forward to the next area and you’ll come to a choice of turning left or right. Go right first.

At the end of the pathway, you’ll find a door you won’t be able to open yet and also an item, 1x Flayed Skin. Pick this up and circle back to the fork in the road.

Turn to the left, and follow the tutorial for removing parasites from enemies, and take down the foe before you. Next, pick up 1x Map of Abandoned Redcopse by the edge of the cliff.

If you’re not already, you’ll now need to be in Umbral. This will unlock a passage across, with a big stone platform you can pull toward you (pictured below). Step on and interact with the Umbral point in front of you to pull the platform back to its starting position.

On the other side, head up the stairwell to the left and speak to the hooded figure by a campfire. This is the Iron Wayfarer and he’ll speak some cryptic chatter your way. Just beyond, to his left, is another Vestige point. Activate the Vestige of Hannelore and rest up.

When you’re ready, proceed along the pathway and you’ll notice a bunch of moths hovering over a mark on the ground. Before activating this, to the left on the pathway you’ll be able to grab 3x Minor Holy Salts.

Next, use Soulflay to extract the memory and watch it play out. These are called Stigma, and they mark particularly traumatic moments from the past that play out. You’ll also gain 2x Umbral Scouring.


Exploring Redcopse

Just to the left of this point, follow the path around into the graveyard and pick up 3x Fire Ward. There’s also an enemy lying in wait here but they’re facing away from you, so you can actually get some bonus damage in before they strike back.

Be careful though as there are two other enemies here too. After defeating these, continue on and destroy the Effigy in Umbral to clear the path forward.

When you do, immediately turn to the right and you’ll find three enemies standing together.

Back on the path toward the large tree in the distance, take the path to the left and pick up 1x Broken Sword. Be careful though as an enemy will burst through the wooden barrier on the left. Dodge back to avoid this.

Dispatch the other enemies by the tree, but be wary of the two projectile-throwing goons. These guys will lob fireballs at you, so take these out first using your Umbral Lamp.

Once you’ve done that, hit the corpse in the tree with a throwing object to drop 1x Pilgrim Garb and 1x Pilgrim Skirt.

Next, continue on the pathway to the left of the tree (there are two paths leading out this area, one to the left and one to the right) and watch out for more enemies lying in wait, especially behind the crates. At the end of this path, on the body in the left corner, you’ll find 2x Ammunition Pouch and 2x Small Manastone Cluster.

Head back to the tree and head down the right path now.

Watch out for the fireball throwing goon here and be sure to use your Soulflay to remove the parasite and kill the enemy.

Just behind its starting position, from the barrier on the right, you’ll find two goons crouched behind. Be sure to take these out quickly and proceed up to the end o the pathway, toward the ominous red light.

Once there, you’ll notice a new enemy standing and you’ll be given a tutorial on how to stagger enemies and attack from behind. Go ahead and do this now for a satisfying win.

Just beyond that point, under some breakable wood, you’ll be able to grab 3x Unripe Berries.

At the end of the passageway, you’ll find two paths, one leading to the left and the other to the right. You’ll want to turn left here and you’ll find the next Vestige, the Vestige of Marco the Axe. 

Go into Umbral and go left and look down. You’ll be able to use Soulflay on a soul here to lower a ledge and drop down. Go right to the bottom and Soulfay the next target, the one surrounded by the stone souls. Once you do, you’ll be able to grab 1x Umbral Eye of Betrayed Eliard.

At this statue, turn right and you’ll find another Stigma you can Soulflay. After watching this play out, you’ll receive 2x Umbral Scouring.

Behind this statue, climb up the bone ladder. Drop down from the wooden planks, loop back and up to the Vestige to go back into Axiom.

Now head up the stairwell to the right.

Defeat the enemy on the ground and watch out for another that may ambush you from behind on the barrels to the left. Once you’ve dealt with both of these, use a throwing object to drop 1x Mineowner’s Ring from the corpse strung up (pictured below).

You’ll find the path ahead is broken and you won’t be able to proceed. Instead, go down the stairwell and enter Umbral (if you’re not already).

Be careful along this path though, there are a number of enemies that will burst from pods and try to attack. Partway, you’ll be able to grab 1x Enervated Vigor Skull from the ground under the tunnel.

Follow the linear pathway along to the very end and knock down the item on the tree to grab 1x Pilgrim Hood and 1x Pilgrim Bandages.

Turn back around and you’ll find a bone ladder that you can climb. If you can, wait for the enemy to turn its back at the top and then sneak forward to get a bonus attack in from behind.

After, return to Axiom and head along the path to the left. Kick down the plank by interacting with it.

