Live Your Own Life – K-drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

At the beginning of Live Your Own Life episode 3, Myung-hee receives a ride from a stranger driving a truck. Following this, she is seen slipping away from Sook-hyang’s grasp.

Meanwhile, Tae-ho is getting his morning workout done at the gym. Hyo-sim greets him warmly and explains that she will be his trainer. Tae-ho, on the other hand, declines her teachings and instead demands approval to train independently. Hyo-sim attempts to convince Tae-ho otherwise, but Tae-ho is disrespectful and indifferent.

Hyo-sim pays off the loan shark her mother owes later that day. Hyo-sim says no to the loan shark’s request that she pay off Hyo-do’s debt as well. As soon as Hyo-sim leaves, the loan shark decides to beat up Hyo-do.

Following that, Hyo-sim goes to see her mom, Sun-soon, in the hospital. After getting sick of the hospital meals, Sun-soon begs Hyo-sim to fetch her some pork blood sausages.

Following this, Sun-soon contacts Ggeut-soon and politely requests that she bring her some cabbage soup.

The action then switches to Sook-hyang, who has just learned of Myung-hee’s heroic escape. When she finally gets there, she loses her mind and begins to bombard the employees for allowing the elderly lady to get away.

Myung-hee, in the meantime, has successfully escaped her daughter-in-law and is seen crossing the street.

Jin-bum and Tae-min are then shown speaking to one another in the next scene. He warns Tae-min to be on guard at all times. In addition, he informs him that they will eventually have to either fire Tae-ho or have him arrested and thrown in jail. He elaborates, saying that they can’t allow Tae-ho to inherit the business in any way.

Visiting Tae-ho later that day, Tae-min shares the news that he can’t meet up with Tae-ho for lunch. Following this, Tae-ho visits a restaurant and reminisces the time he visited the place with his grandmother. He appears to be completely immersed in sentimental thoughts concerning his beloved grandmother.

Ggeut-soon visits Sun-soon in the hospital and brings the cabbage soup to her. This is followed by an excellent time spent by Woo-joo, Ga-on, and Sun-soon.

Not long after, Hyo-sim pays Sun-soon a visit, this time bringing the pork blood sausages. Sun-soon is seen removing mistakes as usual, though Hyo-sim stays silent.

Hyo-do, meantime, runs into the unclean girl again. This time, though, she insists on having a Hangover drink from him, and Hyo-do gives in and buys her one.

Hyo-joon, on the other hand, is shown to be bothered by his neighbours, most notably his new neighbour. Following that, he takes matters into his own hands by posting complaints on his neighbours’ doors.

Meanwhile, Hyo-sung takes his wife to the hospital. Hyo-sung and Hee-joo are seen arguing about the hospital bill while he attempts to pay it. Hyo-sim overhears the argument, and then promises Hyo-sung that she will cover the cost of the hospital stay.

Myung-hee is seen retrieving an item from a woman’s protection. In the meantime, Jin-bum is troubled by the fact that he allowed his wife to mistreat his mother.

Hyo-sim and Tae-ho cross paths once more while jogging in the park. Following this, Hyo-sim approaches Tae-ho directly, asking him to behave himself.

As the night progresses, Tae-min contacts Hyo-sim to have her resume his training. She declines his request to see her at that time, since she has another client. Nonetheless, she is adamant that he go to the gym.

Hyo-do crashes into Myung-hee in the episode’s climactic moments. The episode ends with Myung-hee unconscious on the floor.

The Episode Review

The plot develops further in this episode, as the protagonists have two more interactions, both of which have passive-aggressive undertones. Hyo-do’s car hits Myung-hee after she recently escaped. Hyo-sim settles her mother’s debt with the loan shark while Sun-soon remains hospitalised.

The episode is entertaining, though a little heavy on the drama and not in an enjoyable way. In this episode, it’s established that our characters will undergo an adversaries-to-lovers storyline. Additionally, it’s also clear that Tae-min has feelings for Hyo-sim, making it increasingly obvious that a love triangle will be featured in the show.

The show’s story, character development, and humour all fall short of expectations. It’s not great, but it’s acceptable at this point. Will the show get better? Time will tell. But, for now, it’s just passable at best.

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