Little Women – K-Drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

Episode 8

In Episode 8 of Little Women, Jae-sang challenges Do-il’s loyalty by tasking him to kill In-joo quickly and neatly. He promises that he will do it by the following day and states that he will need to be overseas when he kills In-joo. Park Jae-sang is pleased to hear Do-il’s plans and warns him of the consequences in the event he fails to deliver.

At the restaurant, Do-il informs In-joo about Hwa-young being alive in Singapore. Oh In-joo tells her they should rush to save the 70 billion won before she withdraws them. In-joo agrees to leave for Singapore with Do-il.

Meanwhile, Sang-ha is inside the room with injuries on her arm and Jae-sang apologises for hurting her. He states that he had no choice but Sang-ha is still upset with him. Jae-sang tells her to endure it for some more time and be presentable for the following day when she will greet the public as the wife of the Mayor on live television. Sang-ha asks him to protect her no matter what and Jae-sang states that it is what he has been doing since he was a child.

The war veteran In-kyung is with tells them how Hee-jae had attacked one of his crew’s peaceful protests in the past. He reveals that  Hee-jae was part of a secret operation after which many war veterans had returned from the mission as if they were possessed by the orchid ghost.

Just then In-kyung gets a call from In-joo who tells her sister that she is on her way to Singapore. She calls In-kyung to go to Singapore in the next few days and tells her to keep her emergency phone charged alongside In-hye’s too.

In-hye and Hyo-rin are looking at the CCTV footage and the latter of the two hacks into the 12 cameras they have at the Park family house. She opens a safe and takes out some bank passbooks to all the international accounts under her name in countries all around the world. In-joo and Do-il arrive at her hotel in Singapore and he leaves In-joo to check into the accommodation herself before the auction the following day.

Inside the hotel, when she tries to check herself in, the receptionist is shocked to see In-joo’s passport and the hotel Manager apologises for keeping her waiting. In-joo uses a translator to let the men know she doesn’t know English and asks her to be taken on a tour of the hotel.

The manager tells In-joo about the orchid competition and that In-joo had been the gold medalist at the competition for the past three years. In-joo is shocked by this revelation and the manager claims that In-joo had been making her bids through phone calls, much like how Sang-ha told her.

He tells her that she was the most important person in the Orchid world and In-joo is suddenly very happy. In-hye helps Hyo-rin go inside Sang-ha’s room through the window and Hyo-rin finds her mother sleeping with bruises on her leg.

Sang-ha is happy to meet Hyo-rin but when the daughter mentions her note the colour on Sang-ha’s face changes. Sang-ha says that she made up with Jae-sang and that she was going to stay behind. In-hye hears the conversation from outside the door and Hyo-rin is upset.

In the hotel room, In-joo gets luxury treatment and she feels overwhelmed by the importance given to her name. In-kyung is at Hye-suk’s house when she hears something in the middle of the night. When she goes downstairs, she finds Choi Hee-jae looking at her Investigation Board.

He tells In-kyung that Hye-suk was never a part of the Jeongran Society and that she had completely left the group after General Won’s wife passed. Hee-jae asks her to stop investigating the case and states that no one would believe a drunkard and a stalker. She calls her former boss in front of Hee-jae and asks if she will be allowed to report.

He agrees to state that he would make a plea for In-kyung. Hee-jae agrees to the interview and asks her to follow him. In his vanity, there are a lot of weapons and explosives. In-kyung is shocked to see this and Hee-jae says that Do-il was the only reason he went away all those years ago and him being in danger is the reason why Hee-jae was back.

She wonders if Hee-jae is planning to kill Jae-sang and the latter tells him that this is the only way they will make it on the 9am news. In-kyung tells him that she will not condone his plan. The two argue over their ideologies until In-kyung reveals the ledgers which have a detailed account of all the bad things done by Park Jae-sang and General Won’s families.

She is able to convince Hee-jae to drop his own plan and stick by hers but he threatens to kill Jae-sang on National TV if she fails. The next day, In-joo goes around all places Hwa-young had been through her Instagram handle. She meets Do-il and they talk to the cafe bistro about the woman in the photograph – Hwa-young.

The barista is confused and states that it was Oh In-joo from South Korea who is a regular customer there. She wonders if In-joo has a twin. Do-il and In-joo leave the bistro when she gets recognised by people on her way. They go to the apartment under In-joo’s name but are unable to crack the passcode.

The security arrives and wonders how In-joo looks different from Ms Oh they know. Do-il and In-joo are in his car when they are both shocked to learn that there is another person in Singapore that looks just like her.

They conclude that the other In-joo will be at the auction that is starting soon so Do-il drives her to the hotel where he has prepared an outfit for In-joo. At the hotel, he is impressed with the way In-joo looks. He gives her some jewellery as a present and states that he will claim reimbursement once they get the money.

In-joo and Do-il arrive at the morning auction where everyone seems to recognise her. Do-il asks her to remain confident as they take their seats. In-joo is sure that Hwa-young would be there if she is alive. Do-il asks her to make a bid since it’s Sang-ha’s money anyway and she starts making the bid. A phone bid is In-joo’s competition and In-joo wins the flower – The Princes of Thieves.

Just then the girl with the orchid tattoo leaves. After the auction, In-joo is talking with the woman from the orchid festival using her translator while Do-il is on a call. One of the women states that she just saw In-joo in the bathroom in a yellow dress.

In-joo leaves to go to the bathroom but is unable to find the woman. Do-il finds In-joo and tries to calm her down. They meet the person who handled the phone bid who shares her client’s message for In-joo. The message reminds her of what Sang-woo (Sang-ha’s brother) recalled Hwa-young had said about In-joo. In-joo is sure that Hwa-young is alive.