Turn back around and follow the path to the left of the building, killing the enemies as you do. Proceed toward the fire in the distance. Turn left and climb up the ladder, collecting 3x Holy Ward from the body. Immediately after, turn right and drop down to the left to step inside the building.

You’ll find the Iron Wayfarer again here.

The Wayfarer will explain how Vestige Seedlings work and another short tutorial will ensue. Use your Umbral Lamp to locate the flowerbed (right in front of him) and make note of the door on the right (pictured above). You need the Skyrest Bridge Key to open the door, which is something we don’t have right now.

Instead, climb up the ladder just left of this. Admire the beautiful view to your left and you’ll notice there are two ways to go – the left and the right.

Go right first and you’ll find enemies fighting amongst themselves. Keep a distance and let them take each other out, then move in to attack. 

When you reach an iron gate, keep your eyes peeled for a corpse below. It will be holding 2x Ammunition Pouch and 2x Small Manastone Close. 

Turn back around and you’ll see a glowing area just to the right. Proceed forward and grab 1x Rusty Cutter from the pool of lava. If you’re quick you’ll avoid getting burned when you grab this weapon.

Turn back and proceed along the path with the lava skulls. Within each of these, you’ll be able to pick up 1x Minor Fire Salts.

When you’re ready, head into the arena and prepare for another boss fight.



Boss Fight – Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal

Phase 1

In the first Phase, Pieta uses her shining sword to do a number of different combos. She has a particularly nasty two-strike combo, where she’ll swing round in a wide arc twice, the second with a slight jump. Try to dodge through this attack when it comes.

She’ll also slam her sword down in an overarm strike, which will also do big damage. Oh, and if you stay too close, she’ll also use a nasty upward sword strike that can catch you off-guard, so be sure to mix it up a bit. 

At a distance, Pieta also has some nasty projectile attacks too. The first will see her move her sword to the heavens, illuminate her sword and shoot a beam of light at you. This is tough to dodge and it can do some pretty big damage too.

The other sees her sprout up various splashes of lightning across the arena that will burst, one after the other. Try to dodge these and run outside the circles of light to avoid being hit.

The best time to attack is after the two-strike combo. She’ll be vulnerable for about a second or so and allow you to strike. If you can parry these melee strikes then that’s even better, but try to be patient.

This is the first boss fight that will require you to properly time your attacks so chances are you’ll probably die a fair amount while getting the mechanics down for this one.

The general rule of thumb here is to trigger Pieta’s melee strikes by getting in close and backing away slightly to goad her into attacking. Try to avoid the projectile attacks as much as you can, as these tend to do some pretty brutal damage.

Phase 2

Uh oh, now you’ve done it. Once Pieta is down to about 50% health, she’ll sprout wings and begin attacking again. This time, Pieta is much more agile and will zip around the battlefield a lot more. There are a couple of new moves to watch out for too.

Along with all the previous moves getting an upgrade, including single projectile strikes doubled, Pieta will cruise along the entire arena, damaging anything in her path. There will also be glowing swords that hover in the air momentarily before slamming into the ground.

You want to make sure you’re not in the area of impact here if you can help it, and she’ll use a variation of either the left, center or right so watch out for this.

There’s also a swooping attack where she’ll attempt to deal big impaling damage. If she manages to do it, she’ll do a big grab attack that will knock off a lot of health.

The last new attack will see Pieta summon clones of herself to perform her magic strikes. These golden pests will basically mimic Pieta’s moves, but they like to favour the swooping attack across the arena. With two of them going at it, it means the real Pieta will focus on melee strikes.

Try to goad the real Pieta into a safe area of the arena and either dodge or parry her strikes, hitting back with a few of your own.

Along with running around a lot more, the strategy in this phase is basically to wait for the melee strikes, counter and hit for damage. It’ll take a fair amount of goes but eventually she’ll go down.

1 x Vestige Seed 8 x Umbral Scouring 6000 Vigor

With the boss defeated, there will be a Flowerbed nearby that you can use a Vestige Seed on. However, we’d highly recommend you don’t do this. It’s not that far away from the last checkpoint and it’s not necessary to warp back here.

You’ll also find a Stigma nearby, and viewing this you’ll get 2x Umbral Scouring and 1x Remembrance of Pieta. Plus, a little more history regarding Pieta’s plight.

Just to the let of the Stigma point, you’ll find a doorway. Proceed inside and instead of descending down the stairs, climb all the way to the top and open the chest which contains 1x Radiance Spell – Sanctify.

Next, proceed all the way down the spiral stairs to the very bottom and we’ll be in a brand new area.

<< Defiled Sepulchre

Skyrest Bridge >>

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