Live Your Own Life – K-drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

Episode 2 of Live Your Own Life begins with a celebration since Jin-bum has just been promoted to the position of director at Taesan Group. Sook-hyang is immediately threatened by Tae-ho’s presence after he joins the group. She suspects foul play because he abruptly dropped out of university and moved to South Korea.

The following morning at 5 o’clock, Tae-ho finds Hyo-sim at the gym. She refuses to open the door for him when he knocks. She tells him there’s nothing she can do because the gym opens at 6 am. Following that, Tae-ho sits around for an additional hour before he is allowed into the gym.

When Sun-soon goes to see the loan shark, he admits that he’s been harassing her child over making the payment. Sun-soon then tells him not to bother her daughter and that she’ll have the money to repay the debt in two days. When Sun-soon contacts Hyo-sim following this, she gets short with her since she is still upset.

Meanwhile, Tae-min is let out of jail. We hear that he was arrested for corruption and, upon his release, vowed to help the country financially. As time goes on, everyone works feverishly to get ready for Tae-min’s return.

Hyo-sim, meantime, sees Hyo-do driving his brand-new car. She finds out that he persuaded the loan shark to give him money for the new car and his business. Now that she’s bearing the burden of the loan, she wants some explanations. Hyo-do, however, is in no mood to wait and promptly drives off.

The scene then shifts to Myung-hee. We can now tell that she has been deceiving the staff and has not been taking the questionable medication. In addition, she acts like she’s passing out to keep her escape plan a secret.

Later that evening, Tae-min has a conversation with Tae-ho. He then convinces Tae-ho that they need to find their grandmother. Meanwhile, Sun-soon breaks out of the house where she had been held captive. Tae-ho gets up at 5 am the following morning to go to the gym. Following that, Hyo-sim warmly welcomes her new client, and the K-drama comes to a close.

The Episode Review

Episode 2 of Live Your Own Life focuses on what happens after Tae-min is freed from prison. After suffering burns to her hand and back, Sun-soon ends up in the hospital. In addition, Myung-hee is able to break free from Sook-hyang’s hold on her and escape the house.

It’s an intriguing and exciting episode. On top of that, fresh information emerges. In addition, we meet Tae-min, who seems to be an intriguing character. He also seems to have feelings for Hyo-sim. It will be intriguing to watch the love triangle develop.

Myung-hee manages to run away, and the episode ends with Hyo-sim starting to train Tae-ho. It will be intriguing to see how the plot progresses from here on.

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