Meanwhile, in Korea, Jae-sang asks In-hye about her involvement in Hyo-rin’s late-night rendezvous to see her mother. In-hye does not lie and reveals to Jae-sang that Hyo-rin was having a panic attack and needed to see her mother immediately in order to calm down. He warns In-hye about betraying him and In-hye mentions that Hyo-rin is the one that could be dying if she does not betray him.

She asks him to keep the kids out of the business of the adults. Jae-sang is being interviewed and the interviewees bring Hyo-rin out as a guest surprising the new Mayor which angers Jae-sang. In-hye and In-kyung start worrying about In-joo who has gone MIA while in Singapore and In-hye states that In-joo should be careful now that Jae-sang knows where In-joo is.

In the car, In-joo is sure that Hwa-young was the phone bidder and that she was the one who sent her a message. Do-il asks her to calm down and states that it could be Sang-woo who sent the message himself as the phone bidder. He states that they need to withdraw all the money immediately and a cash withdrawal is their only way to do so.

The two go to the bank and Do-il explains that the procedure for a cash withdrawal had been initiated by him and his team weeks ago. They had only two hours and they had to leave Singapore to go to Malaysia before they were caught. In-joo gets a text from In-kyung and she asks her to be wary of Do-il who was sent on a mission by Jae-sang. In-joo starts doubting him.

Meanwhile, Jae-sang is full of fury after the interview and asks Hyo-rin if Sang-ha had fled. Hyo-rin starts crying in a panic attack after he leaves. Jae-sang puts Soo-im to find Sang-ha by all means meanwhile Sang-ha is at the airport trying to flee the country. In-joo and Do-il leave the bank with the money when she asks how she can trust him.

He gives her a small gun and asks her to pull the trigger on him whenever she feels she is in threat. Hyo-rin is hospitalised with In-hye with her. Hyo-rin wonders how her mother left her behind while In-hye wonders how Jae-sang was still aware of everything that happened the night before. She suddenly comes to a realisation.

In Singapore, In-joo bumps into an old woman who gives her a note pointing towards a woman outside in a yellow dress. She hides the note from Do-il and reads it in seclusion. The note from Hwa-young states that Do-il is dangerous and she asks In-joo to get away from him immediately. In-joo is at Jae-sang’s office where she finds that the politician had kept a camera inside Sang-ha’s bedroom too.

She is shocked after seeing something in the CCTV footage. Meanwhile, In-joo is signing the documents at the final of the seven banks with a troubled expression. In-joo follows Hwa-young’s instructions from the note and flees the bank with the 70 million won as Do-il is called inside by the manager.

She finds a car waiting for her and flees the bank to go to the apartment. Hwa-young states that she will meet In-joo there. In-hye is worried about In-joo after what she saw in the CCTV footage and calls In-kyung for help. In-joo’s car is being followed and it suddenly meets with an accident. In-joo is bleeding and unconscious in the car as In-kyung continues to call her.

In South Korea, In-kyung is worried sick for In-joo is in the hospital when she wakes up to Hwa-young who asks her to get up and run with the money. In-joo is actually unconscious and hallucinating Hwa-young at the hospital when she suddenly wakes up. Do-il arrives at the hospital only to find the bed empty and the suitcase of money missing.

She somehow makes it through the train station to the apartment complex with a lot of questions in her mind directed toward Hwa-young. In-joo waits for Hwa-young inside the apartment as she drinks the Butterfly Pea tea kept on the table. After a few hours, she is shocked to see who comes rushing in through the door.

In-hye shows Hyo-rin the footage of Sang-ha’s room from the night of Hwa-young’s death. According to the footage, Sang-ha left with a fur coat and returned back without wearing it and Hwa-young’s body was discovered dressed in a fur coat. In-joo can’t believe that Hwa-young is really dead.

Sang-ha states that she loves acting, and tells In-joo that her adventures in Singapore were all part of Sang-ha’s grand scheme. She mentions that all the people around her were great actors and that In-joo was the focus of the entire act.

In-joo asks when it all started and Sang-ha mentions that her interview for the job was the first instance. She mentions that Hwa-young was also a part of the act and she was the person who would develop In-joo’s character and was killed off when the time was right for her.

It turns out In-joo’s death was also premeditated and that she was supposed to be falling off the building any time now. In-joo asks if In-hye will be safe after her death, while Sang-ha states that the youngest sister would join her family to keep Hyo-rin’s heart.

In-joo is passing out and she wonders how she can be sleepy at a time like this. It turns out she’s been drinking tea made of the blue ghost orchids and mentions that she will be pushing In-joo off the building when she is still conscious so that she can see herself die.

In-joo asks to see her 70 million won once and she agrees. Sang-ha opens the suitcase to find bricks inside. In-joo gets off her seat and mocks Sang-ha, putting the gun Do-il gave her on a shocked Sang-ha.

The Episode Review

If the last episode was average, this episode was seriously so much better! I was sure Sang-ha would come out to be the bad guy and it is obvious why Jae-sang wanted to keep her locked just because he was aware of what kind of a maniac she was.

It was Sang-ha inside the car when Jae-sang went to Hwa-young’s room to kill her and it was Sang-ha’s people that were trying to confuse In-joo. The episode was one shock after another but the biggest being that Do-il actually likes In-joo.

It’s too soon for him to be trusted but I think he actually is the one behind this plan. I wonder why Jae-sang asked for In-joo to be killed if he was aware of Sang-ha’s insane game.

There is also a lot more to this than what we can see and a lot more shocking plot twists that are waiting for us in the final four episodes of Little Women. Bring them on!

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  1. i found the plot twist to be a bit off, just because of the overall tone of the show. im not too fond of it for some reason. but i really enjoyed this episode overall, it was incredibly exciting and the most entertaining one yet

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