Locke and Key – Season 3 Episode 4 “Deep Cover” Recap & Review

Deep Cover

Episode 4 of Locke and Key Season 3 starts with Nina and Kinsey completely oblivious that Bode is different. The only person who seems to realize something is up is Gideon, who grins under the light of the dancing flames and utters that “another is here.”

Anyway, Bode shows up at school, throwing shade at Josh and even pinning a kid up against the window, telling him he’ll rip his entrails out.

Meanwhile, Carly shows up at the Locke house to check on Tyler. He hasn’t bothered to message back to her and he obviously hasn’t shown up at work either. She’s invited inside, where immediate tensions rise between Tyler and Kinsey when the latter shows up and sees her in the kitchen. Oblivious to this, Tyler decides to let Carly crash for a while.

Bode skulks up and immediately shows how different he is. Tyler simply shrugs it off, claiming he’s being weird and apologizing to Carly given he’s “not usually like that.” Bode even gets changed into dark clothes as well. Surely the family will figure out there’s something awry now, right?… Right? Nope, of course not.

Heading out for the dinner with Josh, Bode continues to act rudely and eating as much as he can. However, he’s distracted by sensing Gideon outside. The pair meet and strike up a deal.

Gideon admits that he intends to use all of the keys to open up the portal and bring their world into this one. If Dodge helps, he’ll be Gideon’s right-hand man.

Gideon also reveals that all the keys are in the closet but when Bode/Dodge checks, they’re not there. However, he does notice the journal, including word of the Alpha Key, which disrupts the timeline further of course given now Dodge knows how Ty and the others win.

Elsewhere, Tyler reveals all to Carly, including Jackie’s heart wrenching death being the reason he’s left the house. This puts things into perspective, as Carly speaks to Kinsey about this too, but also how great Tyler’s home life actually is, given he’s surrounded by people who love him. Carly always assumed he had a bit of a rough upbringing.

Speaking of rough, none of this family have figured out Bode’s secret yet, not even Kinsey who speaks to her brother, dumbfounded over why he’s demanding to see the keys. Even when he curses her out and claims a foe like Dodge could return, the only person who actually figures it out is Rufus – and he’s only been back for 30 seconds!

The pair wrestle, with Bode eventually besting Rufus. He promises to hurt Ellie and Nina if he says anything, so Rufus decides to bite his tongue. When Rufus leaves – Bode’s threats ringing in his ears – he remains guarded and decides not to tell Ellie what happened.

Speaking of leaving, Carly also decides to leave while Tyler stays at Locke house. He sits down with Kinsey and implores her to tell the truth. So she does. Off the back of this, Tyler changes his mind and decides he wants to know everything, urging her to show him.

Kinsey heads down to the basement and grabs the Memory Key from the chest. However, Bode happens to be watching and he sees her open it and reveal all. As for Kinsey, she uses the Memory Key on Tyler and all the memories come flooding back.

As for Nina, she heads into Bode’s room and notices Dodge’s dead body under her son’s bed. When Dodge heads back inside, asking what she’s doing, Nina is dumbfounded.

The Episode Review

Sometimes I wonder if these characters deserve their ill fates. Season 3 has ramped up the stupid for most of our characters, including the entire Locke family who still haven’t figured out Bode’s very obvious differences. He even pretty much spells it out that Dodge is back!

Instead, everyone assumes Bode is just having an episode or going through a rough patch. A part of me wonders whether Nina is going to figure out what’s happening with Bode in the next episode, even with the evidence right in front of her.

The fact that Rufus is the only one to figure it out is telling unto itself. Either way though, Locke and Key concludes its middle chapter with a sign of things to come, with some pretty short episodes to round out this final season.

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  1. What pissed me off on this episode, is the fact that Rufus was scared and didn’t tell anyone, dodge in bode’s body was barely able to handle Rufus, do why the crap was Rufus scared and thought bode could actually kill them, to me this was pure plot convenience the grasped at straws so no one would know that bode was dodge, it’s so stupid, just because dodge threatened to kill the parents, Rufus believed it that is bull crap and lazy writing.

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