Loot – Season 1 Episode 5 “Halsa” Recap & Review


Episode 5 of Loot Season 1 begins with Arthur agonizing over what to do with the bird painting from Molly. He initially throws it away, only to recover it later and stick it in his closet.

At work, Rhonda and Ainsley make an error that causes Sofia a lot of stress. Seeing this, Molly decides the women need to take a mental health day and takes them to her favorite spa.

Sofia opens up her mind the joys of self-care and apologizes to Ainsley and Rhonda for snapping at them.

But tension sparks back up when Molly runs into her friends. She realizes they have gone on the “annual wives’ trip” without her. John’s new girlfriend, Hailey, went with them instead.

Molly gets into a fight with one of them, so her spa membership gets revoked. She then realizes that she got used to her friends. They were part of John’s life, so they were part of hers–but they weren’t meaningful relationships. Sofia, Ainsley, and Rhonda encourage her about what’s to come and suggest she may even meet someone new.

Meanwhile, Arthur hangs out with Nicholas and Howard at a restaurant. They can tell something is bothering Arthur. He tells them he’s realizing that he wants to get back in the dating pool and asks their advice. They decide to create profiles for him on dating apps.

At the bar, however, Arthur meets a woman named Chelsea and hits it off with her. She accepts his offer to take her out next week.

Molly returns to the office to find out that Arthur has asked out another woman. She awkwardly congratulates him.

That night, Molly deliberates whether she should text Arthur, but she puts the phone down without sending a message. 

The Episode Review

It seems Loot’s writers aren’t done exploring Molly’s and Arthur’s relationship yet, but they do so here with flat storylines. Molly at least has an individual arc where she sees the true nature of her old friends, although this revelation feels like a repetition from when she met them in Miami in another episode.

All in all, “Halsa” isn’t the most exciting episode. At the least, it sets Arthur up for a date–but I don’t think Chelsea will help the accountant keep his mind off a certain billionaire.

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