Loot – Season 1 Episode 6 “The Philanthropic Humanitarian Awards” Recap & Review

The Philanthropic Humanitarian Awards

Episode 6 of Loot Season 1 begins with Molly being recognized for the Philanthropic Humanitarian Award after giving unsolicited financial gifts to 150 charities in California.

She, along with her employees at the Wells Foundation, are invited to a gala/awards ceremony. They all arrive in style to the black tie event.

There, Howard and Arthur meet Martin, a developer of accounting software. Martin gives Arthur his card and tells Howard he’s jealous of him for having his whole life ahead of him to work on different projects.

This upsets Howard. He feels like he might be wasting his life. It doesn’t feel like he has his whole life ahead of him. But Arthur manages to encourage him by telling him he has a gift. People love him, and he’ll go far.

Molly runs into Haley and John at the event and is initially unable to stomach their presence. Nicholas and Sofia tell her that John only showed up to make Molly nervous. They advise her to keep her calm.

So, in front of everyone, Molly takes a picture with John and Haley to show everyone how civil they all are.

John later texts Molly to ask to meet in the green room. There, he apologizes to her for disrespecting her and running away from their marriage. He regrets it. He also tells her it’s admirable what she’s been doing with the charity.

They have polite conversation until he mentions that it’s easier to give money away than to earn it. She yells at him for discounting the ways she made it possible for him to build what he did. 

John then tells her he made calls and strongly suggested they give her the award because he thought she needed a win. She angrily storms out.

Molly decides not to accept the award, and her coworkers all decide to leave with her in a show of support.

But at the last moment, Molly does accept it. She gives her speech and says she doesn’t deserve the award. She’s new to the charity thing, but her team has been putting in the work for a long time. She asks them to come up and accept the award.

On their way out, the bartender (who just so happens to be French billionaire Jean-Pierre) stops Molly and asks if she wants to work on a project with him. He tells her to give him a call.

The Episode Review

Seeing the whole Wells Foundation crew out of their element as gala attendees is a fun experience–and leave it to John to stir up drama for Molly’s big night.

Still, Molly’s arc in this episode of coming to extend a kind gesture towards her team feels like the show is patting her on the back for basic human decency. It seems Loot is determined to coddle its billionaire protagonist.

What’s next–giving her a French billionaire boyfriend?

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