Look To The Light (2024) Ending Explained – What happens to Eddie?

Plot Summary

Look To The Light tells the story of Eddie Reynolds (Charlie Goodard), a young man whose life is turned upside down after he agrees to take part in a reality show called ‘Love On The Rocks.’

Eddie’s excited to be on the show but his involvement in the programme comes at a price.

In this ending explained for Look To The Light, we briefly recap the plot and ask the question: What happens to Eddie at the end of the film?

How does the movie begin?

The movie begins in a restaurant where Eddie and his girlfriend Lauren are celebrating their anniversary. The two are happy together but Lauren is concerned when she sees Eddie eyeing up the waitress. She is even more concerned when she discovers the waitress has given him her phone number.

Eddie tells Lauren that nothing will break up their relationship. But when he returns home and discovers he has been invited onto the reality TV show, ‘Love On The Rocks,’ he realizes that he has to pretend to be single if he wants to take part in the series. 

Is Lauren happy about the TV show?

Lauren isn’t happy about the show for one simple reason: Eddie will be surrounded by beautiful women if he chooses to take part. As the TV programme is all about matchmaking, Lauren is understandably worried he’ll meet somebody else, despite his declaration of love for her. 

Eddie’s family are over the moon about the show, however. They even suggest he leave Lauren as they think she stands in the way of his becoming famous. 

Does Eddie choose the show over Lauren?

Initially, Eddie does choose the show over Lauren. When she tells him she is pregnant, he even persuades her to get an abortion, as he thinks a kid will get in the way of his showbiz dreams.

Lauren has an abortion but doesn’t tell Eddie or her family about it. She also leaves Eddie but it’s not long before he tries to resume their relationship.

When Eddie visits Lauren at night, she thinks he’s there because he has heard about the abortion. He’s visibly upset but it’s not the abortion that has him shaken up. He’s distraught because he has been kicked off ‘Love On The Rocks’ due to a drug-related conviction that happened sometime prior to him being invited onto the show.

Do Lauren and Eddie get back together?

Lauren agrees to date Eddie again but a little while later, she and a work colleague spot him in a bar with another woman. This woman turns out to be the waitress who gave him her number at the start of the film. 

Lauren ends the relationship, seemingly for good. This causes Eddie to go into a deep depression.

Time moves forward several months to the day of Eddie’s 21st birthday. His parents have bought him a car but he doesn’t want it. He’s surprised they bought him the car as something motor-related happened to him in the past. We discover what this event was later in the film.

A producer from the TV show calls Eddie and re-invites him back onto the programme. However, he refuses to be on the show, as he doesn’t want it to affect his chances with Lauren. 

A little while later, Eddie becomes suicidal and heads to a railway bridge, which he plans to jump from to end his life. But as he is contemplating whether to kill himself or not, Lauren turns up to talk him out of it. 

From that moment on, he and Lauren spend time together. It can be assumed that they’re in a relationship again but then there’s a twist in the film. 

What’s the twist?

Lauren’s work colleague gets a visit from the police and during their conversation, we learn more about Eddie’s behaviour. We discover that after Lauren ended her relationship with Eddie, he tried to win her back with repeated calls to her workplace. 

Eddie later turned up to one of Lauren’s work events at a bar. After sweet-talking her, he gave her a lift home. However, Lauren never made it home because the drunken Eddie crashed his car and killed her. 

The accident is the reason why Eddie was surprised his parents bought him a new car. What’s surprising for the viewer is the fact that he and Lauren never did get back together after his affair was rumbled. The scenes of them together after that event were in his imagination, presumably because of his broken mental state after the crash.

Towards the end of the film, Eddie returns to the railway bridge with the intention of killing himself. But before he goes through with it, his brother Wes turns up on his bike to stop him.

What happens to Eddie? 

Eddie’s suicide attempt is interrupted by Wes’s arrival. We see him look at Wes and then the film ends.

The ending is rather frustrating as we don’t know what happens to Eddie. Did he jump to his death? Or did he come to his senses after seeing Wes? 

In this writer’s opinion, Eddie did kill himself. In a previous scene, we see his parents visit Lauren’s mum and sister. The meeting between them is tense because of Eddie’s involvement in Lauren’s death. However, it seems that it’s not only Lauren’s family who are grieving. We see Eddie’s parents break down in tears so it’s possible that they are grieving the death of their son. 

So, while this scene happens in the film before the scene at the railway bridge, it might be that it actually took place after Eddie’s death. The flashback/flash-forward structure of Look To The Light makes things a little confusing. But it certainly seems possible that Eddie did kill himself because of the guilt of what he did to Lauren. 

This is our interpretation of the ending. But what do you think happened to Eddie? Let us know in the comments below. 


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2 thoughts on “Look To The Light (2024) Ending Explained – What happens to Eddie?”

  1. Hi Liya, thanks so much for your opinions on the film and the ending. Thanks too for correcting my oversight on one of the scenes. I’m with you on the point you make about ambiguous endings. They can be frustrating – which was the case with Look To The Light. I still thought it was an okay film but a neater resolution would have been appreciated.

    Thanks again for your feedback and thoughts. It’s much appreciated 🙂


  2. Did Eddie die? Who knows? What I do know is, Eddie’s parents went to Lauren’s family house because they were still looking for him. It was suggested by Eddie’s father that maybe he’s at Lauren’s home. This is where both Eddie’s parent found out that not only was their son not at this residence, but that Lauren had been dead for months.

    Eddie’s depression. I think it’s not just guilt, but he’s mourning the loss of Lauren. Although he portrayed very poor behavior, he clearly loved Lauren. Very unhealthy and toxic yes, but love nonetheless.

    Also, Eddie didn’t call the office repeatedly to make back with Lauren prior to her death. He showed up at the office the very same day, and per the movie, about 5 minutes after she caught him on a date with the waitress. It was after her death he started calling the office, asking for her like she wasn’t dead. Again, seeming the be in a deep state of grief and a clear loss of reality.

    I ask again, did Eddie die? My take is, looking into his brother’s eyes, he saw someone he knows truly cares about him and decides to step down from the ledge. His family now knowing Lauren was dead could finally sympathize with their son and assist him in getting the help he finally needs.

    Eddie receives help for his depression, comes to terms with his mistakes and healthily mourns Lauren with the support of his family.

    He goes on learning from his childish and toxic behavior, to make better decisions as he ventures though adulthood. He continues to turndown offers like ‘Love on the Rocks’ and looks for love in a healthier environment where he can be a better human and partner.

    Eddie finds his way, and I’m proud of him.

    Is my ending cliche? maybe. What I can say is, I am tired of this new trend of movies, especially Netflix movies, that have this ambiguous, “let every viewer create their own ending” theme. It infuriates me. What was wrong with the good feel ending movies. People say “they aren’t realistic”, but don’t we have enough of this unhappy realistic true endings of life, and deserve and escape to some feel good endings. I dislike this new norm, and would love to see writers return to clear endings which make you feel warm, happy and most importantly, hopeful!

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