Locke & Key – Season 2 Episode 6 “The Maze” Recap & Review

The Maze

Episode 6 of Locke and Key Season 2 starts with Gabe showing up at Keyhouse. Kinsey is understandably rattled and when Tyler shows to back her up, it’s clear that Gabe’s Spidey-sense is tingling. Gabe does eventually leave Keyhouse as the gang gather together and try to formulate a new plan.

Bode returns from seeing Rufus, revealing that there were two Dodge’s that night and it would appear as if the second was actually Ellie. Dodge tricked them and the Locke’s inadvertently killed Ellie. Scrambling to work out what Gabe’s up to, the gang soon stumble upon the truth – Gabe is trying to build a key of his own.

Inside the house, both Duncan and Bode hear whispering and scramble down to the basement together to find its origins. There, they uncover a brand new key that he’s never seen before. At the same time, Josh confronts the other kids in the dorm about the Whispering Iron, telling them to replace it as it holds significant meaning for him.

That evening, the kids show up at Winterfest, down at the fair trying to act like everything is normal. Kinsey does her face painting (after speaking to Scot) but freaks when Gabe creeps up on her. He continues to probe about the Memory Key but Kinsey dodges all of his questions, doing a pretty bad job of hiding her fear and disdain in truth. Still, Gabe seems to buy it and that’s all that matters.

Bode meanwhile, watches Josh as he fumbles his way through his public routine, while Tyler takes Jackie away and decides to try and help bring her memories back so she’ll never forget. Jackie however, refuses this “gift”, deciding it doesn’t feel right and that she’d rather not remember.

At the fair, Josh receives a message from an anonymous source telling him they know who took his artifact. As he rushes off to find out, Erin leaves a message for Duncan, deciding to get rid of Dodge once and for all. This inevitably sees Duncan show up at the fair, as Eden realizes that he’s got his memories back.

Eden immediately sends a message across to Gabe, telling him Kinsey lied and that he’s got his memories back.

As everything starts to reach its crescendo, all the kids head into the maze, stalked by Eden and Gabe. Tyler and Kinsey manage to grab Bode but Erin notices Gabe and chains him up, intending to bring him back to the Well.

However, Eden blindsides her and knocks Erin out. Gabe takes the killer blow though, snapping her neck and leaving the woman in a heap on the ground. While they slip away, the kids show up with Duncan and notice Erin being pulled into the ground.

Grief-stricken and desperate for retribution, Kinsey decides they need to end it and phones Gabe, telling him that Duncan’s memory has come back. Setting up a date to meet, the episode ends on a big cliffhanger.

The Episode Review

The latest chapter of Locke and Key finally starts to up the ante now as Gabe and Eden exert their dominance and begin to settle into a more consistent rhythm. There’s a lot more drama and action in this chapter and with the final fight prepped between Gabe and the Locke’s, it’s anyone’s guess who will come out on top.

Although this was the shortest chapter of the bunch, it’s certainly the most exciting, with the maze itself working well as a tense setting for all this drama to play out. The ending hints that we’ve got a big conflict to come in the upcoming chapters. Roll on the next episode!

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