Locke & Key – Season 2 Episode 7 “Best Laid Plans” Recap & Review

Best Laid Plans

Episode 7 of Locke and Key Season 2 starts with the family saying goodbye to Erin. Paying their respects, and with snow blanketing the ground, they prepare for the final conflict with Gabe and Eden. Scot’s with them too and together, they prepare to trap him inside the Well House. In order to do that, they’re going to use Duncan and Kinsey as bait.

Meanwhile, Nina heads over to see Josh, who’s still riled up over the missing piece of Whispering Iron. His tip-off on the computer is allegedly for one of Javi’s friends. After confronting him, Nina eventually takes him aside and learns the truth.

This piece of iron has been passed down through generations of Josh’s family, and he knows this is the key to opening the doorway to the other side. That’s actually one of the reasons he came to Matheson, believing that this could help him see his wife again.

Soon, the big moment arrives and both Eden and Gabe show up at Keyhouse. Kinsey organizes traffic, splitting Eden and Gabe up. While the former helps with snacks in the kitchen, Kinsey takes Gabe upstairs to distract with a film-shoot, set-up by Scot of course.

Now, part of this plan involves Jamie, who uses the Small World key to trap Gabe inside a glass in the kitchen. Bode does his best to rile her up, which only works to anger Eden more. In fact, she manages to crack the glass… and eventually break free thanks to Josh’s interjection.

Upstairs, Kinsey uses thee Hercules key to try and gain an advantage over Gabe but everything goes awry. Gabe is just too strong and he manages to thwart the threat. Despite using the Anywhere key to open a doorway to Well House, their plan fails. In fact, Gabe takes Bode and Duncan captive, leaving Eden behind with Kinsey and Tyler. After a tense stand-0ff in the hallway, Eden eventually skips out and drives off.

Meanwhile, Gabe uses Bode as collateral to convince Duncan to make his key. He does just that too, with Gabe using Javi as his Guinea pig to test whether it works. And what does this key do? Well, it allows Gabe to control everything that individual does, controlled by his voice alone. And his next plan for Javi? Kill Bode and Duncan.

The pair scramble through the woods, where Kinsey and the others happen to drive up just in time. Well, that was lucky! Everyone scrambles into the car, managing to get away, as Javi watches on. Gabe is undeterred though, and as he shows up and watches the car zoom off, he sneers. “Let’s make you some friends.”

The Episode Review

Sometimes the best laid plans suck – as evidenced by the title of this episode as it turns out! Yes, the Keyhouse gang fail to capture Gabe and even worse, Duncan has now made this key for him, which appears to create a mindless army that will do his bidding. Quite what the end-goal is in all this is though remains to be seen.

One things for sure, Locke and Key has been a much more entertaining watch during this second half. This is especially welcome given the slow start to this season. It looks like we’re on course for quite the dramatic finale to come with this so we’ll have to wat and see what’s in store for us next.

